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Interaction evaluation of bacteria and protoplasts with single-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid library based on capillary electrophoresisCHAOYANG MENG; XINYING ZHAO; FENG QU et al.Journal of chromatography. 2014, Vol 1358, pp 269-276, issn 0021-9673, 8 p.Article

DNA Interaction with Hoechst 33258: Stretching Experiments Decouple the Different Binding ModesSILVA, E. F; RAMOS, E. B; ROCHA, M. S et al.The Journal of physical chemistry. B. 2013, Vol 117, Num 24, pp 7292-7296, issn 1520-6106, 5 p.Article

Determination of ligand to DNA binding parameters from two-dimensional DSC curvesDUKHOPELNIKOV, E. V; BEREZNYAK, E. G; KHREBTOVA, A. S et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2013, Vol 111, Num 3, pp 1817-1827, issn 1388-6150, 11 p.Article

MM/GBSA Binding Energy Prediction on the PDBbind Data Set: Successes, Failures, and Directions for Further ImprovementGREENIDGE, Paulette A; KRAMER, Christian; MOZZICONACCI, Jean-Christophe et al.Journal of chemical information and modeling. 2013, Vol 53, Num 1, pp 201-209, issn 1549-9596, 9 p.Article

MMGBSA As a Tool To Understand the Binding Affinities of Filamin-Peptide InteractionsYLILAURI, Mikko; PENTIKÄINEN, Olli T.Journal of chemical information and modeling. 2013, Vol 53, Num 10, pp 2626-2633, issn 1549-9596, 8 p.Article

Potential of Mean Force of Polyethylenimine-Mediated DNA AttractionBAGAI, Sampada; CHONGBO SUN; TIAN TANG et al.The Journal of physical chemistry. B. 2013, Vol 117, Num 1, pp 49-56, issn 1520-6106, 8 p.Article

Probing the interaction of human serum albumin with vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and L-Arginine (L-Arg) using multi-spectroscopic, molecular modeling and zeta potential techniquesMEMARPOOR-YAZDI, Mina; MAHAKI, Hanie.Journal of luminescence. 2013, Vol 136, pp 150-159, issn 0022-2313, 10 p.Article

Quantum Confined Stark Effect in Au8 and Au25 NanoclustersXIAOMING WEN; PYNG YU; TOH, Yon-Rui et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 7, pp 3621-3626, issn 1932-7447, 6 p.Article

Computational Studies of Biomembrane Systems: Theoretical Considerations, Simulation Models, and ApplicationsDESERNO, Markus; KREMER, Kurt; PAULSEN, Harald et al.Advances in polymer science (Print). 2013, Vol 260, pp 237-283, issn 0065-3195, 47 p.Article

Elements of Nucleotide Specificity in the Trypanosoma brucei Mitochondrial RNA Editing Enzyme RET2DEMIR, Ozlem; AMARO, Rommie E.Journal of chemical information and modeling. 2012, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 1308-1318, issn 1549-9596, 11 p.Article

Ilaprazole metabolites, ilaprazole sulfone and ilaprazole sulfide decreased the affinity of ilaprazole to bovine serum albuminWEI ZHUANG; LI LI; GUOQIANG LIN et al.Journal of luminescence. 2012, Vol 132, Num 2, pp 350-356, issn 0022-2313, 7 p.Article

Influence of Protonation on Substrate and Inhibitor Interactions at the Active Site of Human Monoamine Oxidase-AZAPATA-TORRES, Gerald; FIERRO, Angelica; MIRANDA-ROJAS, Sebastian et al.Journal of chemical information and modeling. 2012, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 1213-1221, issn 1549-9596, 9 p.Article

Reconfigurable self-assembly through chiral control of interfacial tensionGIBAUD, Thomas; BARRY, Edward; MEYER, Robert B et al.Nature (London). 2012, Vol 481, Num 7381, pp 348-351, issn 0028-0836, 4 p.Article

Self-Assembly of Bifunctional Patchy Particles with Anisotropic Shape into Polymers Chains: Theory, Simulations, and ExperimentsDE MICHELE, Cristiano; BELLING, Tommaso; SCIORTINO, Francesco et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2012, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 1090-1106, issn 0024-9297, 17 p.Article

Spectroscopic study of interaction of styrylcyanine dye Sbt and its derivatives with bovine serum albuminKURTALIEV, Eldar N.Journal of luminescence. 2012, Vol 132, Num 9, pp 2281-2287, issn 0022-2313, 7 p.Article

Construction and Assembly of Chimeric DNA: Oligonucleotide Hybrid Molecules Composed of Parallel or Antiparallel Duplexes and Tetrameric i-MotifsHUI ME; BUDOW, Simone; SEELA, Frank et al.Biomacromolecules. 2012, Vol 13, Num 12, pp 4196-4204, issn 1525-7797, 9 p.Article

Evidence for the Preservation of Native Inter-and Intra-Molecular Hydrogen Bonds in the Desolvated FK-Binding Protein • FK506 Complex Produced by Electrospray IonizationHOPPER, Jonathan T. S; RAWLINGS, Andrew; AFONSO, Jose P et al.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2012, Vol 23, Num 10, pp 1757-1767, issn 1044-0305, 11 p.Article

Binding study of diprophylline with lysozyme by spectroscopic methodsWEIPING WANG; WENAO MIN; JIANRONG CHEN et al.Journal of luminescence. 2011, Vol 131, Num 4, pp 820-824, issn 0022-2313, 5 p.Article

Complexes between C.I. Acid Orange 6 and human serum albumin, a multi-spectroscopic approach to investigate the binding behaviorXIMIN ZHOU; YUANYUAN YUE; QING YANG et al.Journal of luminescence. 2011, Vol 131, Num 6, pp 1222-1228, issn 0022-2313, 7 p.Article

How to Integrate Biological Motors towards Bio-Actuators Fueled by ATPRASHEDUL KABIR, Arif Md; KAKUGO, Akira; JIAN PING GONG et al.Macromolecular bioscience (Print). 2011, Vol 11, Num 10, pp 1314-1324, issn 1616-5187, 11 p.Article

Interaction of diethyl aniline methylphosphonate with DNA: Spectroscopic and isothermal titration calorimetryYAN LU; MEIHUA XU; GONGKE WANG et al.Journal of luminescence. 2011, Vol 131, Num 5, pp 926-930, issn 0022-2313, 5 p.Article

Spectroscopic study on interaction between bisphenol A or its degraded solution under microwave irradiation in the presence of activated carbon and human serum albuminZHAOHONG ZHANG; DANPING XU; MEI TIE et al.Journal of luminescence. 2011, Vol 131, Num 7, pp 1386-1392, issn 0022-2313, 7 p.Article

Structural basis for recognition of centromere histone variant CenH3 by the chaperone Scm3ZHENG ZHOU; HANQIAO FENG; YAWEN BAI et al.Nature (London). 2011, Vol 472, Num 7342, pp 234-237, issn 0028-0836, 4 p.Article

The effect of structural differences in the reducing terminus of sugars on the binding affinity of carbohydrates and proteins analyzed using photoaffinity labelingOHTSUKA, Isao; SADAKANE, Yutaka; HIGUCHI, Mari et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2011, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 894-899, issn 0968-0896, 6 p.Article

Thermodynamic studies on the interaction of folic acid with bovine serum albuminJHA, Niki S; KISHORE, Nand.Journal of chemical thermodynamics. 2011, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 814-821, issn 0021-9614, 8 p.Article

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