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The rhetoric of consciousnessHOLLANDER, John.Social research. 2001, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 589-608, issn 0037-783XConference Paper

Altered states of consciousnessGREENFIELD, Susan.Social research. 2001, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 609-626, issn 0037-783XConference Paper

Die Anfänge der Experimentellen Psychologie in der Schweiz unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Entwicklung an der Universität Freiburg = The roots of experimental psychology in Switzerland, with particular attention to its development at the University of FribourgHELLER, D; PERREZ, M.Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Psychologie und ihre Anwendungen. 1990, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 57-65, issn 0036-7869, 9 p.Article

André Rey, maître d'œuvre d'une psychologie des faitsPsychologie et psychométrie. 1990, Vol 11, Num 1, issn 0296-8770, 92 p.Serial Issue

Ethical issues associated with scientific and technological research for the military, Arlington VA, January 26-28, 1989MITCHAM, Carl; SIEKEVITZ, Philip.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1989, Vol 577, issn 0077-8923, 293 p.Conference Proceedings

The etiquette of consciousnessCRAPANZANO, Vincent.Social research. 2001, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 627-649, issn 0037-783XConference Paper

Implementation Science: A Brief Overview and a Look AheadOGDEN, Terje; FIXSEN, Dean L.Zeitschrift für Psychologie (2007. Print). 2014, Vol 222, Num 1, pp 4-11, issn 2190-8370, 8 p.Article

Psychologists in Medical Schools and Academic Medical Centers: Over 100 Years of Growth, Influence, and PartnershipROBINER, William N; DIXON, Kim E; MINER, Jacob L et al.The American psychologist. 2014, Vol 69, Num 3, pp 230-248, issn 0003-066X, 19 p.Article

Déglutition et états de conscience altérée = Swallowing in disorders of consciousnessBICEGO, A; LEJOLY, K; MAUDOUX, A et al.Revue neurologique (Paris). 2014, Vol 170, Num 10, pp 630-641, issn 0035-3787, 12 p.Article

I think, therefore I am? Examining conceptions of the self, soul, and mindANGLIN, Stephanie M.Consciousness and cognition (Print). 2014, Vol 29, pp 105-116, issn 1053-8100, 12 p.Article

Guidelines and StandardsThe American psychologist. 2013, Vol 68, Num 1, issn 0003-066X, 46 p.Serial Issue

Comparative Psychology as Unified Psychology: The Case of Curiosity and Other Novelty-Related BehaviorPISULA, Wojciech; TURLEISKI, Krzysztof; CHARLES, Eric P et al.Review of general psychology. 2013, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 224-229, issn 1089-2680, 6 p.Article

Psychological Research With Muslim Americans in the Age of Islamophobia: Trends, Challenges, and RecommendationsAMER, Mona M; BAGASRA, Anisah.The American psychologist. 2013, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 134-144, issn 0003-066X, 11 p.Article

Steps, Stages, and Structure: Finding Compensatory Order in Scientific TheoriesRUTJENS, Bastiaan T; VAN HARREVELD, Frenk; VAN DER PLIGT, Joop et al.Journal of experimental psychology. General. 2013, Vol 142, Num 2, pp 313-318, issn 0096-3445, 6 p.Article

Comment on 'SUDEP discussions with patients and families'HANNA, Jane.Practical neurology (Print). 2012, Vol 12, Num 2, issn 1474-7758, p. 107Article

FINDING PATRONS FOR PEACE PSYCHOLOGY: THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE CONFLICT RESOLUTION MOVEMENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1951-1971RANGIL, Teresa Tomás.Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences. 2012, Vol 48, Num 2, pp 91-114, issn 0022-5061, 24 p.Article

125 Years of Perceptual: Motor Skill ResearchELLIOTT, Digby; HAYES, Spencer J; BENNETT, Simon J et al.The American journal of psychology. 2012, Vol 125, Num 1, pp 9-23, issn 0002-9556, 15 p.Article

A Role for the Default Mode Network in the Bases of Disorders of ConsciousnessFERNANDEZ-ESPEJO, Davinia; SODDU, Andrea; LAUREYS, Steven et al.Annals of neurology. 2012, Vol 72, Num 3, pp 335-343, issn 0364-5134, 9 p.Article

A sensitive scale to assess nociceptive pain in patients with disorders of consciousnessCHATELLE, Camille; MAJERUS, Steve; WHYTE, John et al.Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. 2012, Vol 83, Num 12, pp 1233-1237, issn 0022-3050, 5 p.Article

COLOMBIAN APPROACHES TO PSYCHOLOGY IN THE 19TH CENTURYOVIEDO, Gilberto Leonardo.History of psychology. 2012, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 291-301, issn 1093-4510, 11 p.Article

Diagnostic and ethical challenges in disorders of consciousness and locked-in syndrome: a survey of German neurologistsKUEHLMEYER, Katja; RACINE, Eric; PALMOUR, Nicole et al.Journal of neurology. 2012, Vol 259, Num 10, pp 2076-2089, issn 0340-5354, 14 p.Article

Feminism and Psychology: Analysis of a Half-Century of Research on Women and GenderEAGLY, Alice H; EATON, Asia; ROSE, Suzanna M et al.The American psychologist. 2012, Vol 67, Num 3, pp 211-230, issn 0003-066X, 20 p.Article

How reliable is the manual correction of the autoscoring of a level IV sleep study (ApneaLink™) by an observer without experience in polysomnography?ALBERTO NIGRO, Carlos; MALNIS, Silvana; DIBUR, Eduardo et al.Sleep & breathing. 2012, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 275-279, issn 1520-9512, 5 p.Article

INTRODUCING WILLIAM STERN (1871―1938)LAMIELL, James T.History of psychology. 2012, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 379-384, issn 1093-4510, 6 p.Article

Psychology in Latvia: Its Origins, Development, and Current StateRENGE, Viesturs; DRAGUNS, Juris G.European psychologist. 2012, Vol 17, Num 3, pp 246-252, issn 1016-9040, 7 p.Article

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