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Using and Sharing Ideas from Information Books in the Context of a Primary School ProjectMALLETT, M.British educational research journal. 1992, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 45-62, issn 0141-1926Article

Beginners Need Some Decoding Skill to Read Works by AnalogyEHRI, L. C; ROBBINS, C.Reading research quarterly. 1992, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 12-26, issn 0034-0553Article

Field Independence/Dependence in Second-Language Acquisition ResearchCHAPELLE, C; GREEN, P.Language Learning. 1992, Vol 42, Num 1, pp 47-83Article

Longitudinal Data on the Relations of Word-Reading Strategies to Comprehension, Reading Time, and Phonemic AwarenessBYRNE, B; FREEBODY, P; GATES, A et al.Reading research quarterly. 1992, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 140-151, issn 0034-0553Article

Production of Elaborated Argumentative Discourse : The Role of CooperativenessGOLDER, C.European journal of psychology of education. 1992, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 51-59, issn 0256-2928Article

Structures of Argumentative Discourse : Effects of Type of Referential SpaceCOQUIN-VIENNOT, D; COIRIER, P.European journal of psychology of education. 1992, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 219-229, issn 0256-2928Article

La question du bilinguismeTABOURET-KELLER, A.Enfance. 1991, Num 4, pp 271-277, issn 0013-7545Article

Planning Story Completion in a Collaborative Computer TaskPONTECORVO, C; PAOLETTI, G.European journal of psychology of education. 1991, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 199-212, issn 0256-2928Article

Writing and Knowledge : Effects and Re-EffectsEIGLER, G; JECHLE, T; MERZIGER, G et al.European journal of psychology of education. 1991, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 225-232, issn 0256-2928Article

Caractéristiques linguistiques de la langue des signes des enfants sourds à l'école : la question des signeurs de naissanceQUERTINMONT, S; LONCKE, F; FERREYRA, P et al.Revue québécoise de linguistique théorique et appliquée. 1991, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 123-140, issn 0835-3581Article

Activités informatiques et apprentissages langagiersHANSEL, N; GAILLARD, J. L.EPI. 1991, Num 62, pp 199-215Article

Investigating Topic-Related Attitude : Effect on Reading and Remembering TextREUTZEL, D. R; HOLLINGSWORTH, P. M.The Journal of educational research (Washington, DC). 1991, Vol 84, Num 6, pp 334-344, issn 0022-0671Article

Longitudinal Effects of Verbal Ability, Memory Capacity, and Phonological Awareness on Reading PerformanceNÄSLUND, J. C; SCHNEIDER, W.European journal of psychology of education. 1991, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 375-392, issn 0256-2928Article

Moving from the Old to the New : Research on Reading Comprehension InstructionDOLE, J. A; DUFFY, G. G; ROEHLER, L. R et al.Review of educational research. 1991, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 239-264, issn 0034-6543Article

Value of a Scale Used to Measure Metacognitive Reading AwarenessMAYER MCLAIN, K. V; GRIDLEY, B. E; MCINTOSH, D et al.The Journal of educational research (Washington, DC). 1991, Vol 85, Num 2, pp 81-87, issn 0022-0671Article

Convergence of Listening and Reading ProcessingSINATRA, G. M.Reading research quarterly. 1990, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 115-130, issn 0034-0553Article

Modifikation des Heidelberger Sprachentwicklungstests für den sonderpädagogisch- diagnostischen Einsatz in der Schweiz = Adaptation d'un test de développement langagier au contexte suisseGRISSEMANN, H.Permanente Erhebung über Bildungsforschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekte. 1989, Num 34, pp 1-2, issn 0257-8514Article

Semantic and Phonological Performance in Adults Learning Novel Object and Action WordsSPENNEY, M. J; HAYNES, W. O.Journal of psycholinguistic research. 1989, Vol 18, Num 4, pp 341-352, issn 0090-6905Article

Modalization Processes in Student Biographies in Discussions on Some Educational Issues. IIKOKEMOHR, R.1988, pp. 19-28, isbn 951-45-4696-2Report

Aptitudes and Interests - Who Learns a Language Best?LEIGHTON, D.Modern Languages. 1988, Vol 69, Num 3, pp 165-167, issn 0026-7945Article

A Precursor of Language Acquisition in Young InfantsMEHLER, J; JUSCZYK, P; LAMBERTZ, G et al.Cognition. 1988, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 143-178, issn 0010-0277Article

Current Topics in Child Language AcquisitionBAKER, N. D; GREENFIELD, P. M; NINIO, A et al.Language Sciences. 1988, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 1-243Article

Individual Differences in Story RecallPLEH, C; OLAH, A; ZETENYI, T et al.Text (The Hague). 1988, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 395-410, issn 0165-4888Article

Segmental Awareness of Speech and Learning the Alphabetic Code in Perspectives on Child LanguageCONTENT, A.Belgian journal of linguistics. 1987, Num 2, pp 133-146, issn 0774-5141Article

Language Diversity and Classroom DiscourseLUCAS, C; BORDERS, D.American educational research journal. 1987, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 119-141, issn 0002-8312Article

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