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Domestic sheep as a rare definitive host of the large American liver fluke Fascioloides magmaFOREYT, W. J.The Journal of parasitology. 1990, Vol 76, Num 5, pp 736-739, issn 0022-3395Article

Extraction and identification of a 31000 mol•wt glycoprotein antigen of Ostertagia circumcincta by sera from resistant sheepMCGILLIVERY, D. J; YONG, W. K; RIFFKIN, G. G et al.International journal for parasitology. 1989, Vol 19, Num 5, pp 473-478, issn 0020-7519Article

Effect of growth rate on the physiological rates of a chemostat-grown rotifer Encentrum linnheiSCOTT, J. M.Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 1988, Vol 68, Num 1, pp 165-177, issn 0025-3154Article

Contrasting modes of reproduction in the polymorphic symbiotic flatworm Syndesmis dendrastrorum (Turbellaria Neorhabdocoela: Umagillidae)SHINN, G. L.Ophelia. 1988, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 59-70, issn 0078-5326Article

Identification and origin of hemoglobin in a gymnophallid metacercaria (Trematoda: Digeneae), a symbiote in the marine polychaete Amphitrite ornata (Annelida: Terebellidae)VANDERGON, T. L; NOBLET, G. P; COLACINO, J. M et al.The Biological bulletin (Lancaster). 1988, Vol 174, Num 2, pp 172-180, issn 0006-3185Article

The toxicity of paired metal mixtures to the nematode Monhystera disjuncta (Bastian, 1865)VRANKEN, G; TIRE, C; HEIP, C et al.Marine environmental research. 1988, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 161-179, issn 0141-1136Article

Characterization of a monoclonal antibody against infective larvae of Brugia malayiPARAB, P. B; RAJASEKARIAH, G. R; CHANDRASHEKAR, R et al.Immunology (Oxford). 1988, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 169-174, issn 0019-2805Article

Larval philometrid nematodes (Philometridae) from the uterus of a sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeusBENZ, G. W; PRATT, H. L. JR; ADAMSON, M. L et al.Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington. 1987, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 154-155, issn 0018-0130Article

Conditional absence of mitosis-specific antigens in a temperature-sensitive embryonic-arrest mutant of Caenorhanditis elegansHECHT, R. M; BERG-ZABELSHANSKY, M; RAO, P. N et al.Journal of Cell Science. 1987, Vol 87, Num 2, pp 305-314, issn 0021-9533Article

Fine-structural characteristics of female and male germ cells in Proseriata Otoplanidae (Platyhelminthes)SOPOTT-EHLERS, B.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 1986, Vol 132, pp 137-144, issn 0018-8158Article

Isolation and partial characterization of an eosinophil chemotactic factor from metacestodes of Taenia taeniaeformis (ECF-Tt)POTTER, K. A; WES LEID, R.The Journal of immunology (1950). 1986, Vol 136, Num 5, pp 1712-1717, issn 0022-1767Article

Post-larval growth of Microcotyle sebastis (Platyhelminthes: Menogenea), a gill parasite of the black rockpshTHONEY, D. A.Transactions of the American Microscopical Society. 1986, Vol 105, Num 2, pp 170-181, issn 0003-0023Article

Rhythmical hatching and oncomiracidial behaviour in the hexabothriid monogenean Rajonchocotyle emarginata from the Gills of Raja sppWHITTINGTON, I. D; KEARN, G. C.Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 1986, Vol 66, Num 1, pp 93-111, issn 0025-3154Article

Schistosome-derived inhibitory factor: an immunosuppressive agent preferentially active on T lymphocytesMAZINGUE, C; STADLER, B. M; QUATANNENS, B et al.International archives of allergy and applied immunology. 1986, Vol 80, Num 4, pp 347-354, issn 0020-5915Article

A possible hormone controlling O2 consumption in the nematode Phocanema decipiensDAVEY, K. G.General and comparative endocrinology. 1986, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 30-35, issn 0016-6480Article

Rôle favorisant de l'hydrodynamisme dans la contamination des deuxièmes hôtes intermédiaires par les cercaires de Maritrema misenensis (A. Palombi, 1940) (Digenea, Microphallidae) = The role of hydrodynamic phenomena in second intermediate host contamination by the cercariae of Maritrema misenensis (A. Palombi, 1940) (Digenea, Microphallidae)BARTOLI, P.Annales de parasitologie humaine et comparée. 1986, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 35-41, issn 0003-4150Article

Immunocytochemical demonstration of 5-HT-like and FMRF-amide-like substances in whole mounts of Microstomum lineare (Turbellaria)REUTER, M; WIKGREN, M; LEHTONEN, M et al.Cell and tissue research. 1986, Vol 246, Num 1, pp 7-12, issn 0302-766XArticle

Ultrastructural observations on fertilization in Dionchus removae (Platyhelminthes, Monogenea, Dionchidae)JUSTINE, J.-L; MATTEI, X.Acta zoologica (Stockholm). 1986, Vol 67, Num 2, pp 97-101, issn 0001-7272Article

Morphologie et biologie du Cestode Wardium stellorae (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae)MAKSIMOVA, A. P.Parazitologiâ. 1986, Vol 20, Num 6, pp 487-491, issn 0031-1847Article

Occurrence of Metacercariae (Trematoda: Gymnophallidae) on Amphitrite ornata (Annelida: Terebellidae)KYLE, D. E; PITTMAN NOBLET, G.The Journal of parasitology. 1985, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 366-368, issn 0022-3395Article

A study of the migration of larval Anisakis simplex (Nematoda: Ascaridia) in the Chilean hake, Merluccius gayi (Guichenot)CATTAN, P. E; CARVAJAL, J.Journal of fish biology. 1984, Vol 24, Num 6, pp 649-654, issn 0022-1112Article

Further studies on in vitro pairing of Echinostoma revolutum (trematoda) adultsFRIED, B; PALLONE, A.Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde. 1984, Vol 70, Num 3, pp 297-302, issn 0044-3255Article

Growth and migration of plerocercoids of Triaenophorus crassus Forel and pathology in experimentally infected whitefish, Coregonus clupeaformis (Mitchill)ROSEN, R; DICK, T. A.Canadian journal of zoology. 1984, Vol 62, Num 2, pp 203-211, issn 0008-4301Article

Pinocytosis in the tegument of Hymenolepis fraternaPOLJAKOVA-KRUSTEVA, O; STOITSOVA, S; MIZINSKA-BOEVSKA, Y et al.Helmintologiâ (Sofiâ). 1984, Vol 17, pp 52-57, issn 0204-8787Article

Etude comparée des protéines, du contenu en aminoacides et du métabolisme des helminthes. V. Influence de la pression osmotique sur le contenu en aminoacides libres d'Ascaridia galli (Schrark 1788) Freeborn 1923OSIKOVSKI, E.Helmintologiâ (Sofiâ). 1984, Vol 17, pp 41-51, issn 0204-8787Article

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