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Distribution of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Bistrifluoromethylsulfonimide in Mesoporous Silica As a Function of Pore FillingKEE SUNG HAN; XIQING WANG; SHENG DAI et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 30, pp 15754-15762, issn 1932-7447, 9 p.Article

Exploring Surface Interactions in Catalysts Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceMITCHELL, Jonathan; BROCHE, Lionel M; CHANDRASEKERA, Thusara C et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 34, pp 17699-17706, issn 1932-7447, 8 p.Article

Nuclear spin―lattice relaxation and paramagnetic defects in carbon nanomaterialsPANICH, A. M; FURMAN, G. B.Diamond and related materials. 2012, Vol 23, pp 157-161, issn 0925-9635, 5 p.Article

Measurement of precision for developing automatic transmission electron microscopeHAYASHIDA, Misa; KIMURA, Yoshihide; TAKAI, Yoshizo et al.Surface and interface analysis. 2008, Vol 40, Num 13, pp 1777-1780, issn 0142-2421, 4 p.Conference Paper

Low temperature electron spin resonance investigation of ultrananocrystalline diamond films as a function of nitrogen contentROVERE, M; PORRO, S; MUSSO, S et al.Diamond and related materials. 2006, Vol 15, Num 11-12, pp 1913-1916, issn 0925-9635, 4 p.Conference Paper

NMR and magnetic studies on 7 K anomaly in Tl3H(SO4)2MATSUO, Yasumitsu; SHIMIZU, Yuya; SUZUKI, Tomoaki et al.Solid state communications. 2004, Vol 129, Num 8, pp 529-532, issn 0038-1098, 4 p.Article

NMR study of boron nitride nanotubesJAE KAP JUNG; RYU, Kwon-Sang; KIM, Yong-Il et al.Solid state communications. 2004, Vol 130, Num 1-2, pp 45-48, issn 0038-1098, 4 p.Article

Nuclear spin relaxation in systems of magnetic spheresBLICHARSKI, J. S; KRUK, D; MACRI, M. A et al.Physica. B, Condensed matter. 2003, Vol 328, Num 3-4, pp 302-311, issn 0921-4526, 10 p.Article

The concentration dependence of relaxation times of hydrogen proton in the aqueous solution of iron ferrite magnetic nanoparticlesRHEE, Ilsu; KIM, Chan.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2003, Vol 261, Num 3, pp 410-414, issn 0304-8853, 5 p.Article

13C-NMR study of the S = 1/2 antiferromagnetically coupled spin chain compound [PM.Cu(NO3)2.(H2O)2]n under pressureWOLTER, A. U. B; WZIETEK, P; SÜLLOW, S et al.Journal de physique. IV. 2003, Vol 114, pp 147-148, issn 1155-4339, 2 p.Conference Paper

Transverse nuclear spin relaxation induced by shape fluctuations in membrane vesicles. Theory and experimentsALTHOFF, Gerhard; FREZZATO, Diego; KOTHE, Gerd et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals (Philadelphia, Pa. : 2003). 2003, Vol 394, pp 93-106, issn 1542-1406, 14 p.Conference Paper

Solution-state dynamic nuclear polarization at high magnetic fieldLOENING, Nikolaus M; ROSAY, Melanie; WEIS, Volker et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002, Vol 124, Num 30, pp 8808-8809, issn 0002-7863Article

Proton NMR study of molecular crystal ferroelectrics, trichloroacetamide (TCAA)KUNITOMO, Masakazu; ETOH, Rina; HAYASHI, Tomoyuki et al.Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 2002, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 955-959, issn 0031-9015Article

Transition to inhomogeneous ferromagnetic state in TDAE-C60 at low temperaturesBLINC, R; APIH, T; JEGLIC, P et al.Europhysics letters (Print). 2002, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 80-85, issn 0295-5075Article

Enhancement of order fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal by sonicationBONETTO, F; ANOARDO, E; KIMMICH, R et al.Chemical physics letters. 2002, Vol 361, Num 3-4, pp 237-244, issn 0009-2614, 8 p.Article

DC-susceptibility and NMR response of a low-dimensional quantum magnet: Na2V3O7GAVILANO, J. L; RAU, D; MUSHKOLAJ, Sh et al.Physica. B, Condensed matter. 2002, Vol 312-13, pp 622-623, issn 0921-4526Conference Paper

125Te NMR study of IrTe2MIZUNO, Kiyoshi; MAGISHIA, Ko-Ichi; SHINONOME, Yasuaki et al.Physica. B, Condensed matter. 2002, Vol 312-13, pp 818-819, issn 0921-4526Conference Paper

Heterogeneous 7Li NMR relaxation in nanocrystalline Li2O:B2O3 compositesINDRIS, Sylvio; HEITJANS, Paul.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 2002, Vol 307-10, pp 555-564, issn 0022-3093Conference Paper

NMR studies of magnetic superconductor RuSr2RECu2O8 (RE = Gd, Eu and Y)FURUKAWA, Y; TAKADA, S; KUMAGAI, K et al.The Journal of physics and chemistry of solids. 2002, Vol 63, Num 12, pp 2315-2318, issn 0022-3697, 4 p.Conference Paper

Clues obtained from the oxygen isotope effect on NMR/NQR parameters observed in YBa2Cu4O8MALI, M; ROOS, J; KELLER, H et al.Journal of superconductivity. 2002, Vol 15, Num 6, pp 511-515, issn 0896-1107, 5 p.Conference Paper

Bilayer sample for fast or slow magic angle oriented sample spinning solid-state NMR spectroscopySIZUN, Christina; BECHINGER, Burkhard.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002, Vol 124, Num 7, pp 1146-1147, issn 0002-7863Article

High temperature 31P NMR study on Mg2+ ion conductorsKAWAMURA, Junichi; MOROTA, Kai; KUWATA, Naoaki et al.Solid state communications. 2001, Vol 120, Num 7-8, pp 295-298, issn 0038-1098Article

Metal valence structures in 1-D mixed-metal complexes [Ni1-xPdxX(chxn)2]X2 studied by solid NMRKIMURA, Noriyoshi; KANO, Masataka; MANABE, Toshio et al.Synthetic metals. 2001, Vol 120, Num 1-3, pp 777-778, issn 0379-6779Conference Paper

NMR spin-lattice relaxation study in the nematic phase of butylcyano-phenylcyclohexaneACOSTA, R. H; PUSIOL, D. J.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. 2001, Vol 366, pp 43-46, issn 1058-725XConference Paper

Temperature dependence of 7Li NMR linewidth in glasses : Relation between short-range ionic motion observed by NMR and long range ionic transport observed by electrical conductivityAKAI, T.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 2000, Vol 262, Num 1-3, pp 271-275, issn 0022-3093Article

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