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Diabète et maladie vasculaire = Diabetes and vascular diseaseMORNEX, R.La Semaine des hôpitaux de Paris. 1984, Vol 60, Num 18, pp 1299-1303, issn 0037-1777Article

Angiographie einer ischämischen Unterschenkelnekrose = Angiographie d'une nécrose ischémique du tibia = Angiography of ischemic necrosis of tibiaSUREN, H.RöFo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin. 1984, Vol 140, Num 1, pp 106-107, issn 0340-1618Article

Nonatherosclerotic Arterial Disorders of the Lower ExtremitiesWEINBERG, Ido; JAFF, Michael R.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2012, Vol 126, Num 2, pp 213-222, issn 0009-7322, 10 p.Article

Antiplatelet therapy for peripheral arterial disease and claudicationHIATT, William R; KRANTZ, Mori J.Vascular medicine (London). 2006, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 55-60, issn 1358-863X, 6 p.Article

ABI derived from the highest and lowest ankle pressure. What is the difference?KRÖGER, K; BOCK, E; HOHENBERGER, T et al.International angiology. 2010, Vol 29, Num 6, pp 482-488, issn 0392-9590, 7 p.Article

Fifteen coagulation and fibrinolysis parameters in diabetes mellitus and in patients with vasculopathyCHRISTE, M; FRITSCHI, J; LAMMLE, B et al.Thrombosis and haemostasis. 1984, Vol 52, Num 2, pp 138-143, issn 0340-6245Article

The contact phase of blood coagulation in diabetes mellitus and in patients with vasculopathyCHRISTE, M; GATTLEN, P; FRITSCHI, J et al.Thrombosis and haemostasis. 1984, Vol 52, Num 3, pp 221-223, issn 0340-6245Article

Current strategies in the diagnosis and management of lower extremity peripheral vascular diseaseWILT, T. J.Journal of general internal medicine. 1992, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 87-101, issn 0884-8734Article

Radiologie interventionnelle et artériopathies périphériquesMENAGER, J.-M; MOREAU, J.-L; BOURDIN, J.-F et al.Médecine et hygiène. 1991, Vol 49, Num 1873, pp 302-308, issn 0025-6749, 4 p.Article

Gangrene of the lower limbs in diabetic patients: a malignant complicationGUTMAN, M; KAPLAN, O; SKORNICK, Y et al.The American journal of surgery. 1987, Vol 154, Num 3, pp 305-308, issn 0002-9610Article

Calcifications, narrowing and rugosities of the leg arteries in diabetic patientsNEUBAUER, B; GUNDERSEN, H. J. G.Acta radiologica. Diagnosis. 1983, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 401-413, issn 0567-8056Article

The utility of physical examination in proximity penetrating extremity traumaGONZALEZ, R. P; FALIMIRSKI, M. E.The American surgeon. 1999, Vol 65, Num 8, pp 784-789, issn 0003-1348Article

Is impotence an arterial disorder? A study of arterial risk factors in 440 impotent menVIRAG, R; BOUILLY, P; FRYDMAN, D et al.Lancet (British edition). 1985, Num 8422, pp 181-184, issn 0140-6736Article

Program and abstracts/32 nd. Annual meeting of the American College of Angiology and 27th annual meeting of the International College of Angiology, Palmetto Dunes Hilton Head Island SC, November 10, 1985 and November 14, 1985Angiology. 1985, Vol 36, Num 9, pp 663-694, issn 0003-3197Conference Proceedings

Urgences vasculaires asymptomatiques = Asymptomatic vascular emergenciesDESCOTES, J.Lyon chirurgical. 1984, Vol 80, Num 1, pp 43-44, issn 0024-7782Article

103 anévrismes artériels poplités = 103 aneurysms of the popliteal arteryRIBAL, J. P; GLANDDIER, G.Lyon chirurgical. 1985, Vol 81, Num 1, pp 26-29, issn 0024-7782Article

Intérêt de l'exploration Doppler dans les artériopathies des membres inférieurs = Interest of Doppler exploration in lower limb arteriopathiesMARDELLE, T.Cardiologie tropicale. 1984, pp 41-42, issn 0253-5580, no specArticle

Pre- and postischemic transcutaneous oxygen tension measurements and the determination of amputation level in ischemic limbsSLAGSVOLD, C.-E; KVERNEBO, K; SLUNGAARD, U et al.Acta chirurgica scandinavica. 1989, Vol 155, Num 10, pp 527-531, issn 0001-5482, 5 p.Article

Secondary prevention of peripheral vascular diseaseTIERNEY, S; FENNESSY, F; HAYES, D. B et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2000, Vol 320, Num 7244, pp 1262-1265, issn 0959-8146Article

Genetic Influences on Peripheral Arterial Disease in a Twin PopulationMAGNUS WAHLGREN, Carl; MAGNUSSON, Patrik K. E.Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2011, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 678-682, issn 1079-5642, 5 p.Article

The fibrinogen gamma 10034C>T polymorphism is not associated with Peripheral Arterial DiseaseBAHADORI, Babak; UITZ, Elisabeth; DEHCHAMANI, Dadbeh et al.Thrombosis research. 2010, Vol 126, Num 4, pp 350-352, issn 0049-3848, 3 p.Article

Treadmill test is limited in elderly patients with peripheral arterial diseaseWOLOSKER, N; RITTI-DIAS, R. M; CAMARA, L. C et al.VASA (Bern). 2010, Vol 39, Num 3, pp 237-241, issn 0301-1526, 5 p.Article

Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity is associated with walking distance in patients referred for peripheral arterial disease evaluationAMOH-TONTO, Comfort A; RAUOOF MALIK, A; KONDRAGUNTA, Venkateswarlu et al.Atherosclerosis. 2009, Vol 206, Num 1, pp 173-178, issn 0021-9150, 6 p.Article

Peripheral arterial disease and cognitive functionRAFNSSON, Snorri B; DEARY, Ian J; FOWKES, F. G. R et al.Vascular medicine (London). 2009, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 51-61, issn 1358-863X, 11 p.Article

An unequal social distribution of peripheral arterial disease and the possible explanations: results from a population-based studyKRÖGER, Knut; DRAGANO, Nico; STANG, Andreas et al.Vascular medicine (London). 2009, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 289-296, issn 1358-863X, 8 p.Article

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