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Optimizing irrigation efficiency through the consideration of soil hydrological properties – examples and simulation approachesGRASHEY-JANSEN, S.Erdkunde. 2014, Vol 68, Num 1, pp 33-48, issn 0014-0015, 16 p.Article

Automatic clod detection and boundary estimation from Digital Elevation Model images using different approachesCHIMI-CHIADJEU, O; LE HÉGARAT-MASCLE, S; VANNIER, E et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Num 118, pp 73-83, issn 0341-8162, 11 p.Article

Carbon dynamics in topsoil and subsoil along a cultivated toposequenceCHIRINDA, N; ELSGAARD, L; THOMSEN, I.K et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Vol 120, pp 20-28, issn 0341-8162, 9 p.Article

Inaccessible Andean sites reveal human-induced weathering in grazed soilsHEITKAMP, F; SYLVESTER, S.P; KESSLER, M et al.Progress in physical geography. 2014, Vol 38, Num 5, pp 576-601, issn 0309-1333, 26 p.Article

Organic matter from biological soil crusts induces the initial formation of sandy temperate soilsDÜMIG, A; VESTE, M; HAGEDORN, F et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Num 122, pp 196-208, issn 0341-8162, 13 p.Article

Soil disturbance and salinisation on a vineyard affected by landscape recontouring in Marlborough, New ZealandSHARP-HEWARD, S; ALMOND, P; ROBINSON, B et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Num 122, pp 170-179, issn 0341-8162, 10 p.Article

Spatial variability in soil compaction properties associated with field traffic operationsBARIK, K; AKSAKAL, E.L; ISLAM, K.R et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Vol 120, pp 122-133, issn 0341-8162, 12 p.Article

Storage and depth distribution of organic carbon in volcanic soils as affected by environmental and pedological factorsMORA, J.L; GUERRA, J.A; ARMAS-HERRERA, C.M et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Vol 123, pp 163-175, issn 0341-8162, 13 p.Article

Use and misuse of the K factor equation in soil erosion modeling: An alternative equation for determining USLE nomograph soil erodibility valuesAUERWALD, K; FIENER, P; MARTIN, W et al.Catena (Giessen). 2014, Num 118, pp 220-225, issn 0341-8162, 6 p.Article

Distributed modelling of mean annual soil erosion and sediment delivery rates to surface watersTETZLAFF, B; FRIEDRICH, K; VORDERBRÜGGE, T et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 102, pp 13-20, issn 0341-8162, 8 p.Article

A new expression of the slope length factor to apply USLE-MM at Sparacia experimental area (Southern Italy)BAGARELLO, V; FERRO, V; PAMPALONE, V et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 102, pp 21-26, issn 0341-8162, 6 p.Article

An empirical investigation of gully widening rates in upland concentrated flowsWELLS, R.R; MOMM, H.G; RIGBY, J.R et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 101, pp 114-121, issn 0341-8162, 8 p.Article

Can occurrence of soil hydrophobicity promote the increase of aggregates stability ?VOGELMANN, E.S; REICHERT, J.M; PREVEDELLO, J et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 110, pp 24-31, issn 0341-8162, 8 p.Article

Effects of interrill erosion, soil crusting and soil aggregate breakdown on in situ CO2 effluxesBREMENFELD, S; FIENER, P; GOVERS, G et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 104, pp 14-20, issn 0341-8162, 7 p.Article

European small portable rainfall simulators : A comparison of rainfall characteristicsISERLOH, T; RIES, J.B; GÓMEZ, J.A et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 110, pp 100-112, issn 0341-8162, 13 p.Article

Field investigation of rill and ephemeral gully erosion in the Sparacia experimental area, South ItalyDI STEFANO, C; FERRO, V; PAMPALONE, V et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 101, pp 226-234, issn 0341-8162, 9 p.Article

Mechanics of interrill erosion with wind-driven rainERPUL, G; GABRIELS, D; NORTON, L.D et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2013, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 160-168, issn 0197-9337, 9 p.Article

Microbial biomass and community composition in a Luvisol soil as influenced by long-term land use and fertilizationYU, W.-T; BI, M.-L; XU, Y.-G et al.Catena (Giessen). 2013, Vol 107, pp 89-95, issn 0341-8162, 7 p.Article

Effects of soil compaction, rain exposure and their interaction on soil carbon dioxide emissionNOVARA, A; ARMSTRONG, A; GRISTINA, L et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2012, Vol 37, Num 9, pp 994-999, issn 0197-9337, 6 p.Article

Formation mechanisms and control factors of vesicular soil structureDIETZE, M; BARTEL, S; LINDNER, M et al.Catena (Giessen). 2012, Vol 99, pp 83-96, issn 0341-8162, 14 p.Article

Soil nutrient dynamics during podzol development under lowland temperate rain forest in New ZealandTURNER, B.L; CONDRON, L.M; WELLS, A et al.Catena (Giessen). 2012, Vol 97, pp 50-62, issn 0341-8162, 13 p.Article

Testing the physical model concept by soil loss data measured in SicilyBAGARELLO, V; FERRO, V.Catena (Giessen). 2012, Vol 95, pp 1-5, issn 0341-8162, 5 p.Article

Ant mounds as a source of sediment on citrus orchard plantations in eastern Spain. A three-scale rainfall simulation approachCERDÀ, A; JURGENSEN, M.F.Catena (Giessen). 2011, Vol 85, Num 3, pp 231-236, issn 0341-8162, 6 p.Article

Impacts of 22-year organic and inorganic N managements on soil organic C fractions in a maize field, northeast ChinaLOU, Y; WANG, J; LIANG, W et al.Catena (Giessen). 2011, Vol 87, Num 3, pp 386-390, issn 0341-8162, 5 p.Article

Influence of topographic and edaphic factors on vulnerability to soil degradation due to cattle grazing in humid tropical mountains in northern HondurasBLANCO SEPÚLVEDA, R; NIEUWENHUYSE, A.Catena (Giessen). 2011, Vol 86, Num 2, pp 130-137, issn 0341-8162, 8 p.Article

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