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Diagnosing the Dry: Historical Case Notes from Southwest Western Australia, 1945―2007MORGAN, Ruth A.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2011, Vol 26, issn 0369-7827, 89-108, 267-268 [22 p.]Article

Concentrating on CO2: The Scandinavian and Arctic MeasurementsBOHN, Marina.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2011, Vol 26, issn 0369-7827, 165-179, 267 [16 p.]Article

Enlightenment Science and Iconoclasm: The Brazilian Naturalist José Vieira Couto = Science des Lumières et iconoclasme : le naturaliste brésilien José Vieira CoutoFURTADO, Júnia Ferreira.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2010, Vol 25, pp 189-212, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

Quality and the Roots of Manufacturing Expertise in Eighteenth-Century BritainASHWORTH, William J.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2010, Vol 25, pp 231-254, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

The New Rome: Infrastructure and National Identity on the Canal du Midi = La Nouvelle Rome : infrastructure et identité nationale, concernant le Canal du MidiMUKERJI, Chandra.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 15-32, issn 0369-7827, 18 p.Article

Material Experiments: Environment and Engineering Institutions in the Early American RepublicJOHNSON, Ann.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 53-74, issn 0369-7827, 22 p.Article

Justice, Geography, and Steel: Technology and National Identity in Indonesian Industrialization = Justice, géographie et acier : Technique et identité nationale dans l'industrialisation indonésienneMOON, Suzanne.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 24, pp 253-277, issn 0369-7827, 25 p.Article

Stalin's Rocket Designers' Leap into Space : The Technical Intelligentsia Faces the Thaw = Les concepteurs de la fusée de Staline sautent dans l'espace : L'intelligentsia technique fait face au dégelGEROVITCH, Slava.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2008, Vol 23, pp 189-209, issn 0369-7827, 21 p.Article

Blueprints for change : The human sciences and the coercive transformation of deviants in Russia, 1890-1930 = Modèles pour le changement : Les sciences humaines et la transformation coercitive des déviants en Russie, 1890-1930BEER, Daniel.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2007, Vol 22, pp 26-47, issn 0369-7827, 22 p.Article

War neurosis, adjustment problems in veterans, and an Ill nation : The disciplinary project of american psychiatry during and after world war II = Traumatisme de guerre, problèmes d'ajustement chez les vétérans, et une nation malade : Le projet disciplinaire de la psychiatrie américaine pendant et après la deuxième guerre mondialePOLS, Hans.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2007, Vol 22, pp 72-92, issn 0369-7827, 21 p.Article

Biotechnology and empire : The global power of seeds and scienceJASANOFF, Sheila.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2006, Vol 21, pp 273-292, issn 0369-7827, 20 p.Article

Human heredity and politics : A comparative institutional study of the eugenics record office at Cold Spring Harbor (United States), the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics (Germany), and the Maxim Gorky Medical Genetics Institute (USSR)ADAMS, Mark B; ALLEN, Garland E; WEISS, Sheila Faith et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 20, pp 232-262, issn 0369-7827, 31 p.Article

National states and international science : A comparative history of international science congresses in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Cold War United StatesDOEL, Ronald E; HOFFMANN, Dieter; KREMENTSOV, Nikolai et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 20, pp 49-76, issn 0369-7827, 28 p.Article

Plant breeding on the front : Imperialism, war, and exploitationELINA, Olga; HEIM, Susanne; ROLL-HANSEN, Nils et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 20, pp 161-179, issn 0369-7827, 19 p.Article

Wartime nuclear weapons research in Germany and JapanGRUNDEN, Walter E; WALKER, Mark; YAMAZAKI, Masakatsu et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 20, pp 107-130, issn 0369-7827, 24 p.Article

Landscapes of exposure: Knowledge and illness in modern environmentsMITMAN, Gregg; MURPHY, Michelle; SELLERS, Christopher et al.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2004, Vol 19, issn 0369-7827, 307 p.Serial Issue

Natural histories of infectious disease: Ecological vision in twentieth-century biomedical scienceANDERSON, Warwick.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2004, Vol 19, pp 39-61, issn 0369-7827, 23 p.Article

Gender and the economy of health on the Santa Fe trailVALENCIUS, Conevery Bolton.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2004, Vol 19, pp 79-92, issn 0369-7827, 14 p.Article

Engines for experiment: Laboratory revolution and industrial labor in the nineteenth-century cityDIERIG, Sven.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2003, Vol 18, pp 116-134, issn 0369-7827, 19 p.Article

Friends of nature: Urban sociability and regional natural history in Dresden, 1800-1850PHILLIPS, Denise.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2003, Vol 18, pp 43-59, issn 0369-7827, 17 p.Article

Organizing sight, seeing organization: The diverging optical possibilities of city and countryLEVITT, Theresa.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2003, Vol 18, pp 101-115, issn 0369-7827, 15 p.Article

The City of Paris and the rise of clinical medicineWEINER, Dora B; SAUTER, Michael J.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2003, Vol 18, pp 23-42, issn 0369-7827, 20 p.Article

The fading star of the Paris observatory in the nineteenth century: Astronomers' urban culture of circulation and observationAUBIN, David.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2003, Vol 18, pp 79-100, issn 0369-7827, 22 p.Article

Quaker responses to Darwin = Les réponses des Quakers à DarwinCANTOR, Geoffrey.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2001, Vol 16, pp 321-342, issn 0369-7827, 22 p.Article

Bourbaki's art of memory = L'art de la mémoire de BourbakiBEAULIEU, L.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 1999, Vol 14, pp 219-251, issn 0369-7827Article

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