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La 'saga' de l'aspirine : des ancêtres multimillénaires pour une vieille dame indigne... de mourir = The aspirin 'saga': centuries-old ancestors for an old lady who doesn't deserve to dieQUENEAU, P.Thérapie (Paris). 2001, Vol 56, Num 6, pp 723-726, issn 0040-5957Conference Paper

Aspirin resistance and a single geneJEFFERSON, Brian K; FOSTER, Jennifer H; MCCARTHY, Jeanette J et al.The American journal of cardiology. 2005, Vol 95, Num 6, pp 805-808, issn 0002-9149, 4 p.Article

De la salicine à l'aspirine: les chimistes françaisMONSUEZ, J.-J.Archives des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux. Pratique. 2011, Num 197, pp 37-38, issn 1261-694X, 2 p.Article

Aspirin ResistanceTANTRY, Udaya S; MAHLA, Elisabeth; GURBEL, Paul A et al.Progress in cardiovascular diseases. 2009, Vol 52, Num 2, pp 141-152, issn 0033-0620, 12 p.Article

Aspirin commits yeast cells to apoptosis depending on carbon sourceBALZAN, Rena; SAPIENZA, Karen; GALEA, Dolores R et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2004, Vol 150, pp 109-115, issn 1350-0872, 7 p., 1Article

Aspirin Resistance: Current Status and Role of Tailored TherapvGRINSTEIN, Jonathan; CANNON, Christopher P.Clinical cardiology (Mahwah, NJ). 2012, Vol 35, Num 11, pp 673-681, issn 0160-9289, 9 p.Article

Effective platelet inhibition by aspirin and clopidogrel : where are we now?TOUSOULIS, Dimitris; BRIASOULIS, Alexandros; DHAMRAIT, Sukhbir S et al.Heart (London 1996). 2009, Vol 95, Num 10, pp 850-858, issn 1355-6037, 9 p.Article

Warfarin vs aspirin for symptomatic intracranial stenosis : Subgroup analyses from WASIDKASNER, S. E; LYNN, M. J; JOVIN, T. G et al.Neurology. 2006, Vol 67, Num 7, pp 1275-1278, issn 0028-3878, 4 p.Article

Aspirin Resistance or variable response or both?XI CHENG; CHEN, Wai-Hong; SIMON, Daniel I et al.The American journal of cardiology. 2006, Vol 98, Num 10, issn 0002-9149, 11N-17N, SUPArticle

Perioperative hemorrhage and combined clopidogrel and aspirin therapyMOORE, Michael; POWER, Michael.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 2004, Vol 101, Num 3, pp 792-794, issn 0003-3022, 3 p.Article

Urinary salicylate excretion in subjects eating a variety of diets shows that amounts of bioavailable salicylates in foods are lowJANSSEN, P. L. T. M. K; HOLLMAN, P. C. H; REICHMAN, E et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1996, Vol 64, Num 5, pp 743-747, issn 0002-9165Article

Acetaminophen in the treatment of headaches associated with dipyridamole-aspirin combinationLIPTON, R. B; BIGAL, M. E; KOLODNER, K. B et al.Neurology. 2004, Vol 63, Num 6, pp 1099-1101, issn 0028-3878, 3 p.Article

Aspirin withdrawal and acute lower limb ischemiaALBALADEJO, Pierre; GEERAERTS, Thomas; FRANCIS, Fady et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2004, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 440-443, issn 0003-2999, 4 p.Article

Aspirine en prévention primaire = Aspirin in primary preventionABOYANS, V.La Lettre du cardiologue. 2010, Num 434, pp 28-32, issn 0761-5035, 5 p.Article

The Role of Aspirin in Cardiovascular Prevention : Implications of Aspirin ResistanceYURI GASPARYAN, Armen; WATSON, Timothy; LIP, Gregory Y. H et al.Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2008, Vol 51, Num 19, pp 1829-1843, issn 0735-1097, 15 p.Article

Is there a role for laboratory testing to identify patients at risk of aspirin treatment failure?WAI KHOON HO; HANKEY, Graeme J; EIKELBOOM, John W et al.Blood coagulation & fibrinolysis. 2004, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 129-130, issn 0957-5235, 2 p.Article

In Honour of Sir John Vane, F.R.S., Nobel Laureate, the Discoverer of the Mechanism of Action of Aspirin: Papers presented during the Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre Club Meeting, Krakow, 31 May-3 June 2003GRYGLEWSKI, Richard J; URACZ, Wojciech.Thrombosis research. 2003, Vol 110, Num 5-6, issn 0049-3848, 119 p.Conference Proceedings

Aspirin-/TMZ-coloaded Microspheres Exert Synergistic Antiglioma Efficacy via Inhibition of β-catenin TransactivationSHI, Zhen-Dong; QIAN, Xiao-Min; LIU, Chao-Yong et al.CNS neuroscience & therapeutics (Print). 2013, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 98-108, issn 1755-5930, 11 p.Article

Pharmacodynamic interaction of naproxen with low-dose aspirin in healthy subjectsCAPONE, Marta L; SCIULLI, Maria G; TACCONELLI, Stefania et al.Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2005, Vol 45, Num 8, pp 1295-1301, issn 0735-1097, 7 p.Article

Aspirin prevents resistin-induced endothelial dysfunction by modulating AMPK, ROS, and Akt/eNOS signalingOU, Hsiu-Chung; LEE, Wen-Jane; WU, Ching-Mei et al.Journal of vascular surgery. 2012, Vol 55, Num 4, pp 1104-1115, issn 0741-5214, 12 p.Article

Lack of aspirin effect: Aspirin resistance or resistance to taking aspirin?COTTER, Gad; SHEMESH, Eyal; ZEHAVI, Miriam et al.The American heart journal. 2004, Vol 147, Num 2, pp 293-300, issn 0002-8703, 8 p.Article

Aspirine en prévention de la pathologie ischémique cardio-vasculaire = Acetylsalicylique acide in cardiovascular preventionLECOMPTE, Thomas.Concours médical (Paris). 2003, Vol 125, Num 38, pp 2213-2216, issn 0010-5309, 4 p.Article

Aspirin and the fibrinolytic responseBUCZKO, Włodzimierz; MOGIELNICKI, Andrzej; KRAMKOWSKI, Karol et al.Thrombosis research. 2003, Vol 110, Num 5-6, pp 331-334, issn 0049-3848, 4 p.Conference Paper

The real dimension of analgesic activity of aspirinGACIONG, Zbigniew.Thrombosis research. 2003, Vol 110, Num 5-6, pp 361-364, issn 0049-3848, 4 p.Conference Paper

Meta-Analysis of Multiple Primary Prevention Trials of Cardiovascular Events Using AspirinBARTOLUCCI, Alfred A; TENDERA, Michal; HOWARD, George et al.The American journal of cardiology. 2011, Vol 107, Num 12, pp 1796-1801, issn 0002-9149, 6 p.Article

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