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Effect of hormone implantation on cryopreservation of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) spermFUHONG DING; MILLEY, Joyce E; ROMMENS, Melissa et al.Cryobiology (Print). 2012, Vol 65, Num 1, pp 51-55, issn 0011-2240, 5 p.Article

Dermatological diseases affecting fishes of the Tar-Pamlico estuary, North CarolinaNOGA, E. J; WRIGHT, J. F; LEVINE, J. F et al.Diseases of aquatic organisms. 1991, Vol 10, Num 2, pp 87-92, issn 0177-5103Article

Monoclonal antibodies against Aeromonas salmonicida lipopolysaccharide identify differences among strainsROCKEY, D. D; DUNGAN, C. F; LUNDER, T et al.Diseases of aquatic organisms. 1991, Vol 10, Num 2, pp 115-120, issn 0177-5103Article

L'ombrine subtropicale... une espèce pour l'aqualculture de demain..SOLETCHNIK, P; GOYARD, E; THOUARD, E et al.Equinoxe (Nantes). 1991, Num 34, pp 30-32, issn 0765-5320Article

The suspension of hydrated food particles in aerated pilot scale rearing tanksBACKHURST, J. R; HARKER, J. H.Aquacultural engineering. 1989, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 15-27, issn 0144-8609, 13 p.Article

Development of limit dextrinase in germinated barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) : evidence of proteolytic activationLONGSTAFF, M. A; BRYCE, J. H.Plant physiology (Bethesda). 1993, Vol 101, Num 3, pp 881-889, issn 0032-0889Article

Dietary value of Artemia enriched with various types of oil for larval striped knifejaw and red sea breamTAKEUCHI, T; TOYOTA, M; WATANABE, T et al.Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi. 1992, Vol 58, Num 2, pp 283-289, issn 0021-5392Article

The effects of dietary protein content, lipid content and ration level on oxygen consumption and specific dynamic action in Oreochromis niloticus LROSS, L. G; MCKINNEY, R. W; CARDWELL, S. K et al.Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A. Comparative physiology. 1992, Vol 103, Num 3, pp 573-578, issn 0300-9629Article

Scallop culture and its supporting system in Mutsu bayOZAKI, T; MITSUHASHI, K; TANAKA, M et al.Marine pollution bulletin. 1991, Vol 23, pp 297-303, issn 0025-326XConference Paper

The diet of wild and pond-cultured catfish (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus: Bagridae) in mangrove swamps of the Niger delta, NigeriaERONDU, E. S.Revue de zoologie africaine (1974). 1990, Vol 104, Num 5, pp 367-374, issn 0251-074XArticle

AN OVERVIEW OF MARINE ORNAMENTAL FISH BREEDING AS A POTENTIAL SUPPORT TO THE AQUARIUM TRADE AND TO THE CONSERVATION OF NATURAL FISH POPULATIONSDOMINGUEZ, L. M; BOTELLA, Á. S.International journal of sustainable development and planning (Print). 2014, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 608-632, issn 1743-7601, 25 p.Article

Effects of the acute exposition to glyphosate-based herbicide on oxidative stress parameters and antioxidant responses in a hybrid Amazon fish surubim (Pseudoplatystoma sp)GINDRI SINHORIN, Valéria Dornelles; SINHORIN, Adilson Paulo; DOS SANTOS TEIXEIRA, Jhonnes Marcos et al.Ecotoxicology and environmental safety (Print). 2014, Vol 106, pp 181-187, issn 0147-6513, 7 p.Article

Influence of carbohydrate addition on nitrogen transformations and greenhouse gas emissions of intensive aquaculture systemZHEN HU; JAE WOO LEE; CHANDRAN, Kartik et al.Science of the total environment. 2014, Vol 470-71, pp 193-200, issn 0048-9697, 8 p.Article

