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Synthesis of DL-Hydroxybenzenamides as AnticonvulsantsMEZA-TOLEDO, Sergio E; YASUTAKE-KIMOTO, Liliana; ALCALA-RENTERIA, Martha et al.Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2008, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 105-110, issn 0004-4172, 6 p.Article

Synthesis of aryl semicarbazones as potential anticonvulsant agentsYOGEESWARI, P; SRIRAM, D; VEENA, V et al.Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy. 2005, Vol 59, Num 1-2, pp 51-55, issn 0753-3322, 5 p.Article

Synthesis of some mono-mannich bases and corresponding azine derivatives and evaluation of their anticonvulsant activityHALISE INCI GUL; CALIS, Unsal; VEPSALAINEN, Jouko et al.Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2004, Vol 54, Num 7, pp 359-364, issn 0004-4172, 6 p.Article

Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of novel 1-substituted-1,2-dihydro-pyridazine-3,6-dionesSIVAKUMAR, Ramaiah; ANBALAGAN, Navaneetharaman; GUNASEKARAN, Vedachalam et al.Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin. 2003, Vol 26, Num 10, pp 1407-1411, issn 0918-6158, 5 p.Article

Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some DL-dichlorophenyl alcohol amides anticonvulsantsMEZA-TOLEDO, Sergio E; OLEA-GOMEZ, Arturo; MORA-RAMIREZ, Erika Y et al.Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2004, Vol 54, Num 12, pp 830-834, issn 0004-4172, 5 p.Article

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel quinoxaline derivatives as anticonvulsant agentsALY ELHELBY, Abdelghany; REZK AYYAD, Rezk; FATHALLA ZAYED, Mohamed et al.Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2011, Vol 61, Num 7, pp 379-381, issn 0004-4172, 3 p.Article

Cyclization of the semicarbazone template of aryl semicarbazones : synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 4,5-diphenyl-2H-1,2,4-triazol-3(4H)-oneSHALINI, M; YOGEESWARI, P; SRIRAM, D et al.Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy. 2009, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 187-193, issn 0753-3322, 7 p.Article

Anticonvulsant effect of a natural compound α,β-epoxy-carvone and its action on the nerve excitabilityNOBREGA DE ALMEIDA, Reinaldo; PERGENTINO DE SOUSA, Damiao; DE FARIAS NOBREGA, Franklin Ferreira et al.Neuroscience letters. 2008, Vol 443, Num 1, pp 51-55, issn 0304-3940, 5 p.Article

Gamma-vinyl GABA: a new antiepileptic drugHAMMOND, E. J; WILDER, B. J.Clinical neuropharmacology. 1985, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 1-12, issn 0362-5664Article

A spirohydantoin derivative of dimethoxytetrahydronaphthalene: an experimental anticonvulsantALEXANDER, G. J; BISWAJIT SINHA; CHATTERJIE, N et al.Neurochemical research. 1984, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 529-533, issn 0364-3190Article

Membrane-disordering potency and anticonvulsant action of valproic acid and other short-chain fatty acidsPERLMAN, B. J; GOLDSTEIN, D. B.Molecular pharmacology. 1984, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 83-89, issn 0026-895XArticle

Effects of phenytoin on primary glial cell culturesWHITE, H. S; YEN-CHOW, Y. C; CHOW, S. Y et al.Epilepsia (Copenhagen). 1985, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 58-68, issn 0013-9580Article

Effects of acute and chronic phenytoin on the electrolyte content and the activities of Na+, K+-, Ca2+, Mg2+, and HCO3--ATPases and carbonic anhydrase of neonatal and adult rat cerebral cortexWHITE, H. S; CHEN, C. F; KEMP, J. W et al.Epilepsia (Copenhagen). 1985, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 43-57, issn 0013-9580Article

Inhibition of voltage-sensitive sodium channels in neuroblastoma cells and synaptosomes by the anticonvulsant drugs diphenylhydantoin and carbamazepineWILLOW, M; KUENZEL, E. A; CATTERALL, W. A et al.Molecular pharmacology. 1984, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 228-234, issn 0026-895XArticle

Acetylcholine release from synaptosomes and phenytoin actionPINCUS, J. H; WEINFELD, H. M.Brain research. 1984, Vol 296, Num 2, pp 313-317, issn 0006-8993Article

Diazepam, pentobarbital and D-etomidate produced increases in bicuculline seizure threshold; selective antagonism by RO15-1788, picrotoxin and (±)-DMBBASHTON, D.European journal of pharmacology. 1983, Vol 94, Num 3-4, pp 319-325, issn 0014-2999Article

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 9-alkoxy-6,7-dihydro-5H-benzo[c][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]azepines as Potential Anticonvulsant AgentsPIAO, F.-Y; PENG, B; ZHANG, W.-B et al.Arzneimittel-Forschung. 2012, Vol 62, Num 4, pp 202-207, issn 0004-4172, 6 p.Article

Effect of zonisamide on lipid peroxidationKOMATSU, M; HIRAMATSU, M; ENDO, A et al.Neurosciences (Okayama). 1995, Vol 21, pp P63-P66, issn 0388-7448, SUPConference Paper

Clinical pharmacology of lamotriginePECK, A. W.Epilepsia (Copenhagen). 1991, Vol 32, pp S9-S12, issn 0013-9580, SUP2Conference Paper

Neurochemical and behavioral aspects of lamotrigineLEACH, M. J; BAXTER, M. G; CRITCHLEY, M. A. E et al.Epilepsia (Copenhagen). 1991, Vol 32, pp S4-S8, issn 0013-9580, SUP2Conference Paper

The effects of carbamazepine and valproate on folate metabolism in manHENDEL, J; DAM, M; GRAM, L et al.Acta neurologica scandinavica. 1984, Vol 69, Num 4, pp 226-231, issn 0001-6314Article

Partial reversal of carbamazepine-induced water intolerance by demeclocyclineBALLARDIE, F. W; MUCKLOW, J. C.British journal of clinical pharmacology. 1984, Vol 17, Num 6, pp 763-765, issn 0306-5251Article

Prevention of hyperthermia-induced seizures in immature rats by a hydantoin derivative of naloxoneCHATTERJIE, N; LAORDEN, M. L; PUIG, M. M et al.Life sciences (1973). 1989, Vol 45, Num 10, pp 857-862, issn 0024-3205, 6 p.Article

Anticonvulsant phosphorus analogs of GABACATES, L. A.Drug development research. 1985, Vol 5, Num 4, pp 395-399, issn 0272-4391Article

Pharmacological evaluation of various metabolites and analogues of valproic acidLOSCHER, W; NAU, H.Neuropharmacology. 1985, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 427-435, issn 0028-3908Article

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