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New world disorder: Fear, Freud and federalismJOHNSTONE, F.Telos (St. Louis). 1994, Num 100, pp 87-102, issn 0090-6514Article

Durkheim and the Principles of 1789 : The Issue of Gender EqualityROTH, G.Telos (St. Louis). 1989, Num 82, pp 71-88, issn 0090-6514Article

Management Crisis in the New ClassROE, E.Telos (St. Louis). 1988, Num 76, pp 134-143, issn 0090-6514Article

Against Theory , Pragmatism and DeconstructionMALKAN, J.Telos (St. Louis). 1987, Num 71, pp 129-154, issn 0090-6514Article

Special Section on Karl PolanyiPOLANYI-LEVITT, K; MENDELL, M; MARTINELLI, A et al.Telos (St. Louis). 1987, Num 73, pp 121-166, issn 0090-6514Article

Crazy MachinesSCHWARTZ, R. D.Telos (St. Louis). 1986, Num 70, pp 125-137, issn 0090-6514Article

Ethics and Critical Theory : From Horkheimer to HabermasTORPEY, J.Telos (St. Louis). 1986, Num 69, pp 68-84, issn 0090-6514Article

Bureaucracy and Culture : A Conference Report (Bureaucratie et Culture : rapport d'un colloque)MAC DONALD, V. F.Telos (St. Louis). 1985, Num 64, pp 105-116, issn 0090-6514Article

Terrorism and DemocracyFURET, F.Telos (St. Louis). 1985, Num 65, pp 75-86, issn 0090-6514Article

The Informal Sector in Eastern EuropeSAMPSON, S.Telos (St. Louis). 1985, Num 66, pp 45-66, issn 0090-6514Article

Leftist Students of the Conservative Revolution : Neumann, Kirchheimer, and MarcuseSOLLNER, A.Telos (St. Louis). 1984, Num 61, pp 55-70, issn 0090-6514Article

From race to culture: the new right's view of European identityTAGUIEFF, P.-A.Telos (St. Louis). 1993, Num 98-99, pp 99-125, issn 0090-6514Article

Introduction to « Special Section on Musicology » : Popular-Music from Adorno to ZappaBERMAN, R. A; D'AMICO, R.Telos (St. Louis). 1991, Num 87, pp 71-77, issn 0090-6514Article

Populism vs. the New ClassGOODWYN, L; LASCH, C; GOETCHEL, W et al.Telos (St. Louis). 1991, Num 88, pp 2-179, issn 0090-6514Article

Troping to Pretoria : the Rise and Fall of DeconstructionBERMAN, R. A.Telos (St. Louis). 1990, Num 85, pp 4-16, issn 0090-6514Article

« Schmitt's « Testament » and the Future of Europe » : Four ExchangesPICCONE, P; ULMEN, G.Telos (St. Louis). 1990, Num 85, pp 93-148, issn 0090-6514Article

Eros and Culture : Gender Theory in Simmel, Tonnies and WeberLICHTBLAU, K.Telos (St. Louis). 1989, Num 82, pp 89-110, issn 0090-6514Article

Jameson and Habermas in Special 20th Anniversary SectionHUHN, T; PICCONE, P; AMICO, R. d' et al.Telos (St. Louis). 1988, Num 75, pp 103-123, issn 0090-6514Article

Symposium on Weber's The Protestant EthicVAN DUHMEN, R; OAKES, G; PICCONE, P et al.Telos (St. Louis). 1988, Num 78, pp 71-108, issn 0090-6514Article

Foucault's Aesthetic Decisionism in Squaring the HexagonWOLIN, R.Telos (St. Louis). 1986, Num 67, pp 71-86, issn 0090-6514Article

FederalismD'AMICO, R; PICCONE, P; ULMEN, G. L et al.Telos (St. Louis). 1992, Num 91, pp 16-150, issn 0090-6514Serial Issue

Theory of the FutureHULLOT-KENTOR, R.Telos (St. Louis). 1991, Num 87, pp 137-145, issn 0090-6514Article

Schmitt's « Testament » and the Future of EuropePICCONE, P; ULMEN, G. L.Telos (St. Louis). 1990, Num 83, pp 3-34, issn 0090-6514Article

Protestantism and Capitalism : Weber's Thesis in Light of Recent Social HistoryVAN DULMEN, R.Telos (St. Louis). 1988, Num 78, pp 71-80, issn 0090-6514Article

Rethinking Protestantism, Capitalism and a Few Other ThingsPICCONE, P.Telos (St. Louis). 1988, Num 78, pp 95-108, issn 0090-6514Article

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