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On geomentalityYOON, H. K.GeoJournal. 1991, Vol 25, Num 4, pp 387-392, issn 0343-2521Article

Les nouveaux modes de la participation politique : Crise du politique ou crise des modèles d'analyse du politique : Entre l'État et le citoyen : Les nouveaux espaces de la citoyenneté = New patterns of political participation : A crisis in politics or in the methods of analysing politics?AGRIKOLIANSKY, Eric.Revue des sciences sociales (Strasbourg). 2001, Num 28, pp 63-68, issn 1623-6572, 6 p., 176, 180, 184-185 [10 pArticle

The interactive effects of political skill and future time perspective on career and community networking behaviorTREADWAY, Darren C; BRELAND, Jacob W; ADAMS, Garry L et al.Social networks. 2010, Vol 32, Num 2, pp 138-147, issn 0378-8733, 10 p.Article

Y a-t-il du territoire dans le cyberespace ? Usages et usagers des lieux d'accès publics à InternetBOASE, J; CHEN, W; WELLMAN, B et al.Géographie et cultures (Paris). 2003, Num 46, pp 5-19, issn 1165-0354, 15 p.Article

Pratiques des enfants : la télévision. Analyse externe pour une didactique de la variationDELAMOTTE, E.Cahiers de linguistique sociale. 1991, Num 19-20, pp 203-214, issn 0758-4156Article

The pain behavior check list (PBCL): factor structure and psychometric propertiesKERNS, R. D; HAYTHORNTHWAITE, J; ROSENBERG, R et al.Journal of behavioral medicine. 1991, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 155-167, issn 0160-7715, 13 p.Article

Las condiciones de la competencia en el norte del pais = Conditions of competition in the north of the country = Les conditions de la concurrence dans le nord du paysMEYENBERG, Y.Revista mexicana de ciencias políticas y sociales. 1998, Num 172, pp 87-93, issn 0185-1918Article

An Ethnographic Approach in Research on TeachingSYRJÄLÄINEN, E.Discussions on Some Educational Issues III. 1991, pp 123-136Report Part

Socialisation et événements politiques : Dimensions de la socialisation politique = Socialization and political events : Dimensions of political socializationIHL, Olivier.Revue française de science politique. 2002, Vol 52, Num 2-3, pp 125-144, issn 0035-2950, 20 p.Article

La personalità degli allievi: una variabile imprescindibile nella valutazione scolastica = Student's personalities : a factor that must be regarded in scholastic evaluation = La personnalité des étudiants : un facteur à prendre en compte dans l'évaluation scolaireFRANTA, H; COLASANTI, A. R.Orientamenti pedagogici. 1993, Vol 40, Num 238, pp 647-659, issn 0030-5391Article

Factor-analytically derived scales for the Louisville behavior checklistMILLER, L. C; ROID, G. H.Journal of consulting and clinical psychology. 1988, Vol 56, Num 2, pp 302-304, issn 0022-006XArticle

Chronic pain and disease convictionDWORKIN, R. H; COOPER, E. M; SIEGFRIED, R. N et al.The Clinical journal of pain. 1996, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 111-117, issn 0749-8047Article

Energy behaviours of northern California Girl Scouts and their familiesBOUDET, Hilary; ARDOIN, Nicole M; FLORA, June et al.Energy policy. 2014, Vol 73, pp 439-449, issn 0301-4215, 11 p.Article

Residential peak electricity demand response—Highlights of some behavioural issuesGYAMFI, Samuel; KRUMDIECK, Susan; URMEE, Tania et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2013, Vol 25, pp 71-77, issn 1364-0321, 7 p.Article

Initial Impressions Determine Behaviours: Morality Predicts the Willingness to Help NewcomersPAGLIARO, Stefano; BRAMBILLA, Marco; SACCHI, Simona et al.Journal of business ethics. 2013, Vol 117, Num 1, pp 37-44, issn 0167-4544, 8 p.Article

Des choix politiques en héritage = Political choices in legacyMUXEL, Anne.Sciences humaines. Hors série. 2002, Num 36, pp 70-72, issn 1252-3429Article

Introduction : l'opinion publique et le comportement électoral = Introduction : public opinion and the voting behaviourTURNER, F. C.Revue internationale des sciences sociales. 1995, Num 146, pp 591-600, issn 0304-3037Article

More Than Meets the Eye : An Ethnography of an Elementary French ClassLOUGHRIN-SACCO, S. J.Canadian modern language review. 1992, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 80-101, issn 0008-4506Article

« Hevrah » : Our Intellectual CommunityFETTERMAN, D. M.Anthropology & education quarterly. 1992, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 271-274, issn 0161-7761Article

Case Study : Tutor and Student Role Change in Supported Self-StudyMCILHENNY, A.ETTI. 1991, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 223-228, issn 0033-0396Article

Les enseignants face aux médiasGAMBART, C.Perspectives documentaires en sciences de l'éducation. 1991, Num 24, pp 95-110, issn 0760-7962Article

Attempts to Make Meaning of Terror : Family, Play, and School in Time of Civil WarASSAL, A; FARRELL, E.Anthropology & education quarterly. 1992, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 275-290, issn 0161-7761Article

The use of optimal foraging theory in the understanding of fishing strategies: a case from Sepetiba Bay (Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil)BEGOSSI, A.Human ecology (New York). 1992, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 463-475, issn 0300-7839Article

Preference for Course Structure and Student ControlSTROM, B; HOCEVAR, D.Educational research quarterly. 1990, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 21-25, issn 0196-5042Article

Compétence et citoyenneté les pratiques sociales de civisme ordinaire au Chili, ou les logiques de la compétence de citoyen : Dimensions de la socialisation politique = Competence and citizenship. Social practices of ordinary civism in Chile, or the logic of the citizen's competences : Dimensions of political socializationJOIGNANT, Alfredo.Revue française de science politique. 2002, Vol 52, Num 2-3, pp 233-249, issn 0035-2950, 17 p.Article

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