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Acidified nitrite as a potential antifungal agentANYIM, M; BENJAMIN, N; WILKS, M et al.International journal of antimicrobial agents. 2005, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 85-87, issn 0924-8579, 3 p.Article

Antifungal agentsCHEN, Sharon C. A; SORRELL, Tania C.Medical journal of Australia. 2007, Vol 187, Num 7, pp 404-409, issn 0025-729X, 6 p.Article

New antifungal chromenyl ketones and their pentacyclic dimers from Hypericum revolutum VAHLDECOSTERD, L. A; STOECKLI-EVANS, H; MSONTHI, J. D et al.Helvetica chimica acta. 1987, Vol 70, Num 7, pp 1694-1702, issn 0018-019XArticle

In-vitro evaluation of the anticandidiasis activity of honey distillate (HY-1) compared with that of some antimycotic agentsOBASEIKI-EBOR, E. E; AFONYA, T. C. A.Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology. 1984, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 283-284, issn 0022-3573Article

Interactions of imidazole antifungal agents with purified cytochrome P-450 proteinsRODRIGUES, A. D; GIBSON, G. G; IOANNIDES, C et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 1987, Vol 36, Num 24, pp 4277-4281, issn 0006-2952Article

Ultrastructural correlates of antimycotic treatmentBORGERS, M.Current topics in medical mycology. 1988, Vol 2, pp 1-39, issn 0177-4204Article

Effect of mycolase and amphotericin B on Candida albicans and Candida pseudotropicalis in vitro and in vivoCHALKLEY, L. J; TRINCI, A. P. J; POPE, A. M. S et al.Sabouraudia. 1985, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 147-164, issn 0036-2174Article

High-dose ketoconazole (HD-KNZ) in the initial treatment of leucopenic patients with feverSCHMITT, H.-J; GUTJAHR, P.European journal of pediatrics. 1984, Vol 143, Num 1, issn 0340-6199, 73Article

Actualités sur le posaconazole lors des journées parisiennes de la SFMM, 25-26 novembre 2005, Paris = News on posaconazole during the SFMM Paris meetings, 25-26 November 2005, ParisDUPONT, Bertrand.Journal de mycologie médicale (Paris). 2006, Vol 16, issn 1156-5233, 30 p., SUP1Conference Proceedings

Optimal testing conditions for determining MICs and minimum fungicidal concentrations of new and established antifungal agents for uncommon molds: NCCLS Collaborative StudyESPINEL-INGROFF, A; CHATURVEDI, V; FOTHERGILL, A et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2002, Vol 40, Num 10, pp 3776-3781, issn 0095-1137, 6 p.Article

Aggregation of amphotericin B in the presence of γ-cyclodextrinKAJTAR, M; VIKMON, M; MORLIN, E et al.Biopolymers. 1989, Vol 28, Num 9, pp 1585-1596, issn 0006-3525, 12 p.Article

Pharmacokinetics of antifungal agents in childrenWATT, Kevin; BENJAMIN, Daniel K; COHEN-WOLKOWIEZ, Michael et al.Early human development. 2011, Vol 87, Num MARS, issn 0378-3782, S61-S65, SUPConference Paper

Treatment of histoplasmosis and blastomycosisSAAG, M. S; DISMUKES, W. E.Chest. 1988, Vol 93, Num 4, pp 848-851, issn 0012-3692Article

Action du fongicide zineb sur les microorganismesEMNOVA, E. E; MERENYUK, G. V; BIRYUZOVA, V. I et al.Mikrobiologija (Moskva). 1986, Vol 55, Num 4, pp 612-617Article

Antifungal Lock TherapyWALRAVEN, Carla J; LEE, Samuel A.Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2013, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 1-8, issn 0066-4804, 8 p.Article

Clinical efficacy of new antifungal agentsKAUFFMAN, Carol A.Current opinion in microbiology. 2006, Vol 9, Num 5, pp 483-488, issn 1369-5274, 6 p.Article

In vitro antifungal activity of 2-(3,4-dimethyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrol-2-yl)-1-methylethyl pentanoate, a dihydropyrrole derivativeDABUR, Rajesh; CHHILLAR, A. K; YADAV, V et al.Journal of medical microbiology. 2005, Vol 54, Num 6, pp 549-552, issn 0022-2615, 4 p.Article

Cyclosporine and ketoconazoleWHITE, D. J. G; BLATCHFORD, N. R; CAUWENBERGH, G et al.Transplantation. 1984, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 214-215, issn 0041-1337Article

Zum problem der Ketoconazolnebenwirkungen = Effets secondaires du kétoconazole = Side Effects of ketoconazoleHANEKE, E.H + G. Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten. 1983, Vol 58, Num 21, pp 1542-1547, issn 0301-0481Article

Combinations of antifungal agents in therapy: what value are they?CUENCA-ESTRELLA, Manuel.Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy (Print). 2004, Vol 54, Num 5, pp 854-869, issn 0305-7453, 16 p.Article

Immunopharmacology of Modem AntifungalsBEN-AMI, R; LEWIS, R. E; KONTOYIANNIS, D. P et al.Clinical infectious diseases. 2008, Vol 47, Num 2, pp 226-235, issn 1058-4838, 10 p.Article

Antifungal activity of some bis-5-methylbenzimidazole compoundsKÜCÜKBAY, H; DURMAZ, R; OKYUCU, N et al.Folia microbiologica. 2003, Vol 48, Num 5, pp 679-681, issn 0015-5632, 3 p.Article

Concentration-dependent mechanisms of cell penetration and killing by the de novo designed antifungal hexapeptide PAF26MUNOZ, Alberto; MARCOS, Jose F; READ, Nick D et al.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2012, Vol 85, Num 1, pp 89-106, issn 0950-382X, 18 p.Article

Synthetic molecular mimics of naturally occurring cyclopentenones exhibit antifungal activity towards pathogenic fungiYI ZHOU; BEHRENDT, Jonathan; SUTHERLAND, Andrew J et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2011, Vol 157, pp 3435-3445, issn 1350-0872, 11 p., 12Article

CaspofunginDERESINSKI, Stanley C; STEVENS, David A.Clinical infectious diseases. 2003, Vol 36, Num 11, pp 1445-1457, issn 1058-4838, 13 p.Article

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