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Evolution of Cardiopulmonary BypassSTONEY, William S.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2009, Vol 119, Num 21, pp 2844-2853, issn 0009-7322, 10 p.Article

Coronary artery revascularization without cardiopulmonary bypassARCHER, R; OTT, D. A; PARRAVICINI, R et al.Texas Heart Institute journal. 1984, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 52-57, issn 0730-2347Article

Off pump coronary artery bypass : a passing fad or ready for prime time?BRIFFA, Norman.European heart journal. 2008, Vol 29, Num 11, pp 1346-1349, issn 0195-668X, 4 p.Article

Lissajous Figures: An Engineering Tool for Root Cause Analysis of Individual Cases: A Preliminary ConceptPALMER, Kenneth; RIDGWAY, Tim; AL-RAWI, Omar et al.The Journal of extra-corporeal technology. 2011, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 153-156, issn 0022-1058, 4 p.Article

On a functional equation in connection with derivationsBENZ, W.Mathematische Zeitschrift. 1983, Vol 183, Num 4, pp 495-501, issn 0025-5874Article

Kock pouch urinary diversion: follow-up by ultrasoundKRUYT, R. H; KUMS, J. J. M.British journal of radiology. 1988, Vol 61, Num 729, pp 811-816, issn 0007-1285Article

Femoro-popliteal bypass simplifiedHALSTED, G. O.Angiology. 1984, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 137-138, issn 0003-3197Article

An algorithm for computing derivatives of any order of a complex or real functionMAHAJERIN, E; BURGESS, G.Computers & structures. 1993, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 385-387, issn 0045-7949Article

Hormonal and metabolic responses during coronary artery bypass surgery: role of infused glucoseWERB, M. R; ZINMAN, B; TEASDALE, S. J et al.The Journal of urology. 1989, Vol 142, Num 5, pp 1010-1018, issn 0022-5347, 9 p.Article

Synthetic arterial graft conduitsJACKSON, D. R.Vascular surgery. 1984, Vol 18, Num 6, pp 354-358, issn 0042-2835Article

Dérivations d'algèbres de Lie attachées à une algèbre de Lie locale de Kirillov = Derivations of the Lie algebra associated with a local Kirillov Lie algebraLICHNEROWICZ, A.Comptes rendus des séances de l'Académie des sciences. Série 1, Mathématique. 1983, Vol 297, Num 1, pp 261-266, issn 0249-6291Article

An extraanatomic bypass method alternative to the obturator bypassBESIRLI, K; CORTELEKOGLU, T; SIRIN, G et al.VASA. 2005, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 278-280, issn 0301-1526, 3 p.Article

Defrosting method adopting dual hot gas bypass for an air-to-air heat pumpCHOI, Hwan-Jong; KIM, Byung-Soon; KANG, Donghoon et al.Applied energy. 2011, Vol 88, Num 12, pp 4544-4555, issn 0306-2619, 12 p.Article

Effect of cardiopulmonary bypass on pulmonary clearance of adrenomedullin in humansKAMEI, M; HAYASHI, Y; KIKUMOTO, K et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2004, Vol 48, Num 8, pp 980-985, issn 0001-5172, 6 p.Article

NEWTONIAN VISCOUS EFFECTS IN ULTRASONIC EMBOLI REMOVAL FROM BLOODLECKEY, Cara A. C; HINDERS, Mark K.Ultrasound in medicine & biology. 2011, Vol 37, Num 8, pp 1340-1349, issn 0301-5629, 10 p.Article

The effectiveness of venoarterial perfusion in treatment of arterial air embolism during cardiopulmonary bypassHENDRIKS, F. F. A; BOGERS, J. J. C; AART BRUTEL DE LA RIVIERE et al.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 1983, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 433-436, issn 0003-4975Article

CPAP of 10 cmH2O during cardiopulmonary bypass followed by an alveolar recruitment manoeuvre does not improve post-bypass oxygenation compared to a recruitment manoeuvre alone in childrenKIM, J. T; NA, H. S; KIM, H. S et al.Anaesthesia and intensive care. 2010, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 291-294, issn 0310-057X, 4 p.Article

Pharmacokinetic Effects of Bariatric SurgeryEDWARDS, Allan; ENSOM, Mary Hh.The Annals of pharmacotherapy. 2012, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 130-136, issn 1060-0280, 7 p.Article

Radial Artery Free and T Graft Patency as Coronary Artery Bypass Conduit Over a 15-Year PeriodBARNER, Hendrick B; BAILEY, Marci; GUTHRIE, Tracey J et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2012, Vol 126, Num 11, issn 0009-7322, S140-S144, SