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Fabrication of a TFF-attached WDM-type triplex transceiver module using silica PLC hybrid integration technology

HAN, Young-Tak1 ; PARK, Yoon-Jung1 ; OH, Kwang-Ryong1 ; SUNG, Heekyung1 ; PARK, Sang-Ho1 ; SHIN, Jang-Uk1 ; LEE, Chul-Wook1 ; KO, Hyunsung1 ; BAEK, Yongsoon1 ; PARK, Chul-Hee2 ; KWON, Yoon-Koo3 ; HWANG, Wol-Yon3
[1] IT Convergence-Components Laboratory, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejeon 305-350, Korea, Republic of
[2] Photonic and Electronic Thin Film Laboratory, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, Korea, Republic of
[3] LIGHTRON Opto-Electronics R&D Center, Lightron Fiber-Optic Devices, Inc, Daejeon 306-220, Korea, Republic of

Journal of lightwave technology. 2006, Vol 24, Num 12, pp 5031-5038, 8 p ; ref : 13 ref

Scientific domain
Electronics; Optics; Telecommunications
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, NY
Publication country
United States
Document type
Author keyword
Analog receiver hybrid integration intermodulation distortion (IMD) optical transceiver (TRx) planar lightwave circuit (PLC) thin-film filter (TFF) triplex
Keyword (fr)
Circuit intégré hybride Communication fibre optique Couche mince Diagramme oeil Dispositif optoélectronique Dispositif électrooptique Distorsion intermodulation Emetteur optique Emetteur récepteur Evaluation performance Fonction réponse Guide onde optique plan Guide onde optique Modulation optique Multiplexage longueur onde Optique intégrée Ordre 2 Photodiode Récepteur optique Technologie planaire
Keyword (en)
Hybrid integrated circuit Optical fiber communication Thin film Eye diagram Optoelectronic device Electrooptical device Intermodulation distortion Optical transmitters Transceiver Performance evaluation Response function Optical planar waveguides Optical waveguide Optical modulation Wavelength division multiplexing Integrated optics Second order Photodiode Optical receiver Planar technology
Keyword (es)
Circuito integrado híbrido Capa fina Diagrama ojo Dispositivo optoelectrónico Dispositivo electroóptico Emisor receptor Evaluación prestación Función respuesta Guía onda óptica Modulación óptica Multiplaje longitud onda Optica integrada Orden 2 Fotodiodo Receptor óptico Tecnología planar
001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D03 Electronics / 001D03F Semiconductor electronics. Microelectronics. Optoelectronics. Solid state devices / 001D03F15 Optoelectronic devices

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D03 Electronics / 001D03G Electric, optical and optoelectronic circuits / 001D03G02 Circuit properties / 001D03G02C Optical and optoelectronic circuits / 001D03G02C1 Integrated optics. Optical fibers and wave guides

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D04 Telecommunications and information theory / 001D04A Information, signal and communications theory / 001D04A04 Signal and communications theory / 001D04A04G Multiplexing

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D04 Telecommunications and information theory / 001D04B Telecommunications / 001D04B02 Systems, networks and services of telecommunications / 001D04B02G Transmission and modulation (techniques and equipments)

Electronics Telecommunications and information theory
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