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Abstracts of papers presented at the 20th annual meeting of the association for applied psychophysiology and biofeedbackBUTLER, Francine.Biofeedback and self-regulation. 1989, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 125-175, issn 0363-3586, 51 p.Conference Proceedings

The altered states of hypnosisKIRSCH, Irving.Social research. 2001, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 795-807, issn 0037-783XConference Paper

Symposium: Hypnotherapy with children and adolescents, Atlanta GA, August 14, 1988Psychotherapy in private practice. 1990, Vol 8, Num 3, pp 31-82, issn 0731-7158, 52 p.Conference Proceedings

Enhancing sleep quality and memory in insomnia using instrumental sensorimotor rhythm conditioningSCHABUS, Manuel; HEIB, Dominik P. J; LECHINGER, Julia et al.Biological psychology. 2014, Vol 95, pp 126-134, issn 0301-0511, 9 p.Article

Psychological Pain Interventions and Neurophysiology: Implications for a Mechanism-Based ApproachFLOR, Herta.The American psychologist. 2014, Vol 69, Num 2, pp 188-196, issn 0003-066X, 9 p.Article

Validation of a neurofeedback paradigm: Manipulating frontal EEG alpha-activity and its impact on moodPEETERS, Frenk; RONNER, Jacco; BODAR, Lonneke et al.International journal of psychophysiology. 2014, Vol 93, Num 1, pp 116-120, issn 0167-8760, 5 p.Article

Single case methodology in neurobehavioural rehabilitation: Preliminary findings on biofeedback in the treatment of challenging behaviourO'NEILL, Brian; FINDLAY, Gemma.Neuropsychological rehabilitation. 2014, Vol 24, Num 3-4, pp 365-381, issn 0960-2011, 17 p.Article

Does EEG-neurofeedback improve neurocognitive functioning in children with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder? A systematic review and a double-blind placebo-controlled studyVOLLEBREGT, Madelon A; VAN DONGEN-BOOMSMA, Martine; BUITELAAR, Jan K et al.Journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines (Print). 2014, Vol 55, Num 5, pp 460-472, issn 0021-9630, 13 p.Article

Exploring positive hospital ward soundscape interventionsMACKRILL, J; JENNINGS, P; CAIN, R et al.Applied Ergonomics. 2014, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 1454-1460, issn 0003-6870, 7 p.Article

Hypnotic analogues of delusions: The role of delusion proneness and schizotypyCONNORS, Michael H; HALLIGAN, Peter W; BARNIER, Amanda J et al.Personality and individual differences. 2014, Vol 57, pp 48-53, issn 0191-8869, 6 p.Article

Massage on experimental pain in healthy females: A randomized controlled trialKARLSON, Cynthia W; HAMILTON, Nancy A; RAPOFF, Michael A et al.Journal of health psychology. 2014, Vol 19, Num 3, pp 427-440, issn 1359-1053, 14 p.Article

Modulation of functional network with real-time fMRI feedback training of right premotor cortex activityMINGQI HUI; HANG ZHANG; RUIYANG GE et al.Neuropsychologia. 2014, Vol 62, pp 111-123, issn 0028-3932, 13 p.Article

Prefrontal glutamate levels differentiate early phase schizophrenia and methamphetamine addiction: A 1H MRS study at 3 TeslaCROCKER, Candice E; BERNIER, Denise C; HANSTOCK, Christopher C et al.Schizophrenia research. 2014, Vol 157, Num 1-3, pp 231-237, issn 0920-9964, 7 p.Article

La Société Médico-Psychologique face aux névroses extraordinaires (1857-1860) = The Société Médico-Psychologique opposite to neuroses extraordinary (1857-1860)LE MALEFAN, Pascal.Annales médico-psychologiques. 2014, Vol 172, Num 10, pp 807-812, issn 0003-4487, 6 p.Article

Real-Time fMRI in the Treatment of Nicotine Dependence: A Conceptual Review and Pilot StudiesHARTWELL, Karen J; PRISCIANDARO, James J; BORCKARDT, Jeffery et al.Psychology of addictive behaviors. 2013, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 501-509, issn 0893-164X, 9 p.Article

Investigating the effect of real-time spinal postural biofeedback on seated discomfort in people with non-specific chronic low back painO'SULLIVAN, Kieran; O'SULLIVAN, Leonard; O'SULLIVAN, Peter et al.Ergonomics. 2013, Vol 56, Num 8, pp 1315-1325, issn 0014-0139, 11 p.Article

Transmitting delusional beliefs in a hypnotic model of folie à deuxFREEMAN, Luke P; COX, Rochelle E; BARNIER, Amanda J et al.Consciousness and cognition (Print). 2013, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 1285-1297, issn 1053-8100, 13 p.Article

A Conscious Control Over Life and My Emotions: Mindfulness Practice and Healthy Young People. A Qualitative StudyMONSHAT, Kaveh; KHONG, Belinda; HASSED, Craig et al.Journal of adolescent health. 2013, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 572-577, issn 1054-139X, 6 p.Article

Hypnotic modulation of pain perception and of brain activity triggered by nociceptive laser stimuli : HypnosisVALENTINI, Elia; BETTI, Viviana; LI HU et al.Cortex (Testo stampato). 2013, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 446-462, issn 0010-9452, 17 p.Article

Neurofeedback and standard pharmacological intervention in ADHD: A randomized controlled trial with six-month follow-upMEISEL, Victoria; SERVER, Mateu; GARCIA-BANDA, Gloria et al.Biological psychology. 2013, Vol 94, Num 1, pp 12-21, issn 0301-0511, 10 p.Article

The functional anatomy of suggested limb paralysis : HypnosisDEELEY, Quinton; OAKLEY, David A; HALLIGAN, Peter W et al.Cortex (Testo stampato). 2013, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 411-422, issn 0010-9452, 12 p.Article

Understanding hypnosis metacognitively: rTMS applied to left DLPFC increases hypnotic suggestibility : HypnosisDIENES, Zoltan; HUTTON, Sam.Cortex (Testo stampato). 2013, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 386-392, issn 0010-9452, 7 p.Article

Advances in Trauma Conceptualization and TreatmentGRAY, Matt J; LOMBARDO, Thomas W.Behavior modification. 2012, Vol 36, Num 6, issn 0145-4455, 170 p.Serial Issue

Does the evidence that mindfulness-based interventions may assist counsellors and their clients post-earthquake stack up?MILLER, Judi H.Counselling psychology quarterly (Print). 2012, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 339-342, issn 0951-5070, 4 p.Article

Comparison of relaxation training with a cognitive-behavioural intervention for indicated prevention of depression in university students: A randomized controlled trialVAZQUEZ, Fernando L; TORRES, Angela; BLANCO, Vanessa et al.Journal of psychiatric research. 2012, Vol 46, Num 11, pp 1456-1463, issn 0022-3956, 8 p.Article

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