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New co-attractants synergizing attraction of Cetonia aurata aurata and Potosia cuprea to the known floral attractantVUTS, J; IMREI, Z; TOTH, M et al.Journal of applied entomology (1986). 2010, Vol 134, Num 1, pp 9-15, issn 0931-2048, 7 p.Article

Rate of release of potential feeding attractants from natural and artificial baitLØKKEBORG, S.Fisheries research. 1990, Vol 8, Num 3, pp 253-261, issn 0165-7836Article

A review of the scientific litterature relating to honey bee bait hives and swarm attratantsWITHERELL, P. C.1985, Vol 125, Num 12, pp 823-829Article

Contributions of the face and body to overall attractivenessPETERS, Marianne; RHODES, Gillian; SIMMONS, Leigh W et al.Animal behaviour. 2007, Vol 73, pp 937-942, issn 0003-3472, 6 p., 6Article

Analysis of attractive force characteristics of single-phase AC electromagnetKAWASE, Y; MURAI, Y; ITO, S et al.Electrical engineering in Japan. 1990, Vol 109, Num 6, pp 40-47, issn 0424-7760Article

Recherche et étude d'attractifs sexuels de quelques espèces de noctuidesIL'ICHEV, A. L; PYATNOVA, YU. B; LEBEDEVA, K. V et al.1985, Num 11, pp 113-116Article

Does the environmental context of a signalling male influence his attractiveness?MILNER, Richard N. C; JENNIONS, Michael D; BACKWELL, Patricia R. Y et al.Animal behaviour. 2008, Vol 76, pp 1565-1570, issn 0003-3472, 6 p., 5Article

Synthesis of both enantiomers of 6-methyl-3-octanone, an alarm pheromone of ants of the genus CrematogasterNAOSHIMA, Y; HAYASHI, D; OCHI, M et al.Agricultural and biological chemistry. 1988, Vol 52, Num 6, pp 1605-1606, issn 0002-1369Article

Attractants for mosquito surveillance and control. SymposiumJournal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 1994, Vol 10, Num 2, issn 8756-971X, 2Conference Proceedings

An attractant for mushroom flies (Diptera: Phoridae)KAMM, J. A; BUTTERY, R. G; ROBINSON, W. H et al.Journal of the New York Entomological Society. 1987, Vol 95, Num 1, pp 19-22, issn 0028-7199Article

CONTROLLED RELEASE CHAMBER FOR DISPENSING AROMATIC SUBSTANCESCILEK, J. E; HALLMON, C. F.Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 2008, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 594-597, issn 8756-971X, 4 p.Article

Comparison letween trimedlure and Capilure-Attractants for made Ceratitis capitate (Wiedeman)HILL, A. R.Journal of the Australian Entomological Society. 1987, Vol 26, pp 35-36, issn 0004-9050Article

Fases de desenvolvimento ovariano em seis espécies de Calliphoridae (Diptera) = Phases de développement ovarien chez 6 espèces de Calliphoridae (Diptera) = Stages of ovarian development in six species of Calliphoridae (Diptera)PEREIRA AVANCINI, R. M.Revista Brasileira de entomologia. 1986, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 359-364, issn 0085-5626Article

Test und Effektivität von Borkenkäferfallen = Essais et efficacités de piégeage des scolytes (Ips typographus) = Research on effectiveness of mass trapping of spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus)NIEMEYER, H.1985, Vol 40, Num 2, pp 32-40Article

Measuring minimal concentrations of attractants detected by the nematode. Panagrellus redivirusBALAN, J.Journal of chemical ecology. 1985, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 105-111, issn 0098-0331Article

Determination of a finite-range potential from discrete phase-shift data by inverse scatteringLO, T. S; WONG, S. S. M; YOUNG, K et al.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 2004, Vol 37, Num 40, pp 9501-9513, issn 0305-4470, 13 p.Article

Landscape mirror: the attractiveness of reflecting waterNASAR, Jack L; MINHUI LI.Landscape and urban planning. 2004, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 233-238, issn 0169-2046, 6 p.Article

Pheromones, decoding insects' chemical communicationMCBRIDE, J.1984, Vol 32, Num 13, pp 8-12Article

Pinning of an interface by a weak potentialDUNLOP, F; MAGNEN, J; RIVASSEAU, V et al.Journal of statistical physics. 1992, Vol 66, Num 1-2, pp 71-98, issn 0022-4715Article

Identification of cultivable bacteria in the intestinal tract of Bactrocera dorsalis from three different populations and determination of their attractive potentialHONGXIU WANG; LIANG JIN; TAO PENG et al.Pest management science. 2014, Vol 70, Num 1, pp 80-87, issn 1526-498X, 8 p.Article

Sur la faisabilité du monitorage de populations de Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett à l'aide d'une levure. I. Effet de l'âge des adultes et de la température sur le taux de captureCHU, Y.-I; CHUNG-YING LU.Plant protection bulletin. 1987, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 353-360, issn 0577-750XArticle

Attractiveness to Anastrepha ludens (Diptera: Tephritidae) of plant essential oils and a synthetic food-odour lureROBACKER, David C.Journal of applied entomology (1986). 2007, Vol 131, Num 3, pp 202-208, issn 0931-2048, 7 p.Article

Potential attractants for detecting and removing invading Gambian giant pouched rats (Cricetomys gambianus)WITMER, Gary W; SNOW, Nathan P; BURKE, Patrick W et al.Pest management science. 2010, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 412-416, issn 1526-498X, 5 p.Article

Attractifs sexuels et comportement sexuel chez les Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera)ZAMOTAJLOV, A. S.Vestnik zoologii. 1988, Num 6, pp 61-64, issn 0084-5604Article

Mass spectra of lepidopterous sex pheromones with a conjugated diene systemANDO, T; OGURA, Y; UCHIYAMA, M et al.Agricultural and biological chemistry. 1988, Vol 52, Num 6, pp 1415-1423, issn 0002-1369Article

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