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Beneficial Pre-ECT Ketamine Infusion in a Patient with Treatment-Resistant DepressionSULTAN, Ryan; RIVA-POSSE, Patricio; GARLOW, Steven J et al.Psychosomatics (Washington, DC). 2014, Vol 55, Num 4, pp 396-399, issn 0033-3182, 4 p.Article

A Systematic Review of Interventions Used to Treat Catatonic Symptoms in People with Autistic Spectrum DisordersHANNAH DEJONG; BUNTON, Penny; HARE, Dougal J et al.Journal of autism and developmental disorders. 2014, Vol 44, Num 9, pp 2127-2136, issn 0162-3257, 10 p.Article

A new method to model electroconvulsive therapy in rats with increased construct validity and enhanced translational valueTHEILMANN, Wiebke; LÖSCHER, Wolfgang; SOCALA, Katarzyna et al.Journal of psychiatric research. 2014, Vol 53, pp 94-98, issn 0022-3956, 5 p.Article

Actigraphy in patients with treatment-resistant depression undergoing electroconvulsive therapyWINKLER, Dietmar; PJREK, Edda; LANZENBERGER, Rupert et al.Journal of psychiatric research. 2014, Vol 57, pp 96-100, issn 0022-3956, 5 p.Article

Electroconvulsive therapy and aerobic exercise training increased BDNF and ameliorated depressive symptoms in patients suffering from treatment-resistant major depressive disorderSALEHI, Iraj; SEYED MOHAMMAD HOSSEINI; HAGHIGHI, Mohammad et al.Journal of psychiatric research. 2014, Vol 57, pp 117-124, issn 0022-3956, 8 p.Article

Electroconvulsive therapy use in Otago, New Zealand: a 10-year retrospective audit of patient-level treatment dataALVAREZ-GRANDI, Sebastian; DE LA BARRA, Sophia Leon; SEIFERT, Annalise et al.Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry. 2014, Vol 48, Num 6, pp 548-553, issn 0004-8674, 6 p.Article

Management of psychiatric symptoms in anti-NMDAR encephalitis: a case series, literature review and future directionsKUPPUSWAMY, Preetha S; TAKALA, Christopher Robert; SOLA, Christopher L et al.General hospital psychiatry. 2014, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 388-391, issn 0163-8343, 4 p.Article

Pivotal role of tissue plasminogen activator in the mechanism of action of electroconvulsive therapyHOIRISCH-CLAPAUCH, Silvia; MEZZASALMA, Marco A. U; NARDI, Antonio E et al.Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxford). 2014, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 99-105, issn 0269-8811, 7 p.Article

Effects of Propofol on Expression of Hippocampal Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase and Carboxy-Terminal PDZ Ligand of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase in Stressed Rats Undergoing Electroconvulsive ShockFENG LV; SHEN, Yi-Wei; PENG, Li-Hua et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 297-302, issn 1095-0680, 6 p.Article

Monitoring Daily Affective Symptoms and Memory Function Using Interactive Voice Response in Outpatients Receiving Electroconvulsive TherapyFAZZINO, Tera L; RABINOWITZ, Terry; ALTHOFF, Robert R et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 318-324, issn 1095-0680, 7 p.Article

Satisfaction With Electroconvulsive Therapy Among Patients and Their RelativesRAJAGOPAL, Rajendra; CHAKRABARTI, Subho; GROVER, Sandeep et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 283-290, issn 1095-0680, 8 p.Article

The nesfatin 1 level in male patients with manic episode and alterations of nesfatin 1 level after antipsychotic and electroconvulsive treatmentEMUL, Murat; KARAMUSTAFALIOGLU, Nesrin; KALELIOGLU, Tevfik et al.Journal of affective disorders. 2013, Vol 151, Num 3, pp 849-853, issn 0165-0327, 5 p.Article

Three Decades of Quality Improvement in Electroconvulsive Therapy: Exploring the Role of AccreditationMURPHY, Geraldine; DONCASTER, Emily; CHAPLIN, Rob et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 312-317, issn 1095-0680, 6 p.Article

Additional ECT increases BDNF-levels in patients suffering from major depressive disorders compared to patients treated with citalopram onlyHAGHIGHI, Mohammad; SALEHI, Iraj; ERFANI, Parichehr et al.Journal of psychiatric research. 2013, Vol 47, Num 7, pp 908-915, issn 0022-3956, 8 p.Article

Altered Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression in the Ventral Tegmental Area, but not in the Hippocampus, Is Essential for Antidepressant-Like Effects of Electroconvulsive TherapyTALIAZ, Dekel; NAGARAJ, Vini; HARAMATI, Sharon et al.Biological psychiatry (1969). 2013, Vol 74, Num 4, pp 305-312, issn 0006-3223, 8 p.Article

Augmenting Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation With D-Cycloserine for Depression: A Pilot studyCHAN, Herng-Nieng; ALONZO, Angelo; MARTIN, Donel M et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 196-200, issn 1095-0680, 5 p.Article

Catatonia and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome: Two Disorders on a Same Spectrum? Four Case ReportsLUCHINI, Federica; LATTANZI, Lorenzo; BARTOLOMMEI, Natalia et al.The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 2013, Vol 201, Num 1, pp 36-42, issn 0022-3018, 7 p.Article

Electroconvulsive therapy in patients with diagnoses other than major depression and/or difficult characteristics: A combined psychiatric-anesthesiological approach based on a retrospective chart analysisGAHR, Maximilian; SCHÖNFELDT-LECUONA, Carlos; KÖLLE, Markus A et al.Psychiatry research (Print). 2013, Vol 210, Num 1, pp 159-165, issn 0165-1781, 7 p.Article

Ictal EEG fractal dimension in ECT predicts outcome at 2 weeks in schizophreniaABHISHEKH, Hulegar A; THIRTHALLI, Jagadisha; MANJEGOWDA, Anusha et al.Psychiatry research (Print). 2013, Vol 209, Num 2, pp 155-159, issn 0165-1781, 5 p.Article

Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Electroconvulsive Therapy Among Medical Students, Psychology Students, and the General PublicERDEN AKI, Ozlem; AK, Sertac; EMRE SONMEZ, Yunus et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 45-50, issn 1095-0680, 6 p.Article

Postictal Agitation After Electroconvulsive Therapy: Incidence, Severity, and Propofol as a Treatment OptionTZABAZIS, Alexander; SCHMITT, Hubert J; IHMSEN, Harald et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 189-195, issn 1095-0680, 7 p.Article

The Electroconvulsive Therapy and Anesthesia Exercise (ECTAE): The Creation of an Interdisciplinary Learning Activity for Medical StudentsLI, Descartes; HALL, Stephen E; TONG, Lowell D et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 214-218, issn 1095-0680, 5 p.Article

The Practice of Electroconvulsive Therapy in GreeceKALIORA, Styliani C; BRAGA, Raphael J; PETRIDES, Georgios et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 219-224, issn 1095-0680, 6 p.Article

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Maintenance as a Substitute for Maintenance Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Case SeriesCRISTANCHO, Mario A; HELMER, Amanda; CONNOLLY, Ryan et al.The Journal of ECT. 2013, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 106-108, issn 1095-0680, 3 p.Article

Altérations cognitives et plaintes mnésiques lors d'un traitement par électroconvulsivothérapie: revue de la littérature = Objective memory impairment and memory complaints in subjects treated with electroconvulsive therapy: Selective literature reviewQUILES, Clélia; BOSC, Emilie; VERDOUX, Hélène et al.Annales médico-psychologiques. 2013, Vol 171, Num 5, pp 285-294, issn 0003-4487, 10 p.Article

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