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Age-related macular degeneration in SingaporeCHENG, C. L; SAW, S. M; PANG, C. E et al.Singapore medical journal. 2009, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 126-131, issn 0037-5675, 6 p.Article

Lutein and zeaxanthin dietary supplements raise macular pigment density and serum concentrations of these carotenoids in humansBONE, Richard A; LANDRUM, John T; GUERRA, Luis H et al.The Journal of nutrition. 2003, Vol 133, Num 4, pp 992-998, issn 0022-3166, 7 p.Article

Multilocus analysis of age-related macular degenerationBERGERON-SAWITZKE, Julie; GOLD, Bert; OLSH, Adam et al.European journal of human genetics. 2009, Vol 17, Num 9, pp 1190-1199, issn 1018-4813, 10 p.Article

Pneumatic displacement of submacular hemorrhage due to age-related macular degenerationRON, Yonina; EHRLICH, Rita; AXER-SIEGEL, Ruth et al.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2007, Vol 221, Num 1, pp 57-61, issn 0030-3755, 5 p.Article

Bevacizumab : a new way of doing business?CANNING, C; LOTERY, A.Eye (London. 1987). 2006, Vol 20, Num 9, pp 985-987, issn 0950-222X, 3 p.Article

Age-related macular degeneration and 5-year incidence of impaired activities of daily livingGOPINATH, Bamini; LIEW, Gerald; BURLUTSKY, George et al.Maturitas (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 263-266, issn 0378-5122, 4 p.Article

Retinal Vascular Caliber and Age-related Macular Degeneration in an Indian Population from SingaporeYOU CHUEN CHIN; TIEN YIN WONG; CHUI MING GEMMY CHEUNG et al.Ophthalmic epidemiology. 2014, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 224-229, issn 0928-6586, 6 p.Article

Safety of Submacular Suprachoroidal Drug Administration via a Microcatheter: Retrospective Analysis of European Treatment ResultsTETZ, Manfred; RIZZO, Stanislao; AUGUSTIN, Albert J et al.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2012, Vol 227, Num 4, pp 183-189, issn 0030-3755, 7 p.Article

Review of nutrient actions on age-related macular degenerationZAMPATTI, Stefania; RICCI, Federico; CUSUMANO, Andrea et al.Nutrition research (New York, NY). 2014, Vol 34, Num 2, pp 95-105, issn 0271-5317, 11 p.Article

Almost total protection from age-related macular degeneration by haplotypes of the Regulators of Complement ActivationWILLIAMSON, Joseph F; MCLURE, Craig A; GUYMER, Robyn H et al.Genomics (San Diego, Calif.). 2011, Vol 98, Num 6, pp 412-421, issn 0888-7543, 10 p.Article

Association of HTRA1 polymorphism and bilaterality in advanced age-related macular degenerationHAOYU CHEN; ZHENGLIN YANG; CONSTANTINE, Ryan et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2008, Vol 48, Num 5, pp 690-694, issn 0042-6989, 5 p.Article

Familial aggregation of age-related macular degeneration in the Utah populationLING LUO; HARMON, Jennifer; XIANG MA et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2008, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 494-500, issn 0042-6989, 7 p.Article

Age at Occurrence of Exudative Age-Related Macular Degeneration in a Clinical Setting: Difference between 1986 and 2006COHEN, Salomon Y; DUBOIS, Lise; TADAYONI, Ramin et al.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2011, Vol 225, Num 2, pp 76-80, issn 0030-3755, 5 p.Article

The electroretinogram: a useful tool for evaluating age-related macular disease?BERROW, Emma J; BARTLETT, Hannah E; EPERJESI, Frank et al.Documenta ophthalmologica. 2010, Vol 121, Num 1, pp 51-62, issn 0012-4486, 12 p.Article

Inflammation in dry age-related macular degenerationRODRIGUES, Eduardo B.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2007, Vol 221, Num 3, pp 143-152, issn 0030-3755, 10 p.Article

Further mapping of 10q26 supports strong association of HTRA1 polymorphisms with age-related macular degenerationGIBBS, Daniel; ZHENGLIN YANG; JIEXI ZENG et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2008, Vol 48, Num 5, pp 685-689, issn 0042-6989, 5 p.Article

Subretinal Hemorrhages Secondary to Age-Related Macular Degeneration : Psychological and Vision-Related Functional PerspectivesMOZAFFARIEH, Maneli; SACU, Stefan; BENESCH, Thomas et al.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2008, Vol 222, Num 3, pp 199-204, issn 0030-3755, 6 p.Article

Imaging Geographic Atrophy in Age-Related Macular DegenerationGÖBEL, Arno P; FLECKENSTEIN, Monika; SCHMITZ-VALCKENBERG, Steffen et al.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2011, Vol 226, Num 4, pp 182-190, issn 0030-3755, 9 p.Article

Smoking mice: A potential model for studying accumulation of drusen-like material on Bruch's membraneAI LING WANG; NEUFELD, Arthur H.Vision research (Oxford). 2010, Vol 50, Num 7, pp 638-642, issn 0042-6989, 5 p.Conference Paper

The value of measurement of macular carotenoid pigment optical densities and distributions in age-related macular degeneration and other retinal disordersBERNSTEIN, Paul S; DELORI, François C; RICHER, Stuart et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2010, Vol 50, Num 7, pp 716-728, issn 0042-6989, 13 p.Conference Paper

Lutein and zeaxanthin intake and the risk of age-related macular degeneration: a systematic review and meta-analysisLE MA; DOU, Hong-Liang; WU, Yi-Qun et al.British journal of nutrition. 2012, Vol 107, Num 3, pp 350-359, issn 0007-1145, 10 p.Article

Gaze-contingent simulation of retinopathy: Some potential pitfalls and remediesAGUILAR, Carlos; CASTET, Eric.Vision research (Oxford). 2011, Vol 51, Num 9, pp 997-1012, issn 0042-6989, 16 p.Article

Cystatin C in macular and neuronal degenerations: Implications for mechanism(s) of age-related macular degenerationPARAOAN, Luminita; HISCOTT, Paul; GOSDEN, Christine et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2010, Vol 50, Num 7, pp 737-742, issn 0042-6989, 6 p.Conference Paper

Proteomics as a research tool in clinical and experimental ophthalmologyCRYAN, Lorna M; O'BRIEN, Colm.Proteomics. Clinical applications (Print). 2008, Vol 2, Num 5, pp 762-775, issn 1862-8346, 14 p.Article

Immunopathological aspects of age-related macular degenerationPATEL, Mrinali; CHAN, Chi-Chao.Seminars in immunopathology. 2008, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 97-110, 14 p.Article

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