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Bioactive compounds from Pseudanabaena species (Cyanobacteria)OUFDOU, K; MEZRIOUI, N; OUDRA, B et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 106, pp 21-29, issn 0026-2633, SUP1Article

Changes in fatty acid composition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442 induced by growth conditions: consequences of resistance to quaternary ammonium compoundsDUBOIS-BRISSONNET, F; MALGRANGE, C; GUERIN-MECHIN, L et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 106, Num 414, pp 97-110, issn 0026-2633Article

Demonstration of genome DNA diversity of strains of urease-positive thermophilic Campylobacter isolated from the natural environment by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis analysisMATSUDA, M; UENO, H; SHIBUYA, T et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 106, pp 57-65, issn 0026-2633, SUP1Article

Detection of herpes simplex and varicella zoster viruses in clinical specimens using direct immunofluorescence and cell culture assaysMEQDAM, M. M; TODD, D; AL-ABOSI, M et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 105, Num 411, pp 111-118, issn 0026-2633Article

Interrelation between synthesis and uptake of ectoine for the growth of the halotolerant Brevibacterium species JCM 6894 at high osmolarityNAGATA, Shinichi; YAO BING WANG.Microbios. 2001, Vol 104, Num 407, pp 7-15, issn 0026-2633Article

Luteolin inhibits the growth and arylamine N-acetyltransferase activity in Neisseria gonorrhoeaeTSOU, M-F; CHEN, G-W; HUNG, C-F et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 104, Num 408, pp 87-97, issn 0026-2633Article

Microbial contamination of water-soaked cotton gauze and its causeOIE, S; YOSHIDA, H; KAMIYA, A et al.Microbios. 2001, Vol 104, Num 409, pp 159-166, issn 0026-2633Article

Polyamine distribution profiles in newly validated genera and species within the Flavobacterium-Flexibacter-Cytophaga-Sphingobacterium complexHAMANA, Koei; NAKAGAWA, Yasuyoshi.Microbios. 2001, Vol 106, pp 105-116, issn 0026-2633, SUP2Article

Toxicity of two carbamate insecticides to the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7120 and computations of partial lethal concentrations by the probit methodPADHY, Rabindra N; MOHAPATRA, Kanak.Microbios. 2001, Vol 106, Num 414, pp 81-95, issn 0026-2633Article

Anti-hepatitic C virus antibodies hidden in circulating antibody/antigen aggregates in HCV-RNA positive patientsQUIROS-ROLDAN, E; PIEDROLA, G; MAROTO, M. C et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 103, Num 404, pp 59-64, issn 0026-2633Article

Comparison of the fermentative alcohol dehydrogenases of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coliDAILLY, Yves P; BUNCH, Pamela; CLARK, David P et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 103, Num 406, pp 179-196, issn 0026-2633Article

Detection and investigation of Campylobacter jejuni by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysisKIUCHI, A; HARA, M; PHAM, H.-S et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 102, Num 403, pp 159-164, issn 0026-2633Article

Enumeration of Escherichia coli and coliforms in surface water by multiple tube fermentation and membrane filter methodsGRASSO, G. M; SAMMARCO, M. L; RIPABELLI, G et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 103, Num 405, pp 119-125, issn 0026-2633Article

Hepatitis C virus and Epstein-Barr virus : dual infection or atypical antibody responseGUTIERREZ, J; RODRIGUEZ-IGLESIAS, M.Microbios. 2000, Vol 103, Num 404, pp 65-66, issn 0026-2633Article

Influence of dopamine energic pharmacology drugs on secretion of the adrenocorticotropic hormone from the hypophysisMILKOV, V; PIRONCHEVA, G; MITEVA, K et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 102, Num 403, pp 155-158, issn 0026-2633Article

The effect of azidothymidine on germ tube formation in Candida albicansMONNO, R; CAGGIANO, G; COSCIA, M. F et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 103, Num 404, pp 53-57, issn 0026-2633Article

Cloning and characterization of the iutA gene which encodes ferric aerobactin receptor from marine Vibrio speciesMURAKAMI, K; FUSE, H; TAKIMURA, O et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 101, Num 400, pp 137-146, issn 0026-2633Article

Effects of Fusobacterium necrophorum subspecies necrophorum on extracellular matrix of tissue-cultured bovine kidney cellsOKADA, Y; KANOE, M; OKAMOTO, K et al.Microbios. 2000, Vol 101, Num 400, pp 147-156, issn 0026-2633Article

Enhancement of growth and toxin production of Clostridium argentinense by co-culture with Pseudomonas mendocinaCENTORBI, H. J; SILVA, H. J.Microbios. 2000, Vol 101, Num 398, pp 15-22, issn 0026-2633Article

Assessment of the effects of nutrients and pollutants on coastal bacterioplankton by flow cytometry and SYTO-13 stainingVIVES-REGO, J; GUINDULAIN, T; VAZQUEZ-DOMINGUEZ, E et al.Microbios. 1999, Vol 98, Num 390, pp 71-85, issn 0026-2633Article

Bacterial degradation of hydrocarbons as evidenced by respirometric analysisSAADOUN, I; AL-AKHRAS, M.-A; ABU-ASHOUR, J et al.Microbios. 1999, Vol 100, Num 395, pp 19-25, issn 0026-2633Article

Characterization and analysis of antibiotic activity of some aquatic actinomycetesSAADOUN, I; HAMEED, K. M; MOUSSAUUI, A et al.Microbios. 1999, Vol 99, Num 394, pp 173-179, issn 0026-2633Article

Construction of cellulase hyperproducing strains derived from polyploids of Trichoderma reeseiTOYAMA, H; TOYAMA, N.Microbios. 1999, Vol 100, Num 395, pp 7-18, issn 0026-2633Article

Effect of oleanolic acid-cyclodextrin inclusion compounds on dental caries by in vitro experiment and rat-caries modelKOZAI, K; SUZUKI, J; OKADA, M et al.Microbios. 1999, Vol 97, Num 388, pp 179-188, issn 0026-2633Article

In vitro activities of phenothiazine-type calmodulin antagonists against Mycobacterium lepraeDHOPLE, A. M.Microbios. 1999, Vol 98, Num 390, pp 113-121, issn 0026-2633Article

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