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Peptide Hybrid PolymersKLOK, Harm-Anton; SCHLAAD, Helmut.Advances in polymer science. 2006, Vol 202, issn 0065-3195, 163 p.Serial Issue

Polymer-Peptide Block Copolymers - An Overview and Assessment of Synthesis MethodsROBSON MARSDEN, Hana; KROS, Alexander.Macromolecular bioscience (Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 10, pp 939-951, issn 1616-5187, 13 p.Article

Arg-Gly-Asp peptides in polyurethanes: design, synthesis, and characterizationSIEW PENG HO; BRITTON, D. H. O.Advanced materials (Weinheim). 1994, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 130-132, issn 0935-9648Article

Nonrandom thermal polymerization of amino acidsMELIUS, P; SRISOMSAP, C.Journal of applied polymer science. 1991, Vol 42, Num 4, pp 1167-1168, issn 0021-8995, 2 p.Article

BIOENGINEERING OF ELASTIM-MIMETIC SMART MATERIALSCONTICELLO, Vincent P; PATTERSON, M; PAYNE, S et al.Smart polymer systems. International conference. 2010, isbn 978-1-8473-5494-5, 1Vol, p18.1-p18.9Conference Paper

De novo design and synthesis of protein-based hybrid polymersSOGAH, D. Y; PERI-TREVES, D; WONG, W.-H et al.Macromolecular reports. 1994, Vol 31, Num 6-7, pp 1003-1008, issn 1060-278XConference Paper

Protein-Based Block CopolymersRABOTYAGOVA, Olena S; CEBE, Peggy; KAPLAN, David L et al.Biomacromolecules. 2011, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 269-289, issn 1525-7797, 21 p.Article

Pressure effecst on inverse temperature transitions : biological implicationsURRY, D. W; HAYES, L. C; GOWDA, D. C et al.Chemical physics letters. 1991, Vol 182, Num 2, pp 101-106, issn 0009-2614Article

Amphiphilic Star-Shaped Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-poly(L-Lysine) Copolymers with Porphyrin Core: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Cell Viability AssayMENGHONG JIA; TIANBIN REN; AN WANG et al.Journal of applied polymer science (Print). 2014, Vol 131, Num 7, issn 0021-8995, 40097.1-40097.10Article

Carboxylmethyl chitosan-graft-poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) glycopeptides: Synthesis and particle formation as encapsulantsHUANG, Yun-Chiao; JAN, Jeng-Shiung.Polymer (Guildford). 2014, Vol 55, Num 2, pp 540-549, issn 0032-3861, 10 p.Article

Fabrication of Polyion Complex Vesicles with Enhanced Salt and Temperature Resistance and Their Potential Applications as Enzymatic NanoreactorsSAYAN CHUANOI; ANRAKU, Yasutaka; MAO HORI et al.Biomacromolecules. 2014, Vol 15, Num 7, pp 2389-2397, issn 1525-7797, 9 p.Article

Morphology Control in Water of Polyion Complex Nanoarchitectures of Double-Hydrophilic Charged Block Copolymers through Composition Tuning and Thermal TreatmentWIBOWO, Arie; OSADA, Kensuke; MATSUDA, Hiroyuki et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2014, Vol 47, Num 9, pp 3086-3092, issn 0024-9297, 7 p.Article

Random and quasi-alternating polyesteramides deriving from ε-caprolactone and β-alanineABDOULKADER ALI MOHAMED; SALHI, Slim; ABID, Souhir et al.European polymer journal. 2014, Vol 53, pp 160-170, issn 0014-3057, 11 p.Article

Artificial nano-pin as a temporal molecular glue for the targeting of acidic tumor cellsNAM MUK OH; KYUNG TAEK OH; YU SEOK YOUN et al.Polymers for advanced technologies. 2014, Vol 25, Num 8, pp 842-850, issn 1042-7147, 9 p.Article

Extended Self-Assembled Long Periodicity and Zig-Zag Domains from Helix-Helix Diblock Copolymer Poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)-block-poly(O-benzyl-L-hydroxyproline)GKIKAS, Manos; HAATAJA, Johannes S; SEITSONEN, Jani et al.Biomacromolecules. 2014, Vol 15, Num 11, pp 3923-3930, issn 1525-7797, 8 p.Article

Multi-Responsive Polypeptidosome: Characterization, Morphology Transformation, and Triggered Drug DeliveryGANG LIU; LINZHU ZHOU; YANFEI GUAN et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 19, pp 1673-1678, issn 1022-1336, 6 p.Article

One-Pot Glovebox-Free Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of Novel Amphiphilic Poly(Sarcosine-b-Caprolactone) Diblock CopolymersSAIDE CUI; XIN WANG; ZHENJIANG LI et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 22, pp 1954-1959, issn 1022-1336, 6 p.Article

Reduction Sensitive Poly(L-glutamic acid) (PGA)-Protein Conjugates Designed for Polymer Masked-Unmasked Protein TherapyTALDLI, Marina; VICENT, María J.Biomacromolecules. 2014, Vol 15, Num 11, pp 4168-4177, issn 1525-7797, 10 p.Article

Cylindrical Polymer Brushes with Elastin-Like Polypeptide Side ChainsWELLER, Désirée; MCDANIEL, Jonathan R; FISCHER, Karl et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2013, Vol 46, Num 12, pp 4966-4971, issn 0024-9297, 6 p.Article

Dual Stimuli-Responsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-b-poly(L-histidine) Chimeric Materials for the Controlled Delivery of Doxorubicin into Liver CarcinomaJOHNSON, Renjith P; JEONG, Young-Il; JOHN, Johnson V et al.Biomacromolecules. 2013, Vol 14, Num 5, pp 1434-1443, issn 1525-7797, 10 p.Article

Endocytosis and Intracellular Trafficking Properties of Transferrin-Conjugated Block Copolypeptide VesiclesCHOE, Uh-Joo; RODRIGUEZ, April R; LEE, Brian S et al.Biomacromolecules. 2013, Vol 14, Num 5, pp 1458-1464, issn 1525-7797, 7 p.Article

In Vivo Biodistribution of Mixed Shell Micelles with Tunable Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic SurfaceHONGJUN GAO; JIE XIONG; TANGJIAN CHENG et al.Biomacromolecules. 2013, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 460-467, issn 1525-7797, 8 p.Article

Preparation and Properties of Poly(benzyl glutamate)-Poloxamer-Poly(benzyl glutamate) and Poly(glutamic acid)―Poloxamer-Poly(glutamic acid) Triblock PolymersXI TING WANG; JING WANG; HAI LONG SUN et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2013, Vol 129, Num 3, pp 1187-1192, issn 0021-8995, 6 p.Article

Synthesis of pH-responsive starch nanoparticles grafted poly (L-glutamic acid) for insulin controlled releaseZHE ZHANG; HONGLING SHAN; LI CHEN et al.European polymer journal. 2013, Vol 49, Num 8, pp 2082-2091, issn 0014-3057, 10 p.Article

Endolytic, pH-Responsive HPMA-b-(L-Glu) Copolymers Synthesized via Sequential Aqueous RAFT and Ring-Opening PolymerizationsHOLLEY, Andrew C; RAY, Jacob G; WENMING WAN et al.Biomacromolecules. 2013, Vol 14, Num 10, pp 3793-3799, issn 1525-7797, 7 p.Article

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