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An analysis of safety and security risks in container shipping operations: A case study of TaiwanCHANG, Chia-Hsun; JINGJING XU; SONG, Dong-Ping et al.Safety science. 2014, Vol 63, pp 168-178, issn 0925-7535, 11 p.Article

The contribution of risk management in ship management: The case of ship collisionKARAHALIOS, Hristos.Safety science. 2014, Vol 63, pp 104-114, issn 0925-7535, 11 p.Article

Waves propagating along a channel with ice coverKOROBKIN, Alexander A; KHABAKHPASHEVA, Tatyana I; PAPIN, Alexander A et al.European journal of mechanics. B, Fluids. 2014, Num 47, pp 166-175, issn 0997-7546, 10 p.Article

A modified CREAM to human reliability quantification in marine engineeringYANG, Z. L; BONSALL, S; WALL, A et al.Ocean engineering. 2013, Vol 58, pp 293-303, issn 0029-8018, 11 p.Article

Speed models for energy-efficient maritime transportation: A taxonomy and surveyPSARAFTIS, Harilaos N; KONTOVAS, Christos A.Transportation research. Part C, Emerging technologies. 2013, Vol 26, pp 331-351, issn 0968-090X, 21 p.Article

An Expected Consequence Approach to Route Choice in the Maritime Transportation of Crude OilSIDDIQUI, Atiq; VERMA, Manish.Risk analysis. 2013, Vol 33, Num 11, pp 2041-2055, issn 0272-4332, 15 p.Article

The recent history of Finnish winter navigation in the Baltic SeaLEPY, Elise.Polar record. 2013, Vol 49, Num 248, pp 33-41, issn 0032-2474, 9 p.Article

Spatial Analysis of Maritime Accidents Using the Geographic Information SystemHUANG, Dao-Zheng; HAO HU; LI, Yi-Zhou et al.Transportation research record. 2013, Num 2326, pp 39-44, issn 0361-1981, 6 p.Article

Modal Comparison of Domestic Freight Transportation Effects on the General PublicPROTOPAPAS, Annie; KRUSE, C. James; OLSON, Leslie E et al.Transportation research record. 2013, Num 2330, pp 55-62, issn 0361-1981, 8 p.Article

ACCSEAS: e-Navigation: Improving Access for Shipping in the North Sea Region = ACCSEAS : Un nouveau cadre pour la e-NavigationSHAW, George.Bulletin de l'A.I.S.M. 2012, Num 4, pp 52-55, issn 0373-9090, 4 p.Article

Formal Safety Assessment: an updated reviewPSARAFTIS, Harilaos N.Journal of marine science and technology. 2012, Vol 17, Num 3, pp 390-402, issn 1023-2796, 13 p.Article

Piracy in Somalia: A Challenge to The International CommunityIGLESIAS BANIELA, Santiago; RIOS, Juan Vinagre.Journal of navigation. 2012, Vol 65, Num 4, pp 693-710, issn 0373-4633, 18 p.Article

The R&RNAV Marine Aids to Navigation Lights Calculator = Le logiciel de calcul des feux de signalisation maritime du service radionavigation de l'autorité générale des phares du Royaume Uni et d'IrlandeNICHOLSON, Malcolm.Bulletin de l'A.I.S.M. 2012, Num 1, pp 14-17, issn 0373-9090, 4 p.Article


Network Design for Shipping Service of Large-Scale Intermodal LinersQIANG MENG; SHUAIAN WANG; ZHIYUAN LIU et al.Transportation research record. 2012, Num 2269, pp 42-50, issn 0361-1981, 9 p.Article

Economic Analysis of Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Adaptation Strategies in TransportationLU, Qing-Chang; PENG, Zhong-Ren; RONGYI DU et al.Transportation research record. 2012, Num 2273, pp 54-61, issn 0361-1981, 8 p.Article

Assessment of the Competitiveness of Ports as Bunkering Hubs: Empirical Studies on Singapore and ShanghaiLAM, Jasmine Siu Lee; CHEN, Desiree; FAN CHENG et al.Transportation journal. 2011, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 176-203, issn 0041-1612, 28 p.Article

Port Selection Factors and Attractiveness: The Service Providers' PerspectiveSANCHEZ, Ricardo J; NG, Adolf K. Y; GARCIA-ALONSO, Lorena et al.Transportation journal. 2011, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 141-161, issn 0041-1612, 21 p.Article

The potential impact of climate change on Great Lakes international shippingMILLERD, Frank.Climatic change. 2011, Vol 104, Num 3-4, pp 629-652, issn 0165-0009, 24 p.Article

A Vessel Traffic Information System for the future = Un nouveau centre VTS à SingapourBulletin de l'A.I.S.M. 2011, Num 4, pp 52-53, issn 0373-9090, 2 p.Article

Maritime Community and its Human Resource MobilityINOUE, Kinzo.Journal of navigation. 2011, Vol 64, Num 4, pp 633-643, issn 0373-4633, 11 p.Article

A frequency-based maritime container assignment modelBELL, Michael G. H; XIN LIU; ANGELOUDIS, Panagiotis et al.Transportation research. Part B : methodological. 2011, Vol 45, Num 8, pp 1152-1161, issn 0191-2615, 10 p.Article

Container maritime transport on an international scale: a choice model of service and hub portRUSSO, F; CHILA, G; IANNO, D et al.Transactions on ecology and the environment. 2011, Vol vol. 150, pp 819-829, issn 1746-448X, isbn 978-1-84564-544-1, 1Vol, 11 p.Conference Paper

Piracy at Sea: Somalia an Area of Great ConcernIGLESIAS BANIELA, Santiago.Journal of navigation. 2010, Vol 63, Num 2, pp 191-206, issn 0373-4633, 16 p.Article

Discovering Knowledge from AIS Database for Application in VTSTSOU, Ming-Cheng.Journal of navigation. 2010, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 449-469, issn 0373-4633, 21 p.Article

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