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Polymerizable Vancomycin Derivatives for Bactericidal Biomaterial Surface Modification: Structure-Function Evaluation

LAWSON, Mckinley C1 2 ; SHOEMAKER, Richard3 ; HOTH, Kevin B1 ; BOWMAN, Christopher N1 ; ANSETH, Kristi S1 4
[1] Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, United States
[2] Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D./Ph.D. Program), University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO 80220, United States
[3] Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, United States
[4] Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, United States

Biomacromolecules. 2009, Vol 10, Num 8, pp 2221-2234, 14 p ; ref : 76 ref

Scientific domain
Biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics; Polymers, paint and wood industries
American Chemical Society, Washington, DC
Publication country
United States
Document type
Keyword (fr)
Acrylamide dérivé polymère Acrylate copolymère Antibactérien Bactéricidie Copolymère greffé Ethylène oxyde copolymère Ethylène oxyde polymère Etude expérimentale Glycopeptide Groupe latéral Macromère Méthode dynamique moléculaire Polymérisation photochimique Polymérisation radicalaire Préparation Réaction surface Simulation ordinateur Vancomycine Propriété biologique
Keyword (en)
Acrylamide derivative polymer Acrylate copolymer Antibacterial agent Bactericidal effect Graft copolymer Ethylene oxide copolymer Ethylene oxide polymer Experimental study Glycopeptide Lateral group Macromer Molecular dynamics method Photopolymerization Free radical polymerization Preparation Surface reaction Computer simulation Vancomycin Biological properties
Keyword (es)
Acrilamida derivado polímero Acrilato copolímero Antibacteriano Bactericidia Copolímero injertado Etileno óxido copolímero Etileno óxido polímero Estudio experimental Glicopéptido Grupo lateral Macrómero Método dinámico molecular Polimerización fotoquímica Polimerización radicalar Preparación Reacción superficie Simulación computadora Vancomicina Propiedad biológica
001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D09 Physicochemistry of polymers / 001D09D Organic polymers / 001D09D02 Preparation, kinetics, thermodynamics, mechanism and catalysts / 001D09D02E Polymers with particular properties

Physical chemistry of polymers
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