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The Gemini Planet Imager : from science to design to construction

MACINTOSH, Bruce A1 2 ; GRAHAM, James R1 3 ; KENT WALLACE, J1 9 ; BAURNAN, Brian1 2 ; ERICKSON, Darren A5 ; MAROIS, Christian1 2 5 ; POYNEER, Lisa A1 2 ; SOUMMER, Remi1 8 ; PALMER, David W1 2 ; DOYON, René4 ; DUNN, Jennifer5 ; GAVEL, Donald T1 6 ; LARKIN, James1 7 ; OPPENHEIMER, Ben8 ; SADDLEMYER, Les5 ; SIVARAMAKRISHNAN, Anand1 8
Immervision, 2020 University, Suite 2420, Montreal, QC H3A 2A5, Canada
[1] NSF Center for Adaptive Optics, United States
[2] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA 94551, United States
[3] Department of Astronomy, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States
[4] Universite de Montreal, Department de Physique, Montreal, QC, H3C 3J7, Canada
[5] Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V8X 4M6, Canada
[6] UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA, United States
[7] Department of Physics and Astronomy, UC Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095, United States
[8] Departement of Astrophysics, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY 10024, United States
[9] Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109, United States
Conference title
Adaptive Optics Systems (23-28 June 2008, Marseille, France)
Conference name
Adaptive Optics Systems (Marseille 2008)
Author (monograph)
Hubin, Norbert (Editor); Max, Claire E (Editor); Wizinowich, Peter L (Editor)
Society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers, United States (Organiser of meeting)

Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2008, Vol 7015 ; 3Vol, pp 701518.1-701518.13 ; 3 ; ref : 22 ref

Scientific domain
Astronomy earth cosmic environment; Electronics; Optics; Physics
SPIE, Bellingham, Wash
Publication country
United States
Document type
Conference Paper
Keyword (fr)
Apodisation Application spatiale Coronographe Dispositif microélectromécanique Etalonnage Interférométrie optique Miroir déformable Modèle Modélisation Optique adaptative Performance Planète extrasolaire Télescope 0130C 0760L 0787 4268W 4279B 8585 9555
Keyword (en)
Apodization Space application Coronographs Microelectromechanical device Calibration Light interferometry Deformable mirror Models Modelling Adaptive optics Performance Extrasolar planets Telescopes
Keyword (es)
Apodización Aplicación espacial Dispositivo microelectromecánico Espejo deformable Modelo
001 Exact sciences and technology / 001B Physics / 001B00 General / 001B00A Communication, education, history, and philosophy / 001B00A30 Physics literature and publications / 001B00A30C Conference proceedings

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001B Physics / 001B00 General / 001B00G Instruments, apparatus, components and techniques common to several branches of physics and astronomy / 001B00G87 Spaceborne and space research instruments, apparatus and components (satellites, space vehicles, etc.)

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001B Physics / 001B40 Fundamental areas of phenomenology (including applications) / 001B40B Optics / 001B40B68 Atmospheric optics / 001B40B68W Remote sensing; lidar and adaptive systems

001 Exact sciences and technology / 001E Earth, ocean, space / 001E03 Astronomy / 001E03A Fundamental astronomy and astrophysics. Instrumentation, techniques, and astronomical observations / 001E03A90 Historical astronomy and archaeoastronomy; and other topics in fundamental astronomy and astrophysics; instrumentation, techniques, and astronomical observations

Astronomy Metrology Physics : optics Theoretical physics
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