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Hypervalent iodine oxidation of ethynylcarbinols: a short and efficient conversion of dihydroxy-acetonyl groups from keto groupsKITA, Y; YAKURA, T; TERASHI, H et al.Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin. 1989, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 891-894, issn 0009-2363, 4 p.Article

Fluorosulfuric acid induced cyclisation of a methallyl carbinol involving an apparent oxygen migrationBRIGHT, S. T; COXON, J. M; STEEL, P. J et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1989, Vol 30, Num 41, pp 5651-5652, issn 0040-4039, 2 p.Article

Synthesis of (R)-1,1,2-triphenyl-1,2-ethanediol derived phosphonatesBRODESSER, B; BRAUN, M.Phosphorus and sulfur and the related elements. 1989, Vol 44, Num 3-4, pp 217-221, issn 0308-664X, 5 p.Article

Synthesis and structure revision of bifurcarenone, a unique monocyclic diterpene in combination with a hydroquinone C7 unit as an inhibitor of mitotic cell divisionMORI, K; UNO, T.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1989, Vol 45, Num 7, pp 1945-1958, issn 0040-4020, 14 p.Article

The co-oxidation of conjugated enynes. A convenient synthesis of β-sulfoxy acetylenic carbinolsXIAOHENG WANG; ZHIJIE NI; XIUJING LU et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1992, Vol 33, Num 40, pp 5917-5920, issn 0040-4039Article

Synthesis and relative structure of conocephalenol, a sesquiterpene alcohol isolated from the european liverwort Conocephalum conicumTORI, M; SONO, M; NAKASHIMA, K et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Perkin transactions. I. 1991, Num 2, pp 447-450, issn 0300-922X, 4 p.Article

Chemistry of the 1-ethylcyclopropanol cation: ring opening and ethyl lossesBOUCHOUX, G; FLAMMANG, R; MASQUETIAU, A et al.Organic mass spectrometry. 1985, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 154-155, issn 0030-493XArticle

Synthesis of cis-transoid-cis- and cis-cisoid-cis-tricyclo[,6]undecan-1-olsKAKIUCHI, K; TAKEUCHI, H; TOBE, Y et al.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1985, Vol 58, Num 5, pp 1613-1614, issn 0009-2673Article

Variation de la vitesse de déshydratation de l'alcool t-butylique en fonction de la dose introduite de ce réactifOBRAZTSOV, P. A; VINNIK, M. I.Kinetika i kataliz. 1984, Vol 25, Num 5, pp 1135-1139, issn 0453-8811Article

Montmorillonite catalyzed dehydration of tertiary alcohols to olefinsLAKSHMI KANTAM, M; LAKSHMI SANTHI, P; FYYAZUDDIN SIDDIQUI, M et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1993, Vol 34, Num 7, pp 1185-1186, issn 0040-4039Article

Une nouvelle synthèse de peroxydes d'alkyle dissymétriques à partir d'alcools tertiaires = A new synthesis of unsymetrical dialkyl peroxides from tertiary alcoholsBOURGEOIS, M.-J; MONTAUDON, E; MAILLARD, B et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1993, Vol 49, Num 12, pp 2477-2484, issn 0040-4020Article

Enantiomerenreine tertiäre Alkohole durch TADDOL-vermittelte Additionen an Ketone-oder wie man ein Grignard-Reagens enantioselektiv macht = Enantiomerically pure tertiary alcohols by TADDOL-assisted additions to ketones or how to make a grignard reagent enanhoselectiveWEBER, B; SEEBACH, D.Angewandte Chemie. 1992, Vol 104, Num 1, pp 96-97, issn 0044-8249Article

Boron trifluoride etherate/halide ion, a novel reagent for the conversion of allyl, benzyl and tertiary alcohols to the halidesMANDAL, A. K; MAHAJAN, S. W.Tetrahedron letters. 1985, Vol 26, Num 32, pp 3863-3866, issn 0040-4039Article

Addition of butyl- and phenyllithium to thujonesSBARBATI NUDELMAN, N; GATTO, Z; BOHE, L et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1984, Vol 49, Num 9, pp 1540-1544, issn 0022-3263Article

Biogenetic-type total synthesis of (±)-2-deoxystemodinoneLUPI, A; PATAMIA, M; GRGURINA, I et al.Helvetica chimica acta. 1984, Vol 67, Num 8, pp 2261-2263, issn 0018-019XArticle

3,4-Bismethylenecyclopentanone ethylene ketal: a useful diene for [6.5] ring systems: application to a formal synthesis of gibberellic acidBARCO, A; BENETTI, S; CASOLARI, A et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1989, Vol 45, Num 12, pp 3935-3944, issn 0040-4020, 10 p.Article

The syntheses of the corticoid side chain. I: An improved method for the preparation of 17α-hydroxyprogesterone from androst-4-ene-3,17-dioneNITTA, I; FUJIMORI, S; UENO, H et al.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1985, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 978-980, issn 0009-2673Article

The chemistry of thujone. X: Thujone as a chiral synthon for the preparation of sesquiterpenes. Synthesis of (+)-α-eudesmol and (-)-α-selineneKUTNEY, J. P; SINGH, A. K.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1984, Vol 62, Num 8, pp 1407-1409, issn 0008-4042Article

Stereoselective γ-cis-vinylic metallation of tertiary allylic alcoholsCUVIGNY, T; JULIA, M; ROLANDO, C et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1984, Num 1, issn 0022-4936, 8Article

Reactions of propargyl alcohols. VII: Lithium aluminium hydride reductions of 1-methoxy-2-phenylpent-3-yn-2-ol, 1-methoxy-3-phenylhex-4yn-3-ol and 7-methoxy-4-phenylhept-2-yn-4-olBLUNT, J. W; HARTSHORN, M. P; LEE TIN SOONG et al.Australian journal of chemistry. 1983, Vol 36, Num 7, pp 1387-1398, issn 0004-9425Article

Neutral ionic liquid [BMIm]BF4 promoted highly selective esterification of tertiary alcohols by acetic anhydrideZHIYING DUAN; YANLONG GU; YOUQUAN DENG et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 2006, Vol 246, Num 1-2, pp 70-75, issn 1381-1169, 6 p.Article

Steroids 35: synthesis of 16,16-dimethyl-17β-hydroxysteroidsSCHNEIDER, G; WOLFLING, J; MESKO, E et al.Steroids. 1988, Vol 51, Num 3-4, pp 317-327, issn 0039-128XArticle

C45- und C50-Carotinoide. III: Synthese von (S)-trisanhydrobacterioruberin = Caroténoïdes en C45 et C50. III: Synthèse de la (S)-trisanhydrobactériorubérine = C45- and C50-carotenoids. III: Synthesis of (S)-trisanhydrobactériorubinWOLF, J.-P; PFANDER, H.Helvetica chimica acta. 1986, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 62-68, issn 0018-019XArticle

The adamantane rearrangement of 1,2-trimethylenenorbornanes. IV: Hydride-ion abstraction in 1,2-exo-trimethylenenorbornaneKLESTER, A. M; GANTER, C.Helvetica chimica acta. 1985, Vol 68, Num 1, pp 104-109, issn 0018-019XArticle

Über ein neues Amantadinanalogon = Un nouvel analogue de l'amantadine = A new analogue of amantadineBUCHBAUER, G; HASLINGER, E; ROBIEN, W et al.Archiv der Pharmazie (Weinheim). 1985, Vol 318, Num 7, pp 631-634, issn 0365-6233Article

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