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The alkylation of biphenyl over three-dimensional large pore zeolites : The influence of zeolite structure and alkylating agent on the selectivity for 4,4'-dialkylbiphenyl

SUGI, Yoshihiro1 ; MAEKAWA, Hiroyoshi1 ; HASEGAWA, Yukio1 ; ITO, Akira1 ; ASAI, Ryota1 ; YAMAMOTO, Daisuke1 ; KOMURA, Kenichi1 ; KUBOTA, Yoshihiro1 ; KIM, Jong-Ho2 ; SEO, Gon2
[1] Department of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University, Gifu 501-1193, Japan
[2] School of Applied Chemical Engineering, The Research Institute for Catalysis, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, Korea, Republic of
Conference title
Recent advances in catalysis: selected papers from APCAT 4 Singapore, 6-8 December 2006
Conference name
Asia Pacific Congress on Catalysis (4 ; Singapore 2006-12-06)
Author (monograph)
CAN LI (Editor)1 ; BELL, Alexis T (Editor)2 ; YANHUI YANG (Editor)5 ; IWASAWA, Yasuhiro (Editor)3 ; MOULIJN, Jacob (Editor)4 ; YUAN CHEN (Editor)5 ; WAI MAN LAU (Editor)5 ; KOK HWA LIM (Editor)5 ; THATT YANG TAN, Timothy (Editor)5 ; XIN WANG (Editor)5 ; RONG XU (Editor)5
[1] State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 457 ZhongShan Road, Dalian 116023, China
[2] Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720-1462, United States
[3] Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
[4] DelftChemTech/Industrial Catalysis, Delft University of Technology, Julianalaan 136, 2628 BL Delft, Netherlands
[5] School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 62 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637459, Singapore

Catalysis today. 2008, Vol 131, Num 1-4, pp 413-422, 10 p ; ref : 32 ref

Scientific domain
General chemistry, physical chemistry; Energy; Chemical engineering
Elsevier Science, Amsterdam
Publication country
Document type
Conference Paper
Author keyword
4,4'-Dialkylbiphenyl Alkylation Beta zeolite Biphenyl CIT-1 zeolite Shape-selectivity Three-dimensional zeolite Y zeolite
Keyword (fr)
Alkylation Biphényle Catalyse hétérogène Chimie fine Forme Matériau poreux Médicament Pore Structure Sélectivité Tamis moléculaire Zéolite bêta Composé benzénique Hydrocarbure
Keyword (en)
Alkylation Biphenyl Heterogeneous catalysis Fine chemistry Shape Porous material Drug Pore Structure Selectivity Molecular sieve Benzenic compound Hydrocarbon
Keyword (es)
Alquilación Bifenilo Catálisis heterogénea Química fina Forma Material poroso Medicamento Poro Estructura Selectividad Tamiz molecular Compuesto bencénico Hidrocarburo
001 Exact sciences and technology / 001C Chemistry / 001C01 General and physical chemistry / 001C01A Theory of reactions, general kinetics. Catalysis. Nomenclature, chemical documentation, computer chemistry / 001C01A03 Catalysis

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001C Chemistry / 001C01 General and physical chemistry / 001C01I Surface physical chemistry / 001C01I05 Ion-exchange / 001C01I05A Zeolites: preparations and properties

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001C Chemistry / 001C01 General and physical chemistry / 001C01J Colloidal state and disperse state / 001C01J08 Porous materials

General chemistry and physical chemistry
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