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A review on exergy analysis of industrial sectorBOROUMANDJAZI, G; RISMANCHI, B; SAIDUR, R et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2013, Vol 27, pp 198-203, issn 1364-0321, 6 p.Article

Thermal Pyrolysis of Polyethylene in Fluidized Beds: Review of the Influence of Process Parameters on Product DistributionSURESH KUMAR REDDY, K; KANNAN, Pravin; AL SHOAIBI, Ahmed et al.Journal of energy resources technology. 2012, Vol 134, Num 3, issn 0195-0738, 034001.1-034001.6Article

Kinetic study for liquefaction of tar in sub-and supercritical waterWAHYUDIONO; SASAKI, Mitsuru; GOTO, Motonobu et al.Polymer degradation and stability. 2008, Vol 93, Num 6, pp 1194-1204, issn 0141-3910, 11 p.Article

An insight into pitch/substrate wetting behaviour. The effect of the substrate processing temperature on pitch wetting capacityROCHA, V. G; BLANCO, C; SANTAMARIA, R et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2007, Vol 86, Num 7-8, pp 1046-1052, issn 0016-2361, 7 p.Article

Solid-liquid phase equilibria of binary indole mixtures with some aromatic compounds using a solid-liquid-vapor equation-of-stateYOKOZEKI, A.Applied energy. 2005, Vol 81, Num 3, pp 322-333, issn 0306-2619, 12 p.Article

A microscopic approach to determine the origin and mechanism of coke formation in fractionation towersGENTZIS, T; RAHIMI, P. M.Fuel (Guildford). 2003, Vol 82, Num 12, pp 1531-1540, issn 0016-2361, 10 p.Article

Chemistry of the co-pyrolysis of an aromatic petroleum residue with a pyridine-borane complexCARREIRA, P; MARTINEZ-ESCANDELL, M; JIMENEZ-MATEOS, J. M et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2003, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 549-561, issn 0008-6223, 13 p.Article

Pyrolysis behaviour of stabilized self-sintering mesophaseFANJUL, F; GRANDA, M; SANTAMARIA, R et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2003, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 413-422, issn 0008-6223, 10 p.Article

Reaction rates for the oxidation of highly sulphurised petroleum cokes: the influence of thermogravimetric conditions and some coke propertiesSALVADOR, S; COMMANDRE, J.-M; STANMORE, B. R et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2003, Vol 82, Num 6, pp 715-720, issn 0016-2361, 6 p.Article

Relationship between chemical composition and pyrolysis behaviour of a medium temperature pitch (or Lurgi-gasifier pitch)SIMA, L; BLANCO, C; SANTAMARIA, R et al.Fuel processing technology. 2003, Vol 84, Num 1-3, pp 63-77, issn 0378-3820, 15 p.Article

Analysis of the carbonization and formation of coal tar pitch mesophase under dynamic conditionsMIANOWSKI, Andrzej; BLAZEWICZ, Stanislaw; ROBAK, Zbigniew et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2003, Vol 41, Num 12, pp 2413-2424, issn 0008-6223, 12 p.Article

Optimization of Cu-Zn-Al oxide catalyst for methanol synthesis using genetic algorithm and neural network as its evaluation functionOMATA, Kohji; UMEGAKI, Tetsuo; WATANABE, Yuhsuke et al.Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute. 2002, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 192-195, issn 1346-8804Article

Production of high-strength carbon artifacts from petroleum residues: Influence of the solvent used to prepare mesophase powderRODRIGUEZ-VALERO, M. A; MARTINEZ-ESCANDELL, M; RODRIGUEZ-REINOSO, F et al.Energy & fuels. 2002, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 1087-1094, issn 0887-0624Article

Residua coke formation predictability mapsSCHABRON, John F; PAULI, Adam T; ROVANI, Joseph F et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2002, Vol 81, Num 17, pp 2227-2240, issn 0016-2361Article

Role of chain reactions and olefin formation in cracking, hydroconversion, and coking of petroleum and bitumen fractionsGRAY, Murray R; MCCAFFREY, William C.Energy & fuels. 2002, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 756-766, issn 0887-0624Article

Morphology and organic EDLC applications of chemically activated AR-resin-based carbonsENDO, M; KIM, Y. J; OHTA, H et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2002, Vol 40, Num 14, pp 2613-2626, issn 0008-6223, 14 p.Article

XRD and 29Si MAS NMR spectroscopic studies of carbon materials obtained from pyrolyses of a coal tar pitch modified with various silicon-bearing additivesCZOSNEK, Cezary; RATUSZEK, Wiktoria; JANIK, Jerzy F et al.Fuel processing technology. 2002, Vol 79, Num 3, pp 199-206, issn 0378-3820, 8 p.Article

Conversions of shale tars and phenols under the action of γ-radiationPOKONOVA, Yu. V.Solid fuel chemistry. 2002, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 36-40, issn 0361-5219, 5 p.Article

Structural characterization of high-softening-point pitches by oxidation with RuO4MENDEZ, A; BERMEJO, J; BLANCO, C et al.Energy & fuels. 2001, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 128-134, issn 0887-0624Article

Synthesis of isotropic carbon fibers and activated carbon fibers from pitch precursorsDERBYSHIRE, F; ANDREWS, R; JACQUES, D et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2001, Vol 80, Num 3, pp 345-356, issn 0016-2361Article

Supercritical water liquefaction of coal and waste tires: Effects of partial oxidation and the water-gas shift reactionKUCHONTHARA, Prapan; MATSUMURA, Yukihiko.Sekiyu Gakkai Shi. 2001, Vol 44, Num 6, pp 397-400, issn 0582-4664Article

Petroleum residue upgrading with dispersed catalysts. Part 1. Catalysts activity and selectivityPANARITI, N; DEL BIANCO, A; DEL PIERO, G et al.Applied catalysis. A, General. 2000, Vol 204, Num 2, pp 203-213, issn 0926-860XArticle

Petroleum residue upgrading with dispersed catalysts. Part 2. Effect of operating conditionsPANARITI, N; DEL BIANCO, A; DEL PIERO, G et al.Applied catalysis. A, General. 2000, Vol 204, Num 2, pp 215-222, issn 0926-860XArticle

Puffing behavior during the graphitization of coal-tar-based needle coke impregnated with iron(II) sulfate and boric acidKAWANO, Y; FUKUDA, T; KAWARADA, T et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2000, Vol 38, Num 5, pp 759-765, issn 0008-6223Article

The formation of mesomorphous structures in pitches when heatedSKRIPCHENKO, G. B; NIKIFOROV, D. V; BULANOVA, V. V et al.Solid fuel chemistry. 2000, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 39-48, issn 0361-5219Article

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