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A mild selective monobromination reagent system for alkoxybenzenes. N-Bromosuccinimide-silica gelKONISHI, H; ARITOMI, K; OKANO, T et al.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1989, Vol 62, Num 2, pp 591-593, issn 0009-2673, 3 p.Article

Reduction of nitrobenzene with H2 using a microbial consortiumCAO, Hong-Bin; LI, Yu-Ping; ZHANG, Gui-Feng et al.Biotechnology letters. 2004, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 307-310, issn 0141-5492, 4 p.Article

Investigation of characteristics of laser (BzOE)2 P dye seriesSHAO ZIWEN; TANG RONGSHEN; ZHOU YIMING et al.Chinese physics. 1991, Vol 11, Num 3, pp 647-650, issn 0273-429XArticle

Effects of nitrogen source, empty bed residence time and inlet concentration on biofilter removal of chlorobenzeneCAN WANG; XI, Jin-Ying; HU, Hong-Ying et al.Engineering in life sciences (Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 109-115, issn 1618-0240, 7 p.Article

The fundamental physical properties of poly(1,4-dithienylbenzene) : application to electrochromic displaysHAYNES, D. M; HEPBURN, A. R; GOLDIE, D. M et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. 1993, Vol 234-36, pp 783-788, issn 1058-725XConference Paper

Reaction of azoarenes with tributylin hydrideALBERTI, A; BEDOGNI, N; BENAGLIA, M et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1992, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 607-613, issn 0022-3263Article

Effect of 1,3-bis(citraconimidomethyl) benzene on the aerobic and anaerobic ageing of diene rubber vulcanizatesKUMAR, N. R; CHANDRA, A. K; MUKHOPADHYAY, R et al.Journal of materials science. 1997, Vol 32, Num 14, pp 3717-3725, issn 0022-2461Article

Oxidation of aromatic compounds by ozoneYAKOBI, V. A.Russian journal of physical chemistry. 1992, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 462-463, issn 0036-0244Conference Paper

Essai de traitement d'un pyrocondensat dans les installations en servicePAVLYCHEV, V. N; BORULENKOV, P. E; ANIKEEV, I. K et al.Neftepererabotka i neftehimiâ. 1987, Num 3, pp 20-21, issn 0548-1406Article

Detoxification metabolism of o-dinitrobenzene by the yeast Issatchenkia orientalisTAMAKI, H; KUMAGAI, H; SHIMADA, Y et al.Agricultural and biological chemistry. 1991, Vol 55, Num 4, pp 951-956, issn 0002-1369Article

Elementary reactions of fluorine atoms with benzene, toluene, P-xylene and etylbenzeneEBRECHT, J; HACK, W; WAGNER, H. G et al.Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie. 1989, Vol 93, Num 5, pp 619-626, issn 0005-9021, 8 p.Article

The effect of pillaring montmorillonite and beidellite on the conversion of trimethylbenzenesKOJIMA, M; HARTFORD, R; O'CONNOR, C. T et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1991, Vol 128, Num 2, pp 487-498, issn 0021-9517Article

Revisiting the conventional cure: A novel way to control heat build upDATTA, R. N; TALMA, A. G; WAGENMAKERS, J. C et al.Kautschuk und Gummi, Kunststoffe. 1997, Vol 50, Num 4, pp 274-281, issn 0022-9520, 5 p.Article

Infrared spectrum of o-benzene : experiment and theoryRADZISZEWSKI, J. G; HESS, B. A; ZAHRADNIK, R et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1992, Vol 114, Num 1, pp 52-57, issn 0002-7863Article

Rational design of a highly efficient irreversible DNA interstrand cross-linking agent based on the pyrrolobenzodiazepine ring systemBOSE, D. S; THOMPSON, A. S; CHING, J et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1992, Vol 114, Num 12, pp 4939-4941, issn 0002-7863Article

Biotransformation of nitrobenzene by bacteria containing toluene degradative pathwaysHAIGLER, B. E; SPAIN, J. C.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 1991, Vol 57, Num 11, pp 3156-3162, issn 0099-2240Article

Chemisorption of p-dimethoxybenzene on copper-montmorilloniteJOHNSTON, C. T; TIPTON, T; STONE, D. A et al.Langmuir. 1991, Vol 7, Num 2, pp 289-296, issn 0743-7463Article

Synthesis and properties of N,N-diethyldithiocarbamatebenzenes used as additives for lubricantsGORBOVOJ, P. M; GRISHCHUK, B. D; FILINOV, YU. P et al.Neftepererabotka i neftehimiâ. 1991, Vol 40, pp 63-65, issn 0548-1406Article

The thermal decomposition of organic peroxides. II : The thermal decomposition of the derivatives of benzoyl peroxidesHARA, Y; NAKAMURA, H; JINNOUCHI, T et al.Kogyo Kayaku. 1991, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 356-362, issn 0368-6450Article

The photoreaction betweenb benzil and stilbene : a re-investigation by gas chromatography-mass spectrometryAMAT-GUERRI, F; RIVERA-SAGREDO, A; SANZ, J et al.Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. A, Chemistry. 1990, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 87-96, issn 1010-6030Article

Reactions of N-propylbenzene during gas phase oxidationLITZINGER, T. A; BREZINSKY, K; GLASSMAN, I et al.Combustion science and technology. 1986, Vol 50, Num 1-3, pp 117-133, issn 0010-2202Article

Détermination par chromatographie en phase gazeuse de la teneur en impuretés dans l'orthoxylèneSHEPOT'KO, N. B; GOLOKOZOVA, A. Z.Neftepererabotka i Neftehimija (Moskva). 1986, Num 3, pp 23-24, issn 0028-1190Article

Hydrocraquage du benzène en présence de divers catalyseurs de type zéoliteSANO, T; SHOJI, H; OKABE, K et al.Sekiyu Gakkai Shi. 1986, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 257-261, issn 0582-4664Article

Microbial transformation of chlorinated benzenes under anaerobic conditionsADRIAN, Lorenz; GORISCH, Helmut.Research in microbiology (Paris). 2002, Vol 153, Num 3, pp 131-137, issn 0923-2508Article

Effect of electrolytes on the retention behavior of some benzenesulfonates in electrochemically modulated liquid chromatographyABDEL-LATIF, M. S; PORTER, M. D.Talanta (Oxford). 1998, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 681-687, issn 0039-9140Article

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