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Effect of carbon dioxide insufflation on free internal thoracic artery flows: Is it a vasodilator?ÖZKAN, Mehmet; KORAMAZ, Ismail; ULUS, A. Tulga et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2004, Vol 128, Num 3, pp 354-356, issn 0022-5223, 3 p.Article

Fate of Internal Mammary Artery Grafted to Left Anterior Descending Artery Is Influenced by Native Vessel Stenosis and Viable MyocardiumYILMAZ, Mehmet B; GURAY, Yesim; ALTAY, Hakan et al.Angiology. 2009, Vol 60, Num 2, pp 201-206, issn 0003-3197, 6 p.Article

The Enduring Legacy of Sham-Controlled Trials of Internal Mammary Artery LigationMILLER, Franklin G.Progress in cardiovascular diseases. 2012, Vol 55, Num 3, pp 246-250, issn 0033-0620, 5 p.Article

Suction of the Left Internal Mammary Artery Graft Into a Pleural Drain Visualized by Computerized TomographyCONTRACTOR, Tahmeed; WILLIAMSON, Eric E; COURI, Daniel M et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2012, Vol 126, Num 6, pp 786-787, issn 0009-7322, 2 p.Article

Morphological features and apoptosis in the left internal thoracic artery grafts before implantationKOUZI-KOLIAKOS, K; KANELLAKI-KYPARISSI, M; MARINOV, G et al.International angiology. 2007, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 38-48, issn 0392-9590, 11 p.Article

Internal thoracic artery-inferior epigastric artery as a collateral pathway in aortoiliac occlusive diseaseYURDAKUL, Mehmet; TOLA, Muharrem; OZDEMIR, Ensar et al.Journal of vascular surgery. 2006, Vol 43, Num 4, pp 707-713, issn 0741-5214, 7 p.Article

Robotic skeletonizing of the internal thoracic artery: Is it safe?BOLOTIN, Gil; SCOTT, Walter W; AUSTIN, Trevor C et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2004, Vol 77, Num 4, pp 1262-1265, issn 0003-4975, 4 p.Article

Technique of Harvesting an Internal Thoracic Artery Densely Adherent to the PeriosteumKUMAR, Pawan; YANAGAWA, Bobby; TUNEYOSI, Hiroshi et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2010, Vol 90, Num 2, pp 681-682, issn 0003-4975, 2 p.Article

The internal mammary artery perforator flap : New variation on an old themeNELIGAN, Peter C; GULLANE, Patrick J; VESELY, Martin et al.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 2007, Vol 119, Num 3, pp 891-893, issn 0032-1052, 3 p.Article

Skeletonization does not influence internal thoracic artery innervationGAUDINO, Mario; TOESCA, Amelia; GLIECA, Franco et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2004, Vol 77, Num 4, pp 1257-1261, issn 0003-4975, 5 p.Article

Anatomic and clinical considerations of an internal mammary artery harvestFRANCEL, T. J; DUFRESNE, C. R; BAUMGARTNER, W. A et al.Archives of surgery (Chicago, IL. 1960). 1992, Vol 127, Num 9, pp 1107-1111, issn 0004-0010Article

Reactivity of human isolated internal mammary artery to constrictor and dilator agents: implications for treatment of internal mammary artery spasmGUO-WEI HE; ROSENFELDT, F. L; BUXTON, B. F et al.Circulation. Supplement. 1989, Vol 80, Num 3, pp I141-I150, issn 0069-4193, 1Article

How to Use the Left Internal Thoracic Artery Which Has Been Damaged During Harvesting?NEZIC, Dusko; ANTONIC, Zelimir; BOJOVIC, Zeljko et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2012, Vol 94, Num 1, pp 269-271, issn 0003-4975, 3 p.Article

Simple and Inexpensive Technique for Internal Mammary Artery HarvestTHINGNAM, Shyam K; KUTHE, Sachin A; MOHITE, Prashant N et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2010, Vol 89, Num 2, pp 651-652, issn 0003-4975, 2 p.Article

Mobile stenosis in a left internal mammary artery graft a case reportNAKAMURA, Takeshi; AZUMA, Akihiro; SAWADA, Takahisa et al.Angiology. 2006, Vol 57, Num 5, pp 643-646, issn 0003-3197, 4 p.Article

Observations on detailed histology of the internal thoracic artery and their relevance to its comparatively low incidenceof atheromaWHARTON, S. B; CARY, N. R. B; GRESHAM, G. A et al.Clinical anatomy (New York, NY). 1994, Vol 7, Num 4, pp 215-218, issn 0897-3806Article

Pseudoaneurysm of the Right Internal Thoracic ArteryJENKINS, Nick P; GRAY, Huon.The New England journal of medicine. 2008, Vol 358, Num 15, pp 1603-1603, issn 0028-4793, 1 p.Article

How to avoid traction to a pedicled internal thoracic artery graftBERNET, Franziska H; GRAPOW, Martin T. R; ZERKOWSKI, Hans-Reinhard et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2005, Vol 129, Num 5, pp 1186-1187, issn 0022-5223, 2 p.Article

Internal thoracic artery : To skeletonize or not to skeletonize?RAJA, Shahzad G; DREYFUS, Gilles D.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2005, Vol 79, Num 5, pp 1805-1811, issn 0003-4975, 7 p.Article

Is there any change in free flow of pedicled left internal thoracic artery conduit at varying degrees of clockwise twist up to 360°?APURBA KUMAR SARMA; SAI KIRAN KRISHNAMURTHY VENKATA SATHYA SIVA; KARUNAKARAN, Jayakumar et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2005, Vol 129, Num 5, pp 1192-1193, issn 0022-5223, 2 p.Article

Conjoined double internal mammary artery graftingGUREVITCH, J; BARAK, J; MILLER, H. I et al.Scandinavian journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 1994, Vol 28, Num 3-4, pp 109-114, issn 0036-5580Article

Transcutaneous ultrasound measurement of flow in internal mammary arteryBRYAN, A. J; BARNARD, S. P.Lancet (British edition). 1992, Vol 339, Num 8797, issn 0140-6736, p. 869Article

The Interaction Between Human Urotensin II and Vasodilator Agents in Human Internal Mammary Artery With Possible Clinical ImplicationsBAI, Xiao-Yan; LIU, Xiao-Cheng; QIN YANG et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2011, Vol 92, Num 2, pp 610-616, issn 0003-4975, 7 p.Article

Aberrant left internal mammary artery off an aberrant vertebral arteryKIRSCH, Jacobo; WILLIAMSON, Eric E.European heart journal. 2008, Vol 29, Num 14, pp 1782-1782, issn 0195-668X, 1 p.Article

Avoidable errors in cardiac surgery : Anastomosis of the left internal mammary artery to a veinBANERJEE, Deepak; FUSCO, Daniel; GREEN, Jeffrey et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2005, Vol 79, Num 5, pp 1769-1771, issn 0003-4975, 3 p.Article

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