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Motivation, cohesion, satisfaction, and their relation to stress fracture among female military recruits

HADID, Amir1 ; EVANS, Rachel K2 ; YANOVICH, Ran1 ; LURIA, Orit3 ; MORAN, Daniel S1
[1] Heller Institute of Medical Research, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel-Hashomer 52621, Israel
[2] US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA, United States
[3] Surgeon General Headquarters, IAF, Tel-Hashomer, Israel
Conference title
Environmental Ergonomics
Conference name
International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics (12 ; Piran 2007-06-10)
Author (monograph)
MEKJAVIC, Igor B (Editor)1 ; TAYLOR, Nigel A. S (Editor)2 ; DI PRAMPERO, Pietro E (Editor)3
[1] Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics, Jozef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, Ljubljana, Slovenia
[2] Human Performance Laboratories, School of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong, Northfields Avenue, Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia
[3] Sezione di Fisiologia Umana, Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie biomediche, P. le M. Kolbe 4, 33100 Udine, Italy

European journal of applied physiology. 2008, Vol 104, Num 2, pp 329-335, 7 p ; ref : 3/4 p

Scientific domain
Applied physiology, ergonomics sports medicine; Physiology, morphology
Springer, Berlin
Publication country
Document type
Conference Paper
Author keyword
Female soldiers Gender Military training Overuse injuries Personality traits
Keyword (fr)
Entraînement physique Femelle Fracture de fatigue Homme Lésion Militaire Motivation Os Personnalité Sexe Pathologie du système ostéoarticulaire Système ostéoarticulaire Traumatisme
Keyword (en)
Physical training Female Stress fracture Human Lesion Military Motivation Bone Personality Sex Diseases of the osteoarticular system Osteoarticular system Trauma
Keyword (es)
Entrenamiento físico Hembra Fractura por tensión Hombre Lesión Militar Motivación Hueso Personalidad Sexo Sistema osteoarticular patología Sistema osteoarticular Traumatismo
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002A Fundamental and applied biological sciences. Psychology / 002A24 Vertebrates: body movement. Posture. Locomotion. Flight. Swimming. Physical exercise. Rest. Sports

Vertebrates : body movement. Posture. Locomotion. Flight. Swimming. Physical exercise. Rest. Sports
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