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Maternal investment in a spider with suicidal maternal care, Stegodyphus lineatus (Araneae, Eresidae)SALOMON, Mor; SCHNEIDER, Jutta; LUBIN, Yael et al.Oikos. 2005, Vol 109, Num 3, pp 614-622, issn 0030-1299, 9 p.Article

Identification of astigmatid mites using ITS2 and COI regionsBIN YANG; JUNLONG CAI; XUNJIA CHENG et al.Parasitology research (1987). 2011, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 497-503, issn 0932-0113, 7 p.Article

Note on the genera Admestina and Akela (Araneae, Salticidae)GALIANO, M. E.Bulletin ― British Arachnological Society. 1989, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 49-50Article

Spiders of the genus Cupiennius Simon 1891 (Araneae, Ctenidae). II: On the vibratory environment of a wandering spiderBARTH, F. G; BLECKMANN, H; BOHNENBERGER, J et al.Oecologia. 1988, Vol 77, Num 2, pp 194-201, issn 0029-8549Article

Acari in a Changing WorldSCHAUSBERGER, Peter.Acarologia. 2013, Vol 53, Num 2, issn 0044-586X, 105 p.Conference Proceedings

Redescriptions of three species of the genus Icius SIMON, 1876 (Aranei: Salticidae)WESOŁOWSKA, W.Annales zoologici. 1988, Vol 41, Num 4-19, pp 395-402, issn 0003-4541Article

Fostering model explains variation in levels of sociality in a spider systemJONES, Thomas C; RIECHERT, Susan E; DALRYMPLE, Sarah E et al.Animal behaviour. 2007, Vol 73, pp 195-204, issn 0003-3472, 10 p., 1Article

Desarollo de Tinaminyssus melloi (Castro, 1948) (Mesostigmata: Rhinonyssidae) = Développement de Tinaminyssus melloi (Castro, 1948) (Mesostigmata: Rhinonyssidae) = Life cycle of Tinaminyssus melloi (Castro, 1948) (Mesostigmata: Rhinonyssidae)DE LA LUZ ZAMUDIO VILLANUEVA, M.1982, Num 54, pp 111-112Article

Duracion del ciclo de vida de Hydrachna sp. nov. (Prostigmata Hydrachnidae) en condiciones de laboratorio = Durée du cycle de développement d'Hydrachna n.sp. (Prostigmata Hydrachnidae) en conditions de laboratoire = Duration of life cycle of Hydrachna n.sp. (Prostigmata Hydrachnidae) under laboratory conditionsGALICIA ALCANTARA, M.1982, Num 54, pp 110-112Article

A revision of the genus Habronattus F.O.P. (Cambridge l'Araneae: Salticidae), with phenetic and cladistic analyses1984, Vol 45, Num 3, 770Thesis

Competitive mate foraging in the bowl and doily spider (Frontinella pyramitela)1982, Vol 42, Num 11, 4289Thesis

Can scorpions be useful?HIMMATRAO SALUBA BAWASKAR.Lancet (British edition). 2007, Vol 370, Num 9599, pp 1664-1664, issn 0140-6736, 1 p.Article

The multiple actions of black widow spider toxins and their selective use in neurosecretion studiesUSHKARYOV, Y. A; VOLYNSKI, K. E; ASHTON, A. C et al.Toxicon (Oxford). 2004, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 527-542, issn 0041-0101, 16 p.Article

Spiders and spider bitesWILSON, D. C; KING, L. E.Dermatologic clinics. 1990, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 277-286, issn 0733-8635, 10 p.Article

Aquatic mites: from genes to communitiesPROCTOR, Heather C.Experimental & applied acarology. 2004, Vol 34, Num 1-2, issn 0168-8162, 213 p.Serial Issue

Picadura de araña = Piqûre d'araignée = Spider's bitesHARTO CASTANO, A; MATARREDONA CATALA, J.Actas dermo-sifiliográficas (Ed. impresa). 1988, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 375-376, issn 0001-7310Article

New species of spiders from Kirgizia (Aranei, Linyphiidae)TANASEVICH, A. V.1986, Vol 65, Num 3, pp 70-79Article

Clinical consequences of spider bites: recent advances in our understandingISBISTER, Geoffrey K; WHITE, Julian.Toxicon (Oxford). 2004, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 477-492, issn 0041-0101, 16 p.Article

Chelifer museorum Leach, 1817 (currently Cheiridium museorum; Arachnida, Pseudoscorpionida) : proposed conservation of the specific nameHARVEY, M. S.Bulletin of zoological nomenclature. 1991, Vol 48, pp 103-104, issn 0007-5167, 2Article

Beinkoordination und Hinderniserkennung bei Vogelspinnen (Theraphosidae)SCHNEIDER, P; STANNEK, P.Zoologische Jahrbücher. Abteilung für allgemeine Zoologie und Physiologie der Tiere. 1990, Vol 94, Num 3, pp 387-406, issn 0044-5185Article

Distribution and pharmacokinetics of Precocene-II in the tick Ornithodoros parkeri (Acari: Argasidae)ZHU, X. X; OLIVER, J. H. JR; VOGEL, G. N et al.Journal of medical entomology. 1989, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 217-221, issn 0022-2585Article

Chelifer Geoffroy, 1762 (Arachnida, Pseudoscorpionida): conservedBulletin of zoological nomenclature. 1989, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 143-144, issn 0007-5167, 2 p.Article

A mite (Acari: Raphignathidae) in the urine of a patientPRASAD, V.International journal of acarology. 1988, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 41-42, issn 0164-7954Article

Dinychella Berlese, 1888 = Saprosecans Karg, 1964 nov. syn.? (Gamasina: Halolaelapidae) = Dinychella Berlese, 1888: Saprosecans Karg, 1964 nov. syn.? (Gamasina: Halolaelapidae)HIRSCHMANN, W.Acarologia. 1987, Vol 28, Num 4, pp 319-322, issn 0044-586XArticle

Social familiarity relaxes the constraints of limited attention and enhances reproduction of group-living predatory mitesSTRODL, Markus A; SCHAUSBERGER, Peter.Oikos (København). 2013, Vol 122, Num 8, pp 1217-1226, issn 0030-1299, 10 p.Article

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