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Beheizbares Gasanalysensystem zur kontinuierlichen extraktiven Messung = Système d'analyse des gaz à haute température pour une mesure extractive continue = High temperature gas analysis for continuous extractive measurementASCHERFELD, M; FABINSKI, W.TM. Technisches Messen. 1987, Vol 54, Num 5, pp 195-199, issn 0171-8096Article

Experience With Gas Path Analysis for On-Wing Turbofan Condition MonitoringVERBIST, Michel L; VISSER, Wilfried P. J; VAN BUIJTENEN, Jos P et al.Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power. 2014, Vol 136, Num 1, issn 0742-4795, 011204.1-011204.8Article

Pyrolysis of three different types of microalgae: Kinetic and evolved gas analysisLOPEZ-GONZALEZ, D; FERNANDEZ-LOPEZ, M; VALVERDE, J. L et al.Energy (Oxford). 2014, Vol 73, pp 33-43, issn 0360-5442, 11 p.Article

The metrological infrastructure for gas analysisDE LEER, Ed W. B.Accreditation and quality assurance. 2006, Vol 11, Num 4, pp 175-181, issn 0949-1775, 7 p.Conference Paper

Gas analytical monitoring in the production process for air separation productsBLINOV, S. V; LEBEDEV, V. V; PLOTNIKOV, V. V et al.Chemical and petroleum engineering. 1998, Vol 34, Num 3-4, pp 262-265, issn 0009-2355Conference Paper

The unambigous recovering of ammonia in air samplesBICANIC, D; SAUREN, H; VAN ASSELT, C et al.Journal de physique IV. Colloque. 1991, Vol 1, Num 7, p. C7-704Conference Paper

Investigation of concrete additives by evolved gas analysis = Etude des additifs du béton par analyses évoluées aux gazGAL, T; POKOL, G; LEISZTNER, L et al.Journal of thermal analysis. 1988, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 1147-1151, issn 0368-4466Article

The degassing behaviour of natural glasses and implications for their originHEIDE, K.Journal of thermal analysis. 1991, Vol 37, Num 7, pp 1593-1603, issn 0368-4466Article

Measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide partial pressures in synovial fluid after tonometryGEBOREK, P; LINDOFF, B; VALIND, S. O et al.Clinical physiology (Oxford). 1988, Vol 8, Num 4, pp 427-432, issn 0144-5979Article

Unfallrisiken von Erdgas : eine umfassende Analyse = Accident risks caused by natural gas : A comprehensive analysisBURGHERR, Peter.Gas- und Wasserfach. Gas - Erdgas. 2005, Vol 146, Num 10, pp 574-581, issn 0016-4909, 8 p.Conference Paper

The Beginnings of Gas Adsorption Chromatography 60 Years AgoETTRE, Leslie S.LC GC North America. 2008, Vol 26, Num 1, issn 1527-5949, 48-60 [7 p.]Article

An international intercomparison of soil gas radon and radon exhalation measurementsHUTTER, A. R; KNUTSON, E. O.Health physics (1958). 1998, Vol 74, Num 1, pp 108-114, issn 0017-9078Article

A simple analyser for gases in mixed samplesKOZACIK, J. J.Journal of experimental biology. 1988, Vol 135, pp 499-502, issn 0022-0949Article

Gas sampling probe 13: a new sampling system for the cement industryMUNN, D.World cement. 1986, Vol 17, Num 10, pp 434-440, issn 0263-6050, 5 p.Article

Fondements théoriques de la méthode des capteurs/transducteurs semi-conducteurs dans l'analyse des gaz actifs. I: Principes physiques de l'utilisation des adsorbants semi-conducteurs comme détecteursSUKHAREV, V. YA; MYASNIKOV, I. A.Žurnal fizičeskoj himii. 1986, Vol 60, Num 10, pp 2385-2401, issn 0044-4537Article

BUDOU, Čl NEBUDOU U NAS PLYNOVE ELEKTRÁRNY? = Will There Be Gas-fired Power Stations in This Country or Not?PETRZILKA, Oldrich.Plyn. 2008, Num 4, pp 85-88, issn 0032-1761, 4 p.Article

Vinylacetatbestimmung in Ethylen-Vinylacetat-Copolymeren ― Qualitätskontrolle und Qualitätssicherung = L'acétate de vinyl dans le copolymère éthylène acétate de vinyle: contrôle et garantie de la qualité = Determination of vinyl acetate in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers: quality control and quality assuranceBECK, H; GEBAUER, M.Plaste und Kautschuk. 1989, Vol 36, Num 11, pp 370-373, issn 0048-4350Article

Influence of mechanical loading on static and dynamic CO2 efflux on differently textured and managed LuvisolsMORDHORST, A; PETH, S; HORN, R et al.Geoderma (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 219-220, pp 1-13, issn 0016-7061, 13 p.Article

Roasting characteristics of specularite pellets with modified humic acid based (MHA) binder under different oxygen atmospheresYUANBO ZHANG; YOULIAN ZHOU; BINGBING LIU et al.Powder technology. 2014, Vol 261, pp 279-287, issn 0032-5910, 9 p.Article

Thermal and chemical analysis of flammability and combustibility of fir wood in cone calorimeter coupled to FTIR apparatusBATIOT, Benjamin; LUCHE, Jocelyn; ROGAUME, Thomas et al.Fire and materials. 2014, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 418-431, issn 0308-0501, 14 p.Article

Alkali removal at 1400 °C under gasification conditionsWAINDICH, Arleta; MÜLLER, Michael.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 116, pp 889-893, issn 0016-2361, 5 p.Conference Paper

Establishing the Maximum Carbon Number for Reliable Quantitative Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Heavy Ends Hydrocarbons. Part 2. Migration and Separation Gas Chromatography ModelingHERNANDEZ-BAEZ, Diana M; REID, Alastair; CHAPOY, Antonin et al.Energy & fuels. 2013, Vol 27, Num MARAVR, pp 2336-2350, issn 0887-0624, 15 p.Article

Experimental and Modeling Study of Premixed Laminar Flames of Ethanol and MethaneTRAN, Luc-Sy; GLAUDE, Pierre-Alexandre; FOURNET, René et al.Energy & fuels. 2013, Vol 27, Num MARAVR, pp 2226-2245, issn 0887-0624, 20 p.Article

Impurity analyses of high-purity carbon monoxide gas using micro gas chromatography for development as a certified reference materialMATSUMOTO, Nobuhiro; WATANABE, Takuro; KATO, Kenji et al.Journal of chromatography. 2013, Vol 1282, pp 190-193, issn 0021-9673, 4 p.Article

Iron-Based Coal Direct Chemical Looping Combustion Process: 200-h Continuous Operation of a 25-kWth Subpilot UnitBAYHAM, Samuel C; KIM, Hyung R; MAJUMDER, Ankita et al.Energy & fuels. 2013, Vol 27, Num MARAVR, pp 1347-1356, issn 0887-0624, 10 p.Article

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