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The effect of methyltransferase inhibitors on histamine release from human dispersed lung mast cells activated with anti-human IgE and calcium ionophore A23187NENYON, R. C; CHURCH, M. K; HOLGATE, S. T et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 1984, Vol 33, Num 18, pp 2881-2886, issn 0006-2952Article

Immune deficiency due to adenosine deaminase and purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency: a simple diagnostic testMADDOCKS, J. L; AL-SAFI, S. A; WILSON, G et al.Journal of clinical pathology. 1984, Vol 37, Num 11, pp 1305-1307, issn 0021-9746Article

Adenosine deaminase polymorphism in the house sparrow, Passer domesticusCOLE, S. R; PARKIN, D. T.Animal blood groups and biochemical genetics. 1986, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 77-88, issn 0003-3480Article

Adenosine deaminase isozymes in ArtemiaFERNANDEZ, A; CANALES, J; PINTO, R. M et al.Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B. Comparative biochemistry. 1984, Vol 78, Num 2, pp 481-484, issn 0305-0491Article

2'-Chloropentostatin, a new inhibitor of adenosine deaminaseSCHAUMBERG, J. P; HOKANSON, G. C; FRENCH, J. C et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1985, Vol 50, Num 10, pp 1651-1656, issn 0022-3263Article

Spontaneous epimerization of (S)-deoxycoformycin and interaction of (R)-deoxycoformycin, (S)-deoxycoformycin, and 8-ketodeoxycoformycin with adenosine deaminaseSCHRAMM, V. L; BAKER, D. C.Biochemistry (Easton). 1985, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 641-646, issn 0006-2960Article

Immunohistochemistry of adenosine deaminase: implications for adenosine neurotransmissionNAGY, J. I; LABELLA, L. A; BUSS, M et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 1984, Vol 224, Num 4645, pp 166-168, issn 0036-8075Article

Lack of adenosine deaminase deficiency in the mutant mouse wastedGEIGER, J. D; NAGY, J. I.FEBS letters. 1986, Vol 208, Num 2, pp 431-434, issn 0014-5793Article

A flow cytometric method for the detection of adenosine deaminase in mononuclear cellsSENGUPTA, S; PETSCHE, D; GELFAND, E. W et al.Journal of immunological methods. 1985, Vol 80, Num 2, pp 155-162, issn 0022-1759Article

Histochemical demonstration of adenosine deaminase in the human neuraxis: preliminary observationsNORSTRAND, I. F.Neurochemical pathology. 1985, Vol 3, Num 2, pp 73-82, issn 0734-600XArticle

Adecypenol, a unique adenosine deaminase inhibitor containing homopurine and cyclopentene ringsOMURA, S; TANAKA, H; KUGA, H et al.Journal of antibiotics (Tokyo. 1968). 1986, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 309-310, issn 0021-8820Article

Trazodone, a nontricyclic antidepressant, is an inhibitor of adenosine deaminaseSHEID, B.Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology. 1985, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 149-152, issn 0034-5164Article

Deoxycytidine therapy in two patients with adenosine deaminase deficiency and severe immunodeficiency diseaseCOWAN, M. J; WARA, D. W; AMMANN, A. J et al.Clinical immunology and immunopathology (Print). 1985, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 30-36, issn 0090-1229Article

Kontinuierliche Messung der katalytischen Aktivität von Adenosindesaminase mit der pH-Stat-Methode = Mesure en continu de l'activité catalytique de l'adénosine, désaminase avec la méthode pH-Stat = Continuous determination of adenosine deaminase catalytic activity by pH stat procedureGARTH, H; ZOCH, E.Journal of clinical chemistry and clinical biochemistry. 1984, Vol 22, Num 11, pp 769-772, issn 0340-076XArticle

A subpopulation of preganglionic parasympathetic neurons in the rat contain adenosine deaminaseSENBA, E; DADDONA, P. E; NAGY, J. I et al.Neuroscience. 1987, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 487-502, issn 0306-4522Article

Adenosine deaminase-containing hypothalamic neurons accumulate 5-hydroxytryptophan: a dual-colour immunofluorescence procedure using a new fluorescence markerSTAINES, W. A; YAMAMOTO, T; DADDONA, P. E et al.Neuroscience letters. 1986, Vol 70, Num 1, pp 1-5, issn 0304-3940Article

Adenosine deaminase activity in the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitisMARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ, J. M; OCANA, I; RIBERA, E et al.Gut. 1986, Vol 27, Num 9, pp 1049-1053, issn 0017-5749Article

Adenosine deaminase binding protein, a new diagnostic marker for kidney diseaseTHOMPSON, R. E; PIPER, D. J; GALBERG, C et al.Clinical chemistry (Baltimore, Md.). 1985, Vol 31, Num 5, pp 679-683, issn 0009-9147Article

The effect of catecholamines and adenosine deaminase on the glucose transport system in rat adipocytesGLIEMANN, J; BOWES, S. B; LARSEN, T. R et al.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1985, Vol 845, Num 3, pp 373-379, issn 0006-3002Article

Development of adenosine deaminase-immunoreactive neurons in the rat brainSENBA, E; DADDONA, P. E; NAGY, J. I et al.Brain research. 1987, Vol 428, Num 1, pp 59-71, issn 0006-8993Article

Distribution of adenosine deaminase in some rat tissues: inhibition by ethanol and dimethyl sulfoxideCENTELLES, J. J; FRANCO, R; BOZAL, J et al.Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B. Comparative biochemistry. 1987, Vol 86, Num 1, pp 95-98, issn 0305-0491Article

Evaluation of adenosine deaminase activity in patients with head and neck cancerDASMAHAPATRA, K. S; HILL, H. Z; DASMAHAPATRA, A et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1986, Vol 40, Num 4, pp 368-373, issn 0022-4804Article

Complete sequence and structure of the gene for human adenosine deaminaseWIGINTON, D. A; KAPLAN, D. J; STATES, J. C et al.Biochemistry (Easton). 1986, Vol 25, Num 25, pp 8234-8244, issn 0006-2960Article

Decreased adenosine deaminase (ADA) and 5' nucleotidase (SNT) activity in peripheral blood T cells in Hodgkin diseaseMURRAY, J. L; PEREZ-SOLER, R; BYWATERS, D et al.American journal of hematology. 1986, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 57-66, issn 0361-8609Article

Characterization of adenosine deaminase from normal human epidermis and squamous cell carcinoma of the skinKOIZUMI, H; IIZUKA, H; AOYAGI, T et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 1985, Vol 84, Num 3, pp 199-202, issn 0022-202XArticle

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