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Chromosomal regions 22q13 and 3p25 may harbor quantitative trait loci influencing both age at menarche and bone mineral densityFENG PAN; PENG XIAO; YAN GUO et al.Human genetics. 2008, Vol 123, Num 4, pp 419-427, issn 0340-6717, 9 p.Article

The advantages of dense marker sets for linkage analysis with very large familiesTHOMSON, Russell; QUINN, Stephen; MCKAY, James et al.Human genetics. 2007, Vol 121, Num 3-4, pp 459-468, issn 0340-6717, 10 p.Article

A novel autosomal recessive non-syndromic hearing impairment locus (DFNB47) maps to chromosome 2p25.1-p24.3MUHAMMAD JAWAD HASSAN; SANTOS, Regie Lyn P; KAI YAN et al.Human genetics. 2006, Vol 118, Num 5, pp 605-610, issn 0340-6717, 6 p.Article

An evaluation of the replicate pool method : Quick estimation of genome-wide linkage peak p-valuesWIGGINTON, Janis E; ABECASIS, Goncalo R.Genetic epidemiology. 2006, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 320-332, issn 0741-0395, 13 p.Article

Comparison of methods incorporating quantitative covariates into affected sib pair linkage analysisTSAI, Hui-Ju; WEEKS, Daniel E.Genetic epidemiology. 2006, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 77-93, issn 0741-0395, 17 p.Article

Distribution and magnitude of type I error of model-based multipoint lod scores : Implications for multipoint mod scoresCHAO XING; ELSTON, Robert C.Genetic epidemiology. 2006, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 447-458, issn 0741-0395, 12 p.Article

Genome-wide linkage analysis of population variation in high-density lipoprotein cholesterolHARRAP, Stephen B; WONG, Zilla Y. H; SCURRAH, Katrina J et al.Human genetics. 2006, Vol 119, Num 5, pp 541-546, issn 0340-6717, 6 p.Article

Incorporating endophenotypes into allele-sharing based linkage testsWANG, Wen-Chang; CHANG, I.-Shou; CHANG, Chin-Hao et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2006, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 133-142, issn 0741-0395, 10 p.Article

Using sex-averaged genetic maps in multipoint linkage analysis when identity-by-descent status is incompletely knownFINGERLIN, Tasha E; ABECASIS, Goncalo R; BOEHNKE, Michael et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2006, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 384-396, issn 0741-0395, 13 p.Article

Hereditary prostate cancer in Finland: fine-mapping validates 3p26 as a major predisposition locusRÖKMAN, Annika; BAFFOE-BONNIE, Agnes B; MARKEY, Carol et al.Human genetics. 2005, Vol 116, Num 1-2, pp 43-50, issn 0340-6717, 8 p.Article

Robust ascertainment-adjusted parameter estimationNOH, Maengseok; LEE, Youngjo; PAWITAN, Yudi et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2005, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 68-75, issn 0741-0395, 8 p.Article

Robust estimation of critical values for genome scans to detect linkageBACANU, Silviu-Alin.Genetic epidemiology. 2005, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 24-32, issn 0741-0395, 9 p.Article

Estimating the additive genetic effect of the X chromosomeKENT, Jack W; DYER, Thomas D; BLANGERO, John et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2005, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 377-388, issn 0741-0395, 12 p.Article

Summary of contributions to GAW group. 5 : Linkage mapping methods, problem 2CORDELL, Heather J.Genetic epidemiology. 2005, Vol 29, Num SUP1, pp S35-S40, issn 0741-0395Conference Paper

Classifying disease chromosomes arising from multiple founders, with application to fine-scale haplotype mappingYU, K; MARTIN, R. B; WHITTEMORE, A. S et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2004, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 173-181, issn 0741-0395, 9 p.Article

Combined association and linkage analysis applied to the APOE locusBEEKMAN, Marian; POSTHUMA, Daniëlle; VOGLER, George P et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2004, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 328-337, issn 0741-0395, 10 p.Article

Quasi-linkage: a confounding factor in linkage analysis of complex diseases?SIVAGNANASUNDARAM, Sinthuja; BROMAN, Karl W; LIU, Michelle et al.Human genetics. 2004, Vol 114, Num 6, pp 588-593, issn 0340-6717, 6 p.Article

Score test for detecting linkage to complex traits in selected samplesLEBREC, J; PUTTER, H; VAN HOUWELINGEN, J. C et al.Genetic epidemiology. 2004, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 97-108, issn 0741-0395, 12 p.Article

The association between polyploidy and clonal reproduction in diploid and tetraploid Chamerion angustifoliumBALDWIN, Sarah J; HUSBAND, Brian C.Molecular ecology. 2013, Vol 22, Num 7, pp 1806-1819, issn 0962-1083, 14 p.Article

Molecular and immunohistochemical characterization of granulin gene encoded in Pieris rapae granulovirus genomeOH, Seunghan; DONG HYUN KIM; HEON CHEON JEONG et al.Journal of invertebrate pathology (Print). 2013, Vol 113, Num 1, pp 7-17, issn 0022-2011, 11 p.Article

The complete genome sequence of a single-stranded RNA virus from the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois)PERERA, Omaththage P; SNODGRASS, Gordon L; ALLEN, Kerry C et al.Journal of invertebrate pathology (Print). 2012, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 11-19, issn 0022-2011, 9 p.Article

A comparison of mutation rates for specific loci and chromosome regions in dysgenic hybrid males of Drosophila melanogasterSIMMONS, M. J; RAYMOND, J. D; JOHNSON, N. A et al.Genetics. 1984, Vol 106, Num 1, pp 85-94, issn 0016-6731Article

Double recombinants in mitosisNAGYLAKI, T.Journal of mathematical biology (Print). 1984, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 13-42, issn 0303-6812Article

Hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila melanogaster: partial sterility associated with embryo lethality in the P-M systemKIDWELL, M. G.Genetical research. 1984, Vol 44, Num 1, pp 11-28, issn 0016-6723Article

Un cas probable de recombinaison dans le système de groupes sanguins S des bovins = A probable case of recombination within the S-system of cattle blood groupsGROSCLAUDE, F.Génétique sélection évolution. 1984, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 239-243, issn 0754-0264Article

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