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Regenfeldbau―Bewässerungsfeldbau : Möglichkeiten und geoökologische Grenzen. Fallbeispiele aus dem Grossen Längstal Kalifornien = Agriculture de pluie―agriculture irriguée : possibilités et limites géo-écologiques. Exemples dans la grande vallée de CalifornieKÖNNECKE, M.Geographische Rundschau. 1991, Vol 43, Num 7-8, pp 446-452, issn 0016-7460Article

Relict barrier beaches as Paleoenvironmental indicators in the California DesertORME, A. J; ORME, A. R.Physical geography. 1991, Vol 12, Num 4, pp 334-346, issn 0272-3646Article

Rural residential settlement in Douglas County, OregonJOHNSON, P. C.Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. 1991, Vol 53, pp 155-178, issn 0066-9628Article

The Californian wine economy : natural opportunities and sociocultural constraints. A regional geographic analysis ot its origins and perspectivesEYSBERG, C. D.1990, 254 p.Book

Tree invasion in meadows of Lassen Volcanic National Park, CaliforniaTAYLOR, A. H.The Professional geographer. 1990, Vol 42, Num 4, pp 457-470, issn 0033-0124, 5 fig., 6 tablArticle

La construction du canal trans-arizonien ou le défi hydraulique de la ceinture du soleil in Etats-UnisDOREL, G.Hommes et terres du Nord. 1990, Num 3, pp 208-215, issn 0018-439XArticle

Infinidad de gentiles : aboriginal population in the Tulare BasinPRESTON, B.Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. 1989, Vol 51, pp 79-100, issn 0066-9628Article

Local motion : life at the Huntington Beach pierCAMP, R. A.Focus (New York, N.Y. 1950). 1989, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 1-4, issn 0015-5004Article

Talus fabric and particle morphology on Lassen Peak, CaliforniaPEREZ, F. L.Geografiska annaler. Series A. Physical geography. 1989, Vol 71, Num 1-2, pp 43-57, issn 0435-3676Article

Industrial affiliation and community culture : voting in SeattleGUEST, A. M; HODGE, D. C; STAEHELI, L et al.Political geography quarterly. 1988, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 49-73, issn 0260-9827Article

The San Joaquin Valley, agricultural cornucopiaPARSONS, J. J; STARRS, P. F.Focus (New York, N.Y. 1950). 1988, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 7-11, issn 0015-5004Article

Ethnic financial systems among Japanese immigrants in CaliforniaYAGASAKI, N.Tsukuba Daigaku jinbun chirigaku kenkyû. 1987, Vol 11, pp 181-196, issn 0386-0183Article

The Tillamook burnERICKSON, K. A.Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. 1987, Vol 49, pp 117-137, issn 0066-9628Article

Regards sur la CalifornieGHORRA-GOBIN, C.Problèmes politiques et sociaux. 1987, Num 554, 36 p.Article

Rivers of empire : water, aridity, and the growth of the American WestWORSTER, D.1986, 402 p., isbn 0-394-52680-XBook

Taking Los Angeles apart : some fragments of a critical human geography in Los Angeles : capital of the late twentieth centurySOJA, E. W.Society and space. 1986, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 255-272Article

Is Oregon's farmland preservation program working ?DANIELS, T. L; NELSON, A. C.Journal of the American Planning Association. 1986, Vol 52, Num 1, pp 22-31, issn 0194-4363Article

Wintertime 500-mb flow types and the California drought of 1976-1977HARTMAN, M. F.Yearbook of the Association of Pacific coast geographers. 1986, Vol 48, pp 107-123Article

Factors related to nonmetropolitan county change in Washington : 1980-1983COOK, A. K.Yearbook of the Association of Pacific coast geographers. 1985, Vol 47, pp 39-54Article

Klamath Falls and Altamont, OregonDICKEN, S. N.Yearbook of the Association of Pacific coast geographers. 1985, Vol 47, pp 27-38Article

Politics and planning agency preformance. Lessons from Seattle in Learning from the Past. The history of planningDALTON, L. C; JOHNSON (D. A.) ed; SCHAFFER (D.) ed et al.Journal of the American Planning Association. JAPA Chicago. 1985, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 189-199Article

Autos, transit, and the sprawl of Los Angeles: the 1920sWACHS, M.Journal of the American Planning Association. JAPA Chicago. 1984, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 297-310Article

The impact of the Agricultural College-Act on land alienation in CaliforniaSAUDER, R. A.Professional geographer Washington. 1984, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 28-39Article

Ethnicity in immigrants'farming: a study of japanese floriculture in the San Francisco Bay-Monterey Bay region, CaliforniaYAGASAKI, N.Science reports of the Institute of Geoscience Tsukuba. 1984, Vol 5, pp 90-136Article

Problemklima Südkalifornien. (Le climat à problèmes de la Californie du Sud)JANHOFER, G. R.Bochumer geographische Arbeiten Bochum. 1983, Num 43, pp 1-122Article

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