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Sexual politics: effects of abuse on psychological and sociopolitical attitudesPETERSON, S. A; FRANZESE, B.Political psychology. 1988, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 281-290, issn 0162-895XArticle

La psychiatrisation de la production littéraire: une désaliénation? = Psychiatric way in artistic way: an out of alienation way?ONGENAE, S.Actualités psychiatriques. 1990, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 51-56, issn 0300-8274Article

A propos de l'enfant = About childVALLET, J.-L.Psychiatries. 1989, Num 89, pp 35-38, issn 0301-0287Article

Gender gaps in sociopolitical attitudes: A social psychological analysisEAGLY, Alice H; DIEKMAN, Amanda B; JOHANNESEN-SCHMIDT, Mary C et al.Journal of personality and social psychology. 2004, Vol 87, Num 6, pp 796-816, issn 0022-3514, 21 p.Article

Job's friendsSIENKNECHT, C. W.The American journal of medicine. 1985, Vol 79, Num 6, pp 676-678, issn 0002-9343Article

Fast quaternion attitude estimation from two vector measurementsMARKLEY, F. Landis.Journal of guidance, control, and dynamics. 2002, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 411-414, issn 0731-5090Article

Sympathy and altruism in response to disastersRUSSELL, G. W; MENTZEL, R. K.The Journal of social psychology. 1990, Vol 130, Num 3, pp 309-317, issn 0022-4545, 9 p.Article

Qu'est-ce que tu fais lá? = What are you doing here?DUFAY-VUILLEMIN, F.Psychiatries. 1989, Num 89, pp 49-54, issn 0301-0287Article

Moral judgement and attitudes toward authority of political resistersPRESLEY, S. L.Journal of research in personality (Print). 1985, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 135-151, issn 0092-6566Article

L'ENGAGEMENT D'UN COOPÉRANT À L'ÉTRANGER, UNE QUESTION D'ATTITUDE : L'ENGAGEMENTMARQUIS, Daniel.Argus (Montréal). 2013, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 40-41, issn 0315-9930, 2 p.Article

Un regard troublant..FRANCES, Pierre.La Revue du praticien. Médecine générale. 2013, Num 898, issn 0989-2737, p. 254Article

Experiences Evaluating Student Attitudes in an Introductory Programming CourseEDWARDS, Stephen H; BACK, Godmar V; WOODS, Michael J et al.Frontiers in education : computer science & computer engineering. International conferenceWorldComp'2011. 2011, pp 477-482, isbn 1-60132-180-5, 6 p.Conference Paper

A validation of the Social-Religious-Political ScaleKATZ, Y. J.Educational and psychological measurement. 1988, Vol 48, Num 4, pp 1025-1028, issn 0013-1644Article

Psychology of religionGORSUCH, R. L.Annual review of psychology. 1988, Vol 39, pp 201-221, issn 0066-4308Article

Religions life-styles and mental health: an exploratory studyBERGIN, A. E; STINCHFIELD, R. D; GASKIN, T. A et al.Journal of counseling psychology. 1988, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 91-98, issn 0022-0167Article

Graffiti sexuels et société = Sexual graffiti and societyAMARI, I.Cahiers de sexologie clinique. 1987, Vol 13, Num 82, pp 55-61, issn 0336-5913Article

The value and vulnerability of perceived religious involvementBAILEY, R. C; YOUNG, M. D.The Journal of social psychology. 1986, Vol 126, Num 5, pp 693-694, issn 0022-4545Article

Recognition and management of the ill childLAVELLE, J. M; COSTARINO, A. T; LUDWIG, S et al.Comprehensive therapy. 1995, Vol 21, Num 12, pp 711-718, issn 0098-8243Article

Tolérance et psychiatrie (une vision islamique) = Tolerance and psychiatry (an islamic vision)GUESSOUM, A.Psychiatrie française. 1986, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 55-60, issn 0755-9755Article

Political sophistication and political deviance: a matter of contextSIDANIUS, J; LAU, R. R.Political psychology. 1989, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 85-109, issn 0162-895XArticle

Nonviolence and moral reasoningMAYTON, D. M; DIESSNER, R; GRANBY, C. D et al.The Journal of social psychology. 1993, Vol 133, Num 5, pp 745-746, issn 0022-4545Article

Attitude change in an electoral context as a function of expectations not being pulpilledGRANBERG, D; NANNEMAN, T.Political psychology. 1986, Vol 7, Num 4, pp 753-765, issn 0162-895XArticle

Probing the public's honesty: a field experiment using the lost letter techniqueGABOR, T; BARKER, T.Deviant behavior. 1989, Vol 10, Num 4, pp 387-399, issn 0163-9625Article

Ausländer und Wertwandel. Ha die Stille Revolution auch bei Arbeitsmigranten stattgefunden? = L'étranger et les changements de valeur. La révolution silencieuse a-t-elle pris aussi racine chez l'immigrant = The stranger and the values modification. Has silent revolution taken place in immigrants tooBOEHNKE, K; MERKENS, H; SCHMIDT, F et al.Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie. 1987, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 330-346, issn 0023-2653Article

Change with time in patients' reactions to committalTOEWS, J; EL-GUEBALY, N; LECKIE, A et al.Canadian journal of psychiatry. 1986, Vol 31, Num 5, pp 413-415, issn 0706-7437Article

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