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Effects of PREMIER lifestyle modifications on participants with and without the metabolic syndrome

LIEN, Lillian F1 2 ; BROWN, Ann J1 ; STEVENS, Victor J6 ; BRANTLEY, Phillip J8 ; HARSHA, David W8 ; MCBUMIE, Mary Ann6 ; APPEL, Lawrence J10 ; SVETKEY, Laura P2 7 ; ARD, Jamy D3 ; LORIA, Catherine4 ; ERLINGER, Thomas P5 ; FELDSTEIN, Adrianne C6 ; LIN, Pao-Hwa2 7 ; CHAMPAGNE, Catherine M8 ; KING, Abby C9 ; MCGUIRE, Heather L7
[1] Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, United States
[2] Department of Medicine, and Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, United States
[3] Department of Nutrition Sciences University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States
[4] National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md, United States
[5] University of Texas Medical Branch, Austin, United States
[6] Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, Ore, United States
[7] Duke Hypertension Center and the Division of Nephrology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, United States
[8] Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, La, United States
[9] Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, Calif, United States
[10] Bloomberg School of Public Health Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Md, United States
Conference name
American Heart Association Council on High Blood Pressure Research Annual Fall Conference (Chicago, Ill 2004-10-11)

Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979). 2007, Vol 50, Num 4, pp 609-616, 8 p ; ref : 58 ref

Scientific domain
Cardiology, blood circulation, phlebology
Lippincott, Hagerstown, MD / Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA
Publication country
United States
Document type
Conference Paper
Author keyword
DASH hypertension insulin resistance lifestyle modification metabolic syndrome
Keyword (fr)
Atténuation Cholestérol Etude comparative Facteur risque Homéostasie Hypertension artérielle Insuline Perte poids Pression artérielle Pression diastolique Pression sanguine Pression systolique Pronostic Recommandation Sodium Traitement Voie abord Pathologie de l'appareil circulatoire
Keyword (en)
Attenuation Cholesterol Comparative study Risk factor Homeostasis Hypertension Insulin Weight loss Arterial pressure Diastolic pressure Blood pressure Systolic pressure Prognosis Recommendation Sodium Treatment Surgical approach Cardiovascular disease
Keyword (es)
Atenuación Colesterol Estudio comparativo Factor riesgo Homeostasis Hipertensión arterial Insulina Adelgazamiento Presión arterial Presión diastólica Presión sanguínea Presión sistólica Pronóstico Recomendación Sodio Tratamiento Vía abordaje Aparato circulatorio patología
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002B Medical sciences / 002B02 Pharmacology. Drug treatments / 002B02F Cardiovascular system / 002B02F05 Antihypertensive agents

002 Biological and medical sciences / 002B Medical sciences / 002B12 Cardiology. Vascular system / 002B12B Blood and lymphatic vessels / 002B12B05 Arterial hypertension. Arterial hypotension / 002B12B05B Clinical manifestations. Epidemiology. Investigative techniques. Etiology

Cardiology. Circulatory system Pharmacological treatments
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