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Methylation and moodREYNOLDS, E. H; CARNEY, M. W. P; TOONE, B. K et al.Lancet (British edition). 1984, Num 8396, pp 196-198, issn 0140-6736Article

Notizen zur Ethnologie der Passiones = Ethnologie de la passion (notices) = Passion ethnology (notices)KRAMER, F. W.Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie. Sonderheft. 1984, Num 26, pp 297-313, issn 0454-1340Article

Attachement, addictions quels liens ?THEVOZ, G.DEPENDANCES. 2013, Num 50, pp 6-12, issn 1422-3368, 7 p.Article

Alterations in Affective Processing of Attack Images Following September 11, 2001 : THE SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TERRORIST ATTACKS: TEN YEARS AFTERTSO, Ivy F; CHIU, Pearl H; KING-CASAS, Brooks R et al.Journal of traumatic stress. 2011, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 538-545, issn 0894-9867, 8 p.Article

Das Dilemma mit den Affekten = Le dilemme avec l'affect = The dilemma with the affectsENKE, H.Praxis der Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik. 1989, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 1-6, issn 0171-791XArticle

THE ROLE OF AFFECTIVE INSTABILITY AND IMPULSIVITY IN PREDICTING FUTURE BPD FEATURESTRAGESSER, Sarah L; SOLHAN, Marika; SCHWARTZ-METTE, Rebecca et al.Journal of personality disorders. 2007, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 603-614, issn 0885-579X, 12 p.Article

Zur Affektverarbeitung bei psychosomatischen Patienten. II = Le travail affectif chez les patients psychosomatiques. II = The working through of affects by psychosomatic patients. IIAHRENS, S; DEFFNER, B.Zeitschrift für Psycho-somatische Medizin und Psychoanalyse. 1984, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 357-376, issn 0340-5613Article

Internal state and temporal factors in psychokinesisPALMER, J; KRAMER, W.Journal of parapsychology. 1984, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 1-25, issn 0022-3387Article

Establishing a common metric for self-reported anxiety: Linking the MASQ, PANAS, and GAD-7 to PROMIS AnxietySCHALET, Benjamin D; COOK, Karon F; CHOI, Seung W et al.Journal of anxiety disorders. 2014, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 88-96, issn 0887-6185, 9 p.Article

Obsessions and worry beliefs in an inpatient OCD populationCALLEO, Jessica S; HART, John; BJÖRGVINSSON, Thröstur et al.Journal of anxiety disorders. 2010, Vol 24, Num 8, pp 903-908, issn 0887-6185, 6 p.Article

Psychiatric and emotional sequelae of surgical amputationCAVANAGH, Sarah R; SHIN, Lisa M; KARAMOUZ, Nasser et al.Psychosomatics (Washington, DC). 2006, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 459-464, issn 0033-3182, 6 p.Article

Emotional reactivity and elevated blood pressureMELAMED, S.Psychosomatic medicine. 1987, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 217-225, issn 0033-3174Article

Age trends of early awakening and feeling worse in the morning than in the evening in apparently normal peopleABE, K; SUZUKI, T.The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 1985, Vol 173, Num 8, pp 495-498, issn 0022-3018Article

Phenomenological note on belief-feeling and the relation between affect and beliefJUNGE, K.Scandinavian journal of psychology. 1985, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 285-287, issn 0036-5564Article

Worry: a potentially valuable conceptBORKOVEC, T. D.Behaviour research and therapy. 1985, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 481-482, issn 0005-7967Article

The measurement of self-reported stress and arousalCOX, T; MACKAY, C.British journal of psychology (1953). 1985, Vol 76, Num 2, pp 183-186, issn 0007-1269Article

Affect! a functional perspectiveIRAN-NEJAD, A; CLORE, G. L; VONDRUSKA, R. J et al.Journal of mind and behavior. 1984, Vol 5, Num 3, pp 279-310, issn 0720-6836Article

The effect of perceived physical symptoms on emotionSCHMIDT-ATZERT, L.Archiv für Psychologie. 1984, Vol 136, Num 1, pp 35-47, issn 0066-6475Article

A New Perspective on Anhedonia in SchizophreniaSTRAUSS, Gregory P; GOLD, James M.The American journal of psychiatry. 2012, Vol 169, Num 4, pp 364-373, issn 0002-953X, 10 p.Article

Neuroticism and affective instability : The same or different?MILLER, Joshua D; PILKONIS, Paul A.The American journal of psychiatry. 2006, Vol 163, Num 5, pp 839-845, issn 0002-953X, 7 p.Article

Gedanken zur Psychopathologie von Scham und Ressentiment = Notes à propos de la psychopathologie de la honte et du ressentiment = Note about the psychopathology of shame and resentmentWURMSER, L.Analytische Psychologie. 1988, Vol 19, Num 4, pp 283-306, issn 0301-3006Article

L'humeur et son changement = Mood and its modificationNouvelle revue de psychanalyse. 1985, Num 32, issn 0223-565X, 329 p.Article

Empirical validation of affect, behavior, and cognition as distinct components of attitudeBRECKLER, S. J.Journal of personality and social psychology. 1984, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 1191-1205, issn 0022-3514Article

A behavioral technique for recovery from the psychological trauma of hysterectomyLOBB, M. L; SHANNON, M. C; RECER, S. L et al.Perceptual and motor skills. 1984, Vol 59, Num 2, pp 677-678, issn 0031-5125Article

Testing the side-bet theory of organizational commitment: some methodological considerationsMEYER, J. P; ALLEN, N. J.Journal of applied psychology. 1984, Vol 69, Num 3, pp 372-378, issn 0021-9010Article

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