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Monoclonal antibody to intercellular adhesion molecule 1 protects skin flaps against ischemia-reperfusion injury : An experimental study in rats. Discussion

TOSA, Y; LEE, W. P. A; KOLLIAS, N; RANDOLPH, M. A; MAY, J. W; VEDDER, N. B (Commentator) 1
Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine, Department of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School, United States
[1] Department of Surgery, Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Avenue, Box 3597996, Seattle, Wash. 98104, United States
Conference name
American Society for Surgery of the Hand (San Francisco, California 1995-05-17) = Annual Meeting of the Plastic Surgery Research Council (New York, New York 1995-05-17)

Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 1998, Vol 101, Num 6, pp 1586-1596 ; ref : 53 ref

Scientific domain
Dermatology; Orthopedics traumatology
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Hagerstown, MD
Publication country
United States
Document type
Conference Paper
Keyword (fr)
Animal Anticorps monoclonal Complication Etude expérimentale Ischémie Lambeau Peau Protection Protéine ICAM1 Prévention Rat Reperfusion Tissu souscutané Traitement Appareil circulatoire pathologie Chirurgie Mammalia Peau pathologie Rodentia Vaisseau sanguin pathologie Vertebrata
Keyword (en)
Animal Monoclonal antibody Complication Experimental study Ischemia Flap (surgery) Skin Protection Intercellular adhesion molecule 1 Prevention Rat Reperfusion Subcutaneous tissue Treatment Cardiovascular disease Surgery Mammalia Skin disease Rodentia Vascular disease Vertebrata
Keyword (es)
Animal Anticuerpo monoclonal Complicación Estudio experimental Isquemia Colgajo Piel Protección Proteína ICAM1 Prevención Rata Reperfusión Tejido subcutáneo Tratamiento Aparato circulatorio patología Cirugía Mammalia Piel patología Rodentia Vaso sanguíneo patología Vertebrata
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002B Medical sciences / 002B25 Surgery (general aspects). Transplantations, organ and tissue grafts. Graft diseases / 002B25A Skin plastic surgery

Surgery. Transplants, organs and tissues grafting. Graft pathologies
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