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Biopsy Bleb: A Clue to a Prior Biopsy SiteFANGMAN, William L; BREZA, Thomas S; FLOWERS, Franklin P et al.Archives of dermatology (1960). 2010, Vol 146, Num 9, issn 0003-987X, p. COVER3Article

Fibrin sealant as a plug for the post liver biopsy needle trackCHISHOLM, R. A; JONES, S. N; LEES, W. R et al.Clinical radiology. 1989, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 627-628, issn 0009-9260, 2 p.Article

Portal tract lipogranulomas in liver biopsiesDELLADETSIMA, J. K; HORN, T; POULSEN, H et al.Liver (Copenhagen). 1987, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 9-17, issn 0106-9543Article

Assessing and communicating adequacy of biopsy specimens and clinical informationWELSCH, Michael Jude; IOFFREDA, Michael D; CLARKE, Loren E et al.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2012, Vol 66, Num 3, pp 509-510, issn 0190-9622, 2 p.Article

Apport de la biopsie synoviale au diagnostic d'une mono-arthrite = Synovial biopsy in diagnosis of a monoarthritisCOMMANDRE, F. A; TAILLAN, B; ZAKARIAN, H et al.Lyon méditerranée médical. 1987, Vol 23, Num 9, pp 11215-11217, issn 0399-032XArticle

Nonreproducibility of Snap-Frozen Rectal Biopsies for Later Use in Ex Vivo Explant Infectibility StudiesMCGOWAN, Ian; TANNER, Karen; ELLIOTT, Julie et al.AIDS research and human retroviruses. 2012, Vol 28, Num 11, pp 1509-1512, issn 0889-2229, 4 p.Article

Importance of a Renal BiopsySOYIBO, A. K; BARTON, E. N.West indian medical journal. 2009, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 270-272, issn 0043-3144, 3 p.Article

Should we biopsy each liver mass suspicious for HCC before liver transplantation?-No, please don't : Liver transplantationSTIGLIANO, R; BURROUGHS, A. K.Journal of hepatology. 2005, Vol 43, Num 4, pp 563-568, issn 0168-8278, 6 p.Article

Image-guided needle breast biopsyEDWARDS, Michael J; MAHONEY, Mary C.Breast disease. 2000, Vol 12, pp 13-21, issn 0888-6008Article

Simplified biopsy technique for labial minor salivary glandsFOX, P. C.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 1985, Vol 75, Num 4, pp 592-593, issn 0032-1052Article

Lingular lung biopsy: is it representative?NEWMAN, S. L; MICHEL, R. P; NAI-SAN WANG et al.The American review of respiratory disease. 1985, Vol 132, Num 5, pp 1084-1086, issn 0003-0805Article

Longitudinal sectioning of temporal artery biopsy specimensSHARMA, N. S; GAL, A; BENGER, R et al.Eye (London. 1987). 2012, Vol 26, Num 12, pp 1593-1595, issn 0950-222X, 3 p.Article

Can direct immunofluorescence testing still be accurate if performed on biopsy specimens after brief inadvertent immersion in formalin?ARBESMAN, Joshua; GROVER, Raminder; HELM, Thomas N et al.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2011, Vol 65, Num 1, pp 106-111, issn 0190-9622, 6 p.Article

Coaxial cutting needle biopsies : how important is it to rotate the cutting needle between passes?COUCHER, J. R; DIMMICK, S. J.Clinical radiology. 2007, Vol 62, Num 8, pp 808-811, issn 0009-9260, 4 p.Article

Expedited handling of transplantation biopsiesMCCUE, P. A; SANTOIANNI, R. A.The American journal of surgical pathology. 1988, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 155-157, issn 0147-5185Article

Collagenous colitis: a transient condition? Report of two casesDEBONGNIE, J. C; DE GALOCSY, C; CAHOLESSUR, M. O et al.Diseases of the colon & rectum. 1984, Vol 27, Num 10, pp 672-676, issn 0012-3706Article

Occurrence of Renaut's bodies in a peripheral nerveBERGOUIGNAN, F.-X; VITAL, C.Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine (1976). 1984, Vol 108, Num 4, pp 330-333, issn 0363-0153Article

A prospective study on the impact of the renal biopsy in clinical managementTURNER, M. W; HUTCHINSON, T. A; BARRE, P. E et al.Clinical nephrology. 1986, Vol 26, Num 5, pp 217-221, issn 0301-0430Article

Biopsy: considerations on surgical technique derived from a study of 749 cases of bone tumourBORIANI, S; RUGGIERI, P; SUDANESE, A et al.Italian journal of orthopaedics and traumatology. 1984, Vol 10, Num 4, pp 489-499, issn 0390-5489Article

Touch preparation of jumbo forceps biopsies allows rapid adequacy assessment of subepithelial GI massesKESWANI, Rajesh N; NAYAR, Ritu; MAHAJAN, Aparna et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy (Print). 2011, Vol 74, Num 2, pp 411-414, issn 0016-5107, 4 p.Article

The clinical value of taking routine biopsies from the incisura angularis during gastroscopyERIKSSON, N. K; FÄRKKILÄ, M. A; VOUTILAINEN, M. E et al.Endoscopy (Stuttgart). 2005, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 532-536, issn 0013-726X, 5 p.Article

Place de la biopsie osseuse avec histomorphométrie: Quelles indications ?MAUGARS, Yves.Rhumatos. 2010, Vol 7, Num 59, issn 1771-0081, p. 195Conference Paper

Ciardia lamblia in colonic biopsy specimensNAKAJIMA, Hitoshi; KOIKE, Morio; KAMISAWA, Terumi et al.Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2004, Vol 60, Num 1, issn 0016-5107, p. 104Article

Optical biopsy V (San Jose CA, 27-28 January 2004)Alfano, Robert R; Katz, Alvin.SPIE proceedings series. 2004, isbn 0-8194-5234-3, IX, 134 p, isbn 0-8194-5234-3Conference Proceedings

Biopsie des Lungengewebes in der Diagnostik disseminierter Veränderungen = Biopsie du tissu pulmonaire dans les pathologies diffuses = Biopsy of the long tissue in the diagnostics of disseminated processesLEWASCHOW, J. N; ORSHESCHKOWSKIJ, O. W.Zeitschrift für Erkrankungen der Atmungsorgane. 1988, Vol 171, Num 3, pp 210-218, issn 0303-657XArticle

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