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BTB―ZF factors recruit the E3 ligase cullin 3 to regulate lymphoid effector programsMATHEW, Rebecca; SEILER, Michael P; SCANLON, Seth T et al.Nature (London). 2012, Vol 491, Num 7425, pp 618-621, issn 0028-0836, 4 p.Article

Les lymphocytes T, des: défenseurs bien entraînés : Les nouvelles voies de l'immunitéKLINGLER, Cécile; MEERWIJK, Joostvan.La Recherche (Imprimé). 2012, Num 468, pp 46-47, issn 0029-5671, 2 p.Article

Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 2A exploits Notchl to alter B-cell identity in vivoANDERSON, Leah J; LONGNECKER, Richard.Blood. 2009, Vol 113, Num 1, pp 108-116, issn 0006-4971, 9 p.Article

Reductive isolation from bone marrow and blood implicates common lymphoid progenitors as the major source of thymopoiesis. CommentaryBUNTING, Kevin D; SERWOLD, Thomas; RICHIE EHRLICH, Lauren I et al.Blood. 2009, Vol 113, Num 4, issn 0006-4971, 766-767, 807-815 [11 p.]Article

Sonic hedgehog negatively regulates pre-TCR-induced differentiation by a Gli2-dependent mechanismROWBOTHAM, Nicola J; HAGER-THEODORIDES, Ariadne L; FURMANSKI, Anna L et al.Blood. 2009, Vol 113, Num 21, pp 5144-5156, issn 0006-4971, 13 p.Article

Multiphoton Imaging of Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte-Mediated Antitumor Immune ResponsesBOISSONNAS, Alexandre; SCHOLER-DAHIRE, Alix; FETLER, Luc et al.Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology. 2009, Vol 334, pp 265-287, issn 0070-217X, 23 p.Article

Endothelial CD47 interaction with SIRRγ is required for human T-cell transendothelial migration under shear flow conditions in vitroSTEFANIDAKIS, Michael; NEWTON, Gail; LEE, Winston Y et al.Blood. 2008, Vol 112, Num 4, pp 1280-1289, issn 0006-4971, 10 p.Article

Cartography of gene expression in CD8 single cells : Novel CCR7 subsets suggest differentiation independent of CD45RA expressionMONTEIRO, Marta; EVARISTO, César; LEGRAND, Agnès et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 7, pp 2863-2870, issn 0006-4971, 8 p.Article

GATA3 up-regulation associated with surface expression of CD294/CRTH2: a unique feature of human Th cellsDE FANIS, Umberto; MORI, Francesca; KURNAT, Rebecca J et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 10, pp 4343-4350, issn 0006-4971, 8 p.Article

Human CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells selectively express tyrosine hydroxylase and contain endogenous catecholamines subserving an autocrine/paracrine inhibitory functional loopCOSENTINO, Marco; FIETTA, Anna Maria; FERRARI, Marco et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 632-642, issn 0006-4971, 11 p.Article

IL-7-induced proliferation of recent thymic emigrants requires activation of the PI3K pathwaySWAINSON, Louise; KINET, Sandrina; MONGELLAZ, Cedric et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 3, pp 1034-1042, issn 0006-4971, 9 p.Article

L-arginine availability regulates T-lymphocyte cell-cycle progressionRODRIGUEZ, Paulo C; QUICENO, David G; OCHOA, Augusto C et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 4, pp 1568-1573, issn 0006-4971, 6 p.Article

Naive recirculating Β cells mature simultaneously in the spleen and bone marrowCARIAPPA, Annaiah; CHASE, Catharine; HAOYUAN LIU et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 109, Num 6, pp 2339-2345, issn 0006-4971, 7 p.Article

CD45RO enriches for activated, highly mutated human germinal center B cells. CommentaryZANETTI, Maurizio; JACKSON, Stephen M; HARP, Natessa et al.Blood. 2007, Vol 110, Num 12, issn 0006-4971, 3816-3817, 3917-3925 [11 p.]Article

A recombinant single-chain IL-7/HGFβ hybrid cytokine induces juxtacrine interactions of the IL-7 and HGF (c-Met) receptors and stimulates the proliferation of CFU-S12, CLPs, and pre-pro-B cells. CommentaryMACKALL, Crystal L; LAIJUN LAI; ZEFF, Richard A et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 107, Num 5, issn 0006-4971, 1739-1740,1776-1784 [11 p.]Article

Alkylamines cause Vγ9Vδ2 T-cell activation and proliferation by inhibiting the mevalonate pathwayTHOMPSON, Keith; ROJAS-NAVEA, Javier; ROGERS, Michael J et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 107, Num 2, pp 651-654, issn 0006-4971, 4 p.Article

Differential regulation of T-cell growth by IL-2 and IL-15. CommentaryTAGAYA, Yutaka; CORNISH, Georgina H; SINCLAIR, Linda V et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 108, Num 2, issn 0006-4971, 409-410,600-608 [11 p.]Article

Key role of the p110δ isoform of PI3K in B-cell antigen and IL-4 receptor signaling : comparative analysis of genetic and pharmacologic interference with p110δ function in B cells. CommentaryKNIGHT, Zachary A; SHOKAT, Kevan M; BILANCIO, Antonio et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 107, Num 2, issn 0006-4971, 11 p., 420-421,642-650 [11 p.]Article

Patterns of expression, membrane localization, and effects of ectopic expression suggest a function for MS4a4B, a CD20 homolog in Th1 T cellsHUI XU; WILLIAMS, Mark S; SPAIN, Lisa M et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 107, Num 6, pp 2400-2408, issn 0006-4971, 9 p.Article

The leukotriene B4 lipid chemoattractant receptor BLT1 defines antigen-primed T cells in humansISLAM, Sabina A; THOMAS, Seddon Y; HESS, Christoph et al.Blood. 2006, Vol 107, Num 2, pp 444-453, issn 0006-4971, 10 p.Article

Hétérogénéité et fonctions des lymphocytes B chez l'homme = Heterogeneity and function of human B lymphocytesJACQUOT, Serge; BOYER, Olivier.MS. Médecine sciences. 2006, Vol 22, Num 12, pp 1075-1080, issn 0767-0974, 6 p.Article

Turning T-cell receptor β recombination on and off : more questions than answersJACKSON, Annette M; KRANGEL, Michael S.Immunological reviews. 2006, Vol 209, pp 129-141, issn 0105-2896, 13 p.Article

Recent insights into the signals that control αβ/γδ-lineage fateLAURITSEN, Jens Peter H; HAKS, Mariëlle C; LEFEBVRE, Juliette M et al.Immunological reviews. 2006, Vol 209, pp 176-190, issn 0105-2896, 15 p.Article

Checkpoints in memory B-cell evolutionMCHEYZER-WILLIAMS, Louise J; MALHERBE, Laurent P; MCHEYZER-WILLIAMS, Michael G et al.Immunological reviews. 2006, Vol 211, pp 255-268, issn 0105-2896, 14 p.Article

Disparate lymphoid chemokine expression in mice and men : no evidence of CCL21 synthesis by human high endothelial venulesCARLSEN, Hege S; HARALDSEN, Guttorm; BRANDTZAEG, Per et al.Blood. 2005, Vol 106, Num 2, pp 444-446, issn 0006-4971, 3 p.Article

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