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An integrated approach to Estuarine BiogeochemistryTURNER, Andrew; SCHÄFER, Jörg.Marine chemistry (Print). 2014, Vol 167, issn 0304-4203, 163 p.Conference Proceedings

Dessalement : Quand l'eau de mer devient buvableMAKANGA, Isidore; THALAMY, Rémi.Environnement & technique. 2008, Num 282, pp 34-40, issn 0986-2943, 7 p.Article

Estuaries and enclosed seas under changing environmental conditionsKATTNER, Gerhard; POHL, Christa.Marine chemistry. 2007, Vol 107, Num 3, issn 0304-4203, 158 p.Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 8th International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposium, Solomons, Maryland, USA, May 2004MASON, Robert P; BENOIT, Janina M; POWELL, Rodney T et al.Marine chemistry. 2006, Vol 102, Num 1-2, issn 0304-4203, 181 p.Conference Proceedings

CDOM in the ocean: characterization, distribution and transformationCOBLE, Paula G; ZEPP, Richard G; ZIKA, Rod G et al.Marine chemistry. 2004, Vol 89, Num 1-4, issn 0304-4203, 350 p.Conference Proceedings

Production of heterotrophic bacteria inhabiting macroscopic organic aggregates (marine snow) from surface watersALLDREDGE, A. L; COLE, J. J; CARON, D. A et al.Limnology and oceanography. 1986, Vol 31, Num 1, pp 68-78, issn 0024-3590Article

Using seawater for coolingCHIEN, P. Y. B; TSE, V. K. C; YEUNG, D. P. L et al.ASHRAE journal. 1986, Vol 28, Num 9, pp 18-24, issn 0001-2491Article

Estuaries in a Changing WorldDAI, Minhan; TURNER, Andrew.Marine chemistry (Print). 2009, Vol 117, Num 1-4, issn 0304-4203, 98 p.Conference Proceedings

Ocean Biogeochemistry: From GEOSECS to JGOFS and beyondWONG, George T. F; ANDERSON, Robert F; BACON, Michael P et al.Marine chemistry. 2008, Vol 111, Num 1-2, issn 0304-4203, 139 p.Serial Issue

Biogeochemical cycles in Tampa Bay, FloridaSWARZENSKI, Peter W; BASKARAN, Mark.Marine chemistry. 2007, Vol 104, Num 1-2, issn 0304-4203, 125 p.Serial Issue

Flow cytometric assessment of Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium starvation-survival in seawater using rhodamine 123, propidium iodide, and oxonolLOPEZ-AMOROS, R; COMAS, J; VIVES-REGO, J et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 1995, Vol 61, Num 7, pp 2521-2526, issn 0099-2240Article

Seawater : its composition, properties and behaviour = Composition, propriétés et comportement de l'eau de mer1989, 169 p., isbn 0-08-036367-9Book

Taille cellulaire des bactéries du plancton marin déterminée par filtration à travers des filtres membranaires finsCHEPURNOVA, EH. A; SHUMAKOVA, G. V; BUCHAKCHIJSKAYA, A. N et al.Mikrobiologija (Moskva). 1988, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 146-151Article

Détermination de la concentration du bacterioplancton dans les eaux du littoral de la mer NoireKOPYLOV, A. I; SOROKIN, P. YU.Mikrobiologija (Moskva). 1988, Vol 57, Num 5, pp 890-892Article

New approaches in marine organic biogeochemistry: A tribute to the life and science of John I. Hedges, 28-30 August 2003, Friday Harbor SymposiumBENNER, Ronald H; LEE, Cindy; WAKEHAM, Stuart G et al.Marine chemistry. 2004, Vol 92, Num 1-4, issn 0304-4203, 377 p.Conference Proceedings

Standard seawater comparison up to P129AOYAMA, Michio; JOYCE, Terrence M; KAWANO, Takeshi et al.Deep-sea research. Part 1. Oceanographic research papers. 2002, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 1103-1114, issn 0967-0637Article

Seawater filtration: particle flow and impaction considerationsJOHNSON, B. D; WANGERSKY, P. J.Limnology and oceanography. 1985, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 966-971, issn 0024-3590Article

Radium and Radon Tracers in Aquatic SystemsMORAN, S. Bradley; DULAIOVA, Henrieta.Marine chemistry (Print). 2013, Vol 156, issn 0304-4203, 154 p.Serial Issue

Occurrence of β-aminoglutaric acid in marine bacteriaHENRICHS, S. M; CUHEL, R.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 1985, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 543-545, issn 0099-2240Article

Analytical and marine chemistry. A tribute to Professor David Dyrssen, the founding father of Swedish marine chemistryTURNER, David; LANDING, William; WESTERLUND, Stig et al.Marine chemistry. 2005, Vol 94, Num 1-4, issn 0304-4203, 200 p.Serial Issue

La présence de microorganismes dans les sédiments du fond de la mer noireNAMSARAEV, B. B; LUKHIOJO, M; GOGOTOVA, G. I et al.Mikrobiologija (Moskva). 1986, Vol 55, Num 5, pp 846-850Article

Aerosol Chemistry and Impacts on the OceanLANDING, William M; PAYTAN, Adina.Marine chemistry (Print). 2010, Vol 120, Num 1-4, issn 0304-4203, 197 p.Serial Issue

The renaissance of radium isotopic tracers in marine processes studiesCHARETTE, Matthew A; CHOLTEN, Jan C.Marine chemistry. 2008, Vol 109, Num 3-4, issn 0304-4203, 249 p.Serial Issue

Mercury cycling in surface and deep waters of the Mediterranean SeaPIRRONE, Nicola; BARTH, Hartmut.Marine chemistry. 2007, Vol 107, Num 1, issn 0304-4203, 118 p.Serial Issue

Future applications of 234Th in aquatic ecosystems (FATE), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole MA, August 2004BENITEZ-NELSON, Claudia R; ANDERSON, Robert F.Marine chemistry. 2006, Vol 100, Num 3-4, issn 0304-4203, 223 p.Serial Issue

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