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Effect of the Second Sintering Temperature on the Microstructure and Electrical Properties of PbNb2O6-0.5 wt.%ZrO2 Obtained via a Two-Step Sintering ProcessZHAO, Xiao-Gang; PENG LIU; CHEN, Xiao-Ming et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2014, Vol 43, Num 9, pp 3630-3634, issn 0361-5235, 5 p.Article

Highly Controllable and Stable Quantized Conductance and Resistive Switching Mechanism in Single-Crystal TiO2 Resistive Memory on SiliconCHENGQING HU; McDANIEL, Martin D; POSADAS, Agham et al.Nano letters (Print). 2014, Vol 14, Num 8, pp 4360-4367, issn 1530-6984, 8 p.Article

Effect of Cr Addition on Wetting Behavior Between Cu and High-Temperature Zn-25Sn-0.15Al-0.1Ga-xCr Pb-Free Solder : Pb-FREE SOLDERS AND MATERIALS FOR EMERGING INTERCONNECT AND PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIESLIU, Chin-Wei; LIN, Kwang-Lung.Journal of electronic materials. 2014, Vol 43, Num 12, pp 4502-4509, issn 0361-5235, 8 p.Article

Modeling and Optimization of Thermoelements by a Combined Analytical and Numerical MethodSHAOHUI XU; QIANG CHEN; YIPING ZHU et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2014, Vol 43, Num 2, pp 404-413, issn 0361-5235, 10 p.Article

Strongly Dipolar Polythiourea and Polyurea Dielectrics with High Electrical Breakdown, Low Loss, and High Electrical Energy Density : ADVANCED MATERIALS FOR POWER ELECTRONICS AND POWER CONDITIONING SYSTEMSSHAN WU; BURLINGAME, Quinn; CHENG, Zhao-Xi et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2014, Vol 43, Num 12, pp 4548-4551, issn 0361-5235, 4 p.Article

Protective coatings of electronics under harsh thermal shockPIPPOLA, J; MARTTILA, T; FRISK, L et al.Microelectronics and reliability. 2014, Vol 54, Num 9-10, pp 2048-2052, issn 0026-2714, 5 p.Conference Paper

Topographic Evaluation of the Effect of Passivation in Improving the Performance of CdZnTe DetectorsHOSSAIN, A; DOWDY, A; BOLOTNIKOV, A. E et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2014, Vol 43, Num 8, pp 2941-2946, issn 0361-5235, 6 p.Conference Paper

Analytical relations for achieving zero reflection in anisotropic materialsABDOLALI, Ali; HEIDARY, Maryam; MOHAMMAD MAHDI SALARY et al.IET microwaves, antennas & propagation (Print). 2013, Vol 7, Num 7, pp 552-562, issn 1751-8725, 11 p.Article

Highly conductive and damp heat stable transparent ZnO based thin films for flexible electronicsJUNG, Keun; CHOI, Won-Kook; KEUN HWA CHAE et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 2013, Vol 554, pp 240-245, issn 0925-8388, 6 p.Article

Nanostructured paper for flexible energy and electronic devicesGUANGYUAN ZHENG; YI CUI; KARABULUT, Erdem et al.MRS bulletin. 2013, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 320-325, issn 0883-7694, 6 p.Article

Oxygen-doped Sb4Te phase change films for high-temperature data retention and low-power applicationYIFENG HU; MINGCHENG SUN; SANNIAN SONG et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 2013, Vol 551, pp 551-555, issn 0925-8388, 5 p.Article

Theory of Carriers Transport in III-Nitride Materials: State of the Art and Future Outlook : GaN ELECTRONIC DEVICESBELLOTTI, Enrico; BERTAZZI, Francesco; SHISHEHCHI, Sara et al.I.E.E.E. transactions on electron devices. 2013, Vol 60, Num 10, pp 3204-3215, issn 0018-9383, 12 p.Article

Self-Ordering Properties of Functionalized Acenes for Annealing-Free Organic Thin Film TransistorsBAZYLEWSKI, Paul; KYUNG HWAN KIM; DONG HOON CHOI et al.The Journal of physical chemistry. B. 2013, Vol 117, Num 36, pp 10658-10664, issn 1520-6106, 7 p.Article

Linkages Between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine InterconnectsZHIYONG WU; ZHIHENG HUANG; HUA XIONG et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2013, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 263-271, issn 0361-5235, 9 p.Article

Pr or Ce-doped, fast-response and low-afterglow cross-section-enhanced scintillator with 6Li for down-scattered neutron originated from laser fusionWATANABE, Kozue; ARIKAWA, Yasunobu; NAKAI, Mitsuo et al.Journal of crystal growth. 2013, Vol 362, pp 288-290, issn 0022-0248, 3 p.Conference Paper

Biexcitons generation in a polymer by a femtosecond electric pump pulseKUN GAO; SHIJIE XIE; SUN YIN et al.Organic electronics (Print). 2012, Vol 13, Num 5, pp 784-788, issn 1566-1199, 5 p.Article

Dependence of charge carrier mobility of 4,4',4-tris (N-3-methylphenyl-N-phenylamino)triphenylamine on doping concentration of tetrafluoro-tetracyano-quinodimethaneCHAUHAN, Gayatri; SRIVASTAVA, Ritu; KUMAR, Arunandan et al.Organic electronics (Print). 2012, Vol 13, Num 3, pp 394-398, issn 1566-1199, 5 p.Article

From ZnF2 to ZnO thin films using pulsed laser deposition: Optical and electrical propertiesTHIMONT, Y; CLATOT, J; NISTOR, M et al.Solar energy materials and solar cells. 2012, Vol 107, pp 136-141, issn 0927-0248, 6 p.Article

Liquid―crystalline perylene tetracarboxylic acid bisimide bearing oligosiloxane chains with high electron mobility and solubilityFUNAHASHI, Masahiro; SONODA, Akinari.Organic electronics (Print). 2012, Vol 13, Num 9, pp 1633-1640, issn 1566-1199, 8 p.Article

Mechanics of stretchable electronics and soft machinesZHIGANG SUO.MRS bulletin. 2012, Vol 37, Num 3, pp 218-225, issn 0883-7694, 8 p.Article

On the c-Sila-SiO2 Interface in Hyperthermal Si Oxidation at Room TemperatureKHALILOV, U; POURTOIS, G; DUIN, A. C. T. Van et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 41, pp 21856-21863, issn 1932-7447, 8 p.Article

On the investigation of electronic defect states in ZnO thin films by space charge spectroscopy with optical excitationSCHMIDT, Matthias; WENCKSTERN, Holger Von; PICKENHAIN, Rainer et al.Solid-state electronics. 2012, Vol 75, pp 48-54, issn 0038-1101, 7 p.Article

Theoretical study on charge transport properties of cyanovinyl-substituted oligothiophenesDUAN, Yu-Ai; YUN GENG; LI, Hai-Bin et al.Organic electronics (Print). 2012, Vol 13, Num 7, pp 1213-1222, issn 1566-1199, 10 p.Article

Solar hydrogen production using Ce1―xLixO2―δ solid solutions via a thermochemical, two-step water-splitting cycleMENG, Qing-Long; LEE, Chong-Il; SHIGETA, Satoshi et al.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 2012, Vol 194, pp 343-351, issn 0022-4596, 9 p.Article

Structural Control of Photoinduced Dynamics in 4H-Imidazole-Ruthenium DyesWÄCHTLER, Maria; KUPFER, Stephan; GUTHMULLER, Julien et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 49, pp 25664-25676, issn 1932-7447, 13 p.Article

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