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A Novel Characterization Method for Graft-Polymer Structures Chemically Attached on Thermally Stable Polymer Films

ENOMOTO, Kazuyuki1 ; TAKAHASHI, Shuichi1 ; MAEKAWA, Yasunari1
[1] High Performance Polymer Group, Environment and Industrial Materials Research Division, Quantum Beam Science Directorate, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), 1233 Watanuki, Takasaki, Gunma 370-1292, Japan

Macromolecular chemistry and physics (Print). 2012, Vol 213, Num 1, pp 72-78, 7 p ; ref : 22 ref

Scientific domain
Polymers, paint and wood industries
Wiley, Weinheim
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Author keyword
degradation graft polymerization polymer-electrolyte membranes sulfonation swelling
Keyword (fr)
Acrylique acide copolymère Acrylique acide ester Carbone 13 Copolymère greffé Décarboxylation Détermination masse moléculaire Electrolyte solide polymère Ethylène copolymère Ethylène(tétrafluoro) copolymère Ethylène(tétrafluoro) polymère Etude expérimentale Greffage radiochimique Hydrolyse Membrane échangeuse cation Modification chimique Mécanisme réaction Méthode étude Proton Rayonnement gamma Réaction chimique secondaire Réaction liquide solide Spectrométrie RMN Structure moléculaire Sulfonate copolymère Sulfonation Terpolymère Vinylidène fluorure copolymère Vinylidène fluorure polymère
Keyword (en)
Acrylic acid copolymer Acrylic acid ester Carbon 13 Graft copolymer Decarboxylation Molecular weight determination Polymer solid electrolyte Ethylene copolymer Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer Tetrafluoroethylene polymer Experimental study Radiochemical grafting Hydrolysis Cation exchange membrane Chemical modification Reaction mechanism Investigation method Proton Gamma radiation Side reaction Liquid solid reaction NMR spectrometry Molecular structure Sulfonate copolymer Sulfonation Terpolymer Vinylidene fluoride copolymer Vinylidene fluoride polymer
Keyword (es)
Acrílico ácido copolímero Acrílico ácido ester Copolímero injertado Descarboxilación Determinación masa molecular Electrólito sólido polímero Etileno copolímero Etileno(tetrafluoro) copolímero Etileno(tetrafluoro) polímero Estudio experimental Injerto radioquímico Hidrólisis Membrana cambiadora catiónica Modificación química Mecanismo reacción Método estudio Protón Radiación gama Reacción química secundaria Reacción líquido sólido Espectrometría RMN Estructura molecular Sulfonato copolímero Sulfonación Terpolímero Vinilideno fluoruro copolímero Vinilideno fluoruro polímero
001 Exact sciences and technology / 001D Applied sciences / 001D10 Polymer industry, paints, wood / 001D10A Technology of polymers / 001D10A06 Forms of application and semi-finished materials / 001D10A06J Exchange resins and membranes

Polymer industry, paints, wood
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