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Stability and bifurcation analysis of reaction―diffusion neural networks with delaysHONGYONG ZHAO; JINGLAN YUAN; XUEBING ZHANG et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2015, Vol 147, pp 280-290, issn 0925-2312, 11 p.Article

Self-organizing maps whose topologies can be learned with adaptive binary search trees using conditional rotations : COMPUTER VISION APPLYING PATTERN RECOGNITION TECHNIQUESASTUDILLO, César A; OOMMEN, B. John.Pattern recognition. 2014, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 96-113, issn 0031-3203, 18 p.Article

A delay-partitioning projection approach to stability analysis of stochastic Markovian jump neural networks with randomly occurred nonlinearitiesJIANMIN DUAN; MANFENG HU; YONGQING YANG et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 128, pp 459-465, issn 0925-2312, 7 p.Article

Anti-periodic solutions for high-order Hopfield neural networks with impulsesQI WANG; YAYUN FANG; HUI LI et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 138, pp 339-346, issn 0925-2312, 8 p.Article

Attracting and quasi-invariant sets for BAM neural networks of neutral-type with time-varying and infinite distributed delaysZHIHUA ZHAO; JIGUI JIAN.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 140, pp 265-272, issn 0925-2312, 8 p.Article

Boundedness and Convergence of Split-Complex Back-Propagation Algorithm with Momentum and PenaltyHUISHENG ZHANG; DONGPO XU; YING ZHANG et al.Neural processing letters. 2014, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 297-307, issn 1370-4621, 11 p.Article

Convergence of online gradient method for feedforward neural networks with smoothing L1/2 regularization penaltyQINWEI FAN; ZURADA, Jacek M; WEI WU et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 131, pp 208-216, issn 0925-2312, 9 p.Article

Effect of hybrid circle reservoir injected with wavelet-neurons on performance of echo state networkHONGYAN CUI; CHEN FENG; YUAN CHAI et al.Neural networks. 2014, Vol 57, pp 141-151, issn 0893-6080, 11 p.Article

Effects of asymmetric coupling and self-coupling on metastable dynamical transient rotating waves in a ring of sigmoidal neuronsHORIKAWA, Yo.Neural networks. 2014, Vol 53, pp 26-39, issn 0893-6080, 14 p.Article

Exponential stability of Markovian jumping stochastic Cohen―Grossberg neural networks with mode-dependent probabilistic time-varying delays and impulsesRAKKIYAPPAN, R; CHANDRASEKAR, A; LAKSHMANAN, S et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 131, pp 265-277, issn 0925-2312, 13 p.Article

Extreme learning machine and its applicationsSHIFEI DING; XINZHENG XU; RU NIE et al.Neural computing & applications (Print). 2014, Vol 25, Num 3-4, pp 549-556, issn 0941-0643, 8 p.Article

Global robust stability of uncertain delayed neural networks with discontinuous neuron activationJIAN XIAO; ZHIGANG ZENG.Neural computing & applications (Print). 2014, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 1191-1198, issn 0941-0643, 8 p.Article

Mean-square exponential input-to-state stability of stochastic delayed neural networksQUANXIN ZHU; JINDE CAO.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 131, pp 157-163, issn 0925-2312, 7 p.Article

Model-based policy gradients with parameter-based exploration by least-squares conditional density estimationTANGKARATT, Voot; MORI, Syogo; ZHAO, Tingting et al.Neural networks. 2014, Vol 57, pp 128-140, issn 0893-6080, 13 p.Article

NOVEL CRITERIA FOR GLOBAL STABILIZATION OF DISCRETE-TIME NEURAL NETWORKS WITH INTERVAL TIME-VARYING DELAYSBINH, T. N; PHAT, V. N; RATCHAGIT, K et al.Neural, parallel & scientific computations. 2014, Vol 22, Num 1-2, pp 249-260, issn 1061-5369, 12 p.Article

Neural network for nonsmooth pseudoconvex optimization with general constraintsQINGFA LI; YAQIU LIU; LIANGKUAN ZHU et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 131, pp 336-347, issn 0925-2312, 12 p.Article

Nonlinear adaptive control using multiple models and dynamic neural networksLI, Xiao-Li; CHAO JIA; LIU, De-Xin et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 136, pp 190-200, issn 0925-2312, 11 p.Article

Periodic Solution for Fuzzy Cohen-Grossberg BAM Neural Networks with Both Time-Varying and Distributed Delays and Variable CoefficientsWENGUI YANG.Neural processing letters. 2014, Vol 40, Num 1, pp 51-73, issn 1370-4621, 23 p.Article

Razumikhin-type theorems on exponential stability of stochastic functional differential equations on networksWENXUE LI; XIAOHUI QI; MENG PAN et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 131, pp 278-285, issn 0925-2312, 8 p.Article

Self-Organizing Map Formation with a Selectively Refractory NeighborhoodNEME, Antonio; MIRAMONTES, Pedro.Neural processing letters. 2014, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 1-24, issn 1370-4621, 24 p.Article

Self-Organizing Maps with a Time-Varying StructureARAUJO, Aluizio F. R; REGO, Renata L. M. E.ACM computing surveys. 2014, Vol 46, Num 1, issn 0360-0300, 7.1-7.38Article

An efficient self-organizing map (E-SOM) learning algorithm using group of neuronsCHAUDHARY, Vikas; BHATIA, R. S; AHLAWAT, Anil K et al.International journal of computational intelligence systems. 2014, Vol 7, Num 1-6, pp 963-972, 10 p.Article

Stability and global Hopf bifurcation for neutral BAM neural networkMING LIU; XIAOFENG XU; CHUNRUI ZHANG et al.Neurocomputing (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 145, pp 122-130, issn 0925-2312, 9 p.Article

The SpiNNaker ProjectFURBER, Steve B; GALLUPPI, Francesco; TEMPLE, Steve et al.Proceedings of the IEEE. 2014, Vol 102, Num 5, pp 652-665, issn 0018-9219, 14 p.Article

Action, Language and NeuroinformaticsARBIB, Michael A.Neuroinformatics. 2014, Vol 12, Num 1, issn 1539-2791, 226 p.Serial Issue

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