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The Salmon in Pregnancy Study: study design, subject characteristics, maternal fish and marine n―3 fatty acid intake, and marine n―3 fatty acid status in maternal and umbilical cord blood

MILES, Elizabeth A1 ; NOAKES, Paul S1 ; VASSON, Marie-Paule4 ; LIASET, Bjørn5 ; FRØYLAND, Livar5 ; HELMERSSON, Johanna6 ; BASU, Samar6 ; GARCIA, Erika7 ; OLZA, Josune7 ; MESA, Maria D7 ; AGUILERA, Concepcion M7 ; GIL, Angel7 ; KREMMYDA, Lefkothea-Stella1 ; ROBINSON, Sian M1 8 ; INSKIP, Hazel M1 8 ; GODFREY, Keith M1 8 9 ; CALDER, Philip C1 9 ; VLACHAVA, Maria1 ; DIAPER, Norma D1 ; ROSENLUND, Grethe2 ; URWIN, Heidi3 ; YAQOOB, Parveen3 ; ROSSASY, Adrien4 ; FARGES, Marie-Chantal4
[1] Institute of Human Nutrition and Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Division, School of Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom
[2] Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, Stavanger, Norway
[3] Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom
[4] EA 4233, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Nutrition, University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France
[5] National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Bergen, Norway
[6] Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Uppsala, and the Center of Excellence-Inflammation, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
[7] Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Granada, Granada, Spain
[8] Southampton Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom
[9] Southampton NIHR Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyle Biomedical Research Unit, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, Southampton, United Kingdom
Conference title
The Power of Programming: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Conference name
The Power of Programming: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. International Conference (Munich 2010-05-06)
Author (monograph)
KOLETZKO, Berthold (Editor)1
[1] Division of Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, Dr von Hauner Children's Hospital, University of Munich Medical Center, Munich, Germany

The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2011, Vol 94, Num 6S ; S1986-S1992 ; SUP ; ref : 35 ref

Scientific domain
Endocrinology; Nutrition, obesity, metabolic disorders
American Society for Nutrition, Bethesda, MD
Publication country
United States
Document type
Conference Paper
Keyword (fr)
Acide gras n-3 Cordon ombilical Gestation Homme Sang Acide gras insaturé Lipide
Keyword (en)
n-3 fatty acid Umbilical cord Pregnancy Human Blood Unsaturated fatty acid Lipids
Keyword (es)
Acido graso n-3 Cordón umbilical Gestación Hombre Sangre Acido graso no saturado Lípido
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002A Fundamental and applied biological sciences. Psychology / 002A16 Vertebrates: anatomy and physiology, studies on body, several organs or systems / 002A16E Feeding. Feeding behavior

Vertebrates : anatomy and physiology, studies on body, several organs or systems
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