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Recognition of Potentially Novel Human Disease-Associated Pathogens by Implementation of Systematic 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing in the Diagnostic LaboratoryKELLER, Peter M; RAMPINI, Silvana K; BÜCHLER, Andrea C et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 48, Num 9, pp 3397-3402, issn 0095-1137, 6 p.Article

Host defense against implant infection: The ambivalent role of phagocytosisARCIOLA, Carla Renata.International journal of artificial organs. 2010, Vol 33, Num 9, pp 565-567, issn 0391-3988, 3 p.Article

Acute valvular obstruction from streptococcal endocarditisCHARNEY, R; KELTZ, T. N; ATTAI, L et al.The American heart journal. 1993, Vol 125, Num 2, pp 544-547, issn 0002-8703, 1Article

Outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a neonatal intensive care unitHADDAD, Q; SOBAYO, E. I; BASIT, O. B. A et al.The Journal of hospital infection. 1993, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 211-221, issn 0195-6701Article

Typhoid fever at a resort hotel in New York : a large outbreak with an unusual vehicleBIRKHEAD, G. S; MORSE, D. L; LEVINE, W. C et al.The Journal of infectious diseases. 1993, Vol 167, Num 5, pp 1228-1232, issn 0022-1899Article

Black-pigmented Gram-negative anaerobes in endodontic infectionsHAAPASALO, M.FEMS immunology and medical microbiology. 1993, Vol 6, Num 2-3, pp 213-217, issn 0928-8244Conference Paper

A predictive risk index for nosocomial pneumonia in the intensive care unitJOSHI, N; RUSSELL LOCALIO, A; HAMORY, B. H et al.The American journal of medicine. 1992, Vol 93, Num 2, pp 135-142, issn 0002-9343Article

An endemic strain of Staphylococcus haemolyticus colonizing and causing bacteremia in neonatal intensive care unit patientsLOW, D. E; SCHMIDT, B. K; KIRPALANI, H. M et al.Pediatrics (Evanston). 1992, Vol 89, Num 4, pp 696-700, issn 0031-4005, 2Article

IgM rheumatoid factor removal and performance of the FTA-ABS (IgM) test in congenital syphilisMEYER, M. P; RODITI, D; LOUW, S et al.Genitourinary medicine. 1992, Vol 68, Num 4, pp 249-253, issn 0266-4348Article

Nosocomial acquisition of β-lactamase-negative, ampicillin-resistant enterococcusCHIRURGI, V. A; OSTER, S. E; GOLDBERG, A. A et al.Archives of internal medicine (1960). 1992, Vol 152, Num 7, pp 1457-1461, issn 0003-9926Article

Nutritional deficiency as a complicating factor in tuberculous meningo-encephalitisADOGU, A. A.Journal of nutritional medicine. 1992, Vol 3, Num 1, pp 65-68Article

Occurrence of valvar heart disease in acute rheumatic fever without evident carditis : colour-flow Doppler identificationFOLGER, G. M; HAJAR, R; ROBIDA, A et al.British heart journal. 1992, Vol 67, Num 6, pp 434-438, issn 0007-0769Article

Oxygen kinetics in experimental sepsisHIRSCHL, R. B; HEISS, K. F; CILLEY, R. E et al.Surgery. 1992, Vol 112, Num 1, pp 37-44, issn 0039-6060Article

Plague. A clinical review of 27 casesCROOK, L. D; TEMPEST, B.Archives of internal medicine (1960). 1992, Vol 152, Num 6, pp 1253-1256, issn 0003-9926Article

Thoracic actinomycosis : CT findings in eight patientsSTEPHEN KWONG, J; MÜLLER, N. L; DAVID GODWIN, J et al.Radiology. 1992, Vol 183, Num 1, pp 189-192, issn 0033-8419Article

Effect of measles-mumps-rubella vaccination on polymorphonuclear neutrophil functions in childrenTORALDO, R; TOLONE, C; CATALANOTTI, P et al.Acta paediatrica (Oslo). 1992, Vol 81, Num 11, pp 887-890, issn 0803-5253Article

Lymphocutaneous Nocardia brasiliensis infection acquired from a cat scratch : case report and ReviewSACHS, M. K.Clinical infectious diseases. 1992, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 710-711Article

Suppurative group a β-hemolytic streptococcal infections in childrenRATHORE, M. H; BARTON, L. L; KAPLAN, E. L et al.Pediatrics (Evanston). 1992, Vol 89, Num 4, pp 743-746, issn 0031-4005, 2Article

Le péril pneumococcique = Pneumococcus diseasesDE MONTALEMBERT, M.Pédiatrie (Marseille). 1992, Vol 47, Num 5, pp 375-377, issn 0031-4021Conference Paper

Epidemiology of extrapulmonary tuberculosis : a comparative analysis with pre-AIDS eraMEHTA, J. B; DUTT, A; HARVILL, L et al.Chest. 1991, Vol 99, Num 5, pp 1134-1138, issn 0012-3692, 5 p.Article

Tuberculous epididymo-orchitis : diagnosis by fine needle aspirationWOLF, J. S; MCANINCH, J. W.The Journal of urology. 1991, Vol 145, Num 4, pp 836-838, issn 0022-5347, 3 p.Article

Epidémiologie et résistance aux antibiotiques des Acinetobacter en milieu hospitalier (bilan de 5 années) = Epidemiology of Acinetobacter and its resistance to antibiotics in hospitalsJOLY-GUILLOU, M. L; BERGOGNE-BEREZIN, E; VIEU, J. F et al.La Presse médicale (1983). 1990, Vol 19, Num 8, pp 357-361, issn 0755-4982Article

Okuläre Befunde bei infektionsassoziierten Immunphänomenen und Nachkrankheiten (sog. «Reiter-Syndrome») = Ocular findings in infection-linked immune phenomena and their sequelae (Reiter's syndrome)BIALASIEWIC, A. A; HOLBACH, L.Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde. 1990, Vol 196, Num 4, pp 196-201, issn 0023-2165, 6 p.Article

Conduite a tenir devant une vaginite non specifique = Non specific vaginitisKOEPPEL, M. C; SAYAG, Y.Annales de dermatologie et de vénéréologie. 1990, Vol 117, Num 9, pp 657-660, issn 0151-9638, 4 p.Article

Intrakranielle Komplikationen entzündlicher Ohrerkrankungen = Intracranial complications of ear infectionPOSPIECH, J; KALFF, R; POLYZOIDIS, T et al.HNO. Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenärzte. 1990, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 63-66, issn 0017-6192Article

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