Responses of stream fish populations to farming intensity and water abstraction in an agricultural catchmentLANGE, Katharina; TOWNSEND, Colin R; GABRIELSSON, Rasmus et al.Freshwater biology (Print). 2014, Vol 59, Num 2, pp 286-299, issn 0046-5070, 14 p.Article

Shirazi thyme (Zataria multiflora) essential oil suppresses the expression of the epsD capsule gene in Lactococcus garvieae, the cause of lactococcosis in farmed fishSOLTANI, Mehdi; MOHAMADIAN, Samira; EBRAHIMZAHE-MOUSAVI, Hossein Ali et al.Aquaculture (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 433, pp 143-147, issn 0044-8486, 5 p.Article

Quelques aspects de la biologie de la reproduction de Schilbe multitaeniatus (Siluriformes, Schilbeidae) de la rivière Rembo Bongo (Gabon) = Some aspects of the reproductive biology of Schilbe multitaeniatus (Siluriform, Schilbeidae) from Rembo Bongo River in GabonLIWOUWOU, Jean Félicien; AHOUANSOU MONTCHO, Simon; MONTCHOWUI, Elie et al.Cybium (Paris). 2014, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 279-287, issn 0399-0974, 9 p.Article

Finfish Aquaculture: Animal Welfare, the Environment, and Ethical ImplicationsBERGQVIST, Jenny; GUNNARSSON, Stefan.Journal of agricultural and environmental ethics. 2013, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 75-99, issn 1187-7863, 25 p.Article

Short and long-term effects of clofibric acid and diclofenac on certain biochemical and ionoregulatory responses in an Indian major carp, Cirrhinus mrigalaSARAVANAN, M; RAMESH, M.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2013, Vol 93, Num 2, pp 388-396, issn 0045-6535, 9 p.Article

The productivity of traditional rice―fish co-culture can be increased without increasing nitrogen loss to the environmentLIANGLIANG HU; WEIZHENG REN; JIANJUN TANG et al.Agriculture, ecosystems & environment. 2013, Vol 177, pp 28-34, issn 0167-8809, 7 p.Article

Use of fish farms to assess river contamination: Combining biomarker responses, active biomonitoring, and chemical analysisQUESADA-GARCIA, Alba; VALDEHITA, Ana; TORRENT, Fernando et al.Aquatic toxicology. 2013, Vol 140-41, pp 439-448, issn 0166-445X, 10 p.Article

Effects of fish farming on phytoplankton community under the thermal stress caused by a power plant in a eutrophic, semi-enclosed bay: Induce toxic dinoflagellate (Prorocentrum minimum) blooms in cold seasonsZHIBING JIANG; YIBO LIAO; JINGJING LIU et al.Marine pollution bulletin. 2013, Vol 76, Num 1-2, pp 315-324, issn 0025-326X, 10 p.Article

Microbial diversity in the intestine of olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)KIM, Do-Hyung; KIM, Da-Young.Aquaculture (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 414-415, pp 103-108, issn 0044-8486, 6 p.Article

Nonlinear hydroelastic analysis of an aquaculture fish cage in irregular wavesLI LI; SHIXIAO FU; YUWANG XU et al.Marine structures. 2013, Vol 34, pp 56-73, issn 0951-8339, 18 p.Article

Meeting the food and nutrition needs of the poor: the role of fish and the opportunities and challenges emerging from the rise of aquacultureBEVERIDGE, M. C. M; THILSTED, S. H; PHILLIPS, M. J et al.Journal of fish biology. 2013, Vol 83, Num 4, pp 1067-1084, issn 0022-1112, 18 p.Conference Paper

Identification, répartition spatio-temporelle et caractérisation génétique des alevins de Muges ensemencés dans les retenues de barrages tunisiennes = Identification, spatiotemporal distribution and genetic characterization of grey mullet fry in Tunisian damsMILI, Sami; BOURIGA, Nawzet; ENNOURI, Rym et al.Cybium (Paris). 2013, Vol 37, Num 1-2, pp 67-73, issn 0399-0974, 7 p.Conference Paper

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