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Mortality pattern of the Alpine chamois : the influence of snow-meteorological factors

JONAS, Tobias1 ; GEIGER, Flavia1 ; JENNY, Hannes2
[1] wsL, Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Flüelastrasse 11, 7260 Davos-Dorf, Switzerland
[2] Fish and Game Department of canton Grisons (AJF), 7001 Chur, Switzerland
Conference title
International Symposium on Snow Science
Conference name
International Symposium on Snow Science (Moscow 2007-09-03)

Annals of glaciology. 2008, Vol 49, pp 56-62, 7 p ; ref : 3/4 p

Scientific domain
Glaciology; Geology; Geophysics; Climatology, meteorology
International Glaciological Society, Cambridge
Publication country
United Kingdom
Document type
Conference Paper
Keyword (fr)
Analyse sensibilité Condition météorologique Disponibilité Facteur milieu Froid Gestion population Hiver Montagne Mortalité Neige Ressource alimentaire Rupicapra rupicapra Temps météorologique Température Ungulata Variabilité climat Bovidae Artiodactyla Mammalia Précipitation atmosphérique Saison Vertebrata
Keyword (en)
Sensitivity analysis Atmospheric condition Availability Environmental factor Cold Population management Winter Mountain Mortality Snow Food supply Rupicapra rupicapra Weather Temperature Ungulata Climate variability Artiodactyla Mammalia Atmospheric precipitation Season Vertebrata
Keyword (es)
Análisis sensibilidad Condición meteorológica Disponibilidad Factor medio Frío Gestión población Invierno Montaña Mortalidad Nieve Recurso alimentario Rupicapra rupicapra Tiempo meteorológico Temperatura Ungulata Variabilidad climática Artiodactyla Mammalia Precipitación atmosférica Estación Vertebrata
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002A Fundamental and applied biological sciences. Psychology / 002A14 Animal, plant and microbial ecology / 002A14B Animal and plant ecology / 002A14B02 Autoecology / 002A14B02C Animals / 002A14B02C2 Vertebrata / 002A14B02C2D Mammalia

002 Biological and medical sciences / 002A Fundamental and applied biological sciences. Psychology / 002A14 Animal, plant and microbial ecology / 002A14D Applied ecology / 002A14D02 Conservation, protection and management of environment and wildlife / 002A14D02B Parks, reserves, wildlife conservation. Endangered species: population survey and restocking

Animal, vegetal and microbial ecology
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