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Modulation of inflammatory gene transcription after long-term coffee consumption

WINKLER, Swantje1 ; DIEMINGER, Natalie2 ; RICHLING, Elke4 ; BYTOF, Gerhard5 ; STIEBITZ, Herbert5 ; LANTZ, Ingo5 ; SCHIPP, Dorothea6 ; RAEDLE, Jochen7 ; MARKO, Doris1 ; BLUST, Volker1 ; RIEDEL, Annett3 ; BAKURADZE, Tamara4 ; MONTOYA, Gina4 ; HASSMANN, Ute1 ; LANG, Roman2 ; HOFMANN, Thomas2 ; SOMOZA, Veronika3
[1] University of Vienna, Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology, Währingerstr. 38, 1090 Vienna, Austria
[2] Chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Science, Technical University Munich, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 34, 85354 Freising, Germany
[3] University of Vienna Department of Nutritional and Physiological Chemistry, Althanstrasse 14 (UZAII), 1090 Vienna, Austria
[4] Department of Chemistry, Division of Food Chemistry and Toxicology, University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautem, Germany
[5] Tchibo GmbH, Oberseering 18, 22297 Hamburg, Germany
[6], Rosenthal-Bielatal, Germany
[7] Innere Medizin III, Westpfalzklinikum, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Conference title
2nd Conference on Coffee Cocoa and Tea Science (CoCoTea2013)
Conference name
CoCoTea2013 International Congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea (2 ; Naples 2013-10-09)
Author (monograph)
FOGLIANO, Vincenzo (Editor); ARLORIO, Marco (Editor)

Food research international. 2014, Vol 63, pp 428-438, 11 p ; c ; ref : 1 p

Scientific domain
Food science technology
Elsevier, Kidlington
Publication country
United Kingdom
Document type
Conference Paper
Author keyword
Chlorogenic acid Coffee Inflammation Nrf2 Obesity Polymorphism
Keyword (fr)
Acide chlorogénique Acide phénolique Café Gène Inflammation Long terme Modulation Obésité Polymorphisme Transcription
Keyword (en)
Chlorogenic acid Phenolic acid Coffee Gene Inflammation Long term Modulation Obesity Polymorphism Transcription
Keyword (es)
Acido fenólico Café Gen Inflamación Largo plazo Modulación Obesidad Polimorfismo Transcripción
002 Biological and medical sciences / 002A Fundamental and applied biological sciences. Psychology / 002A35 Food industries

Agrifood industries
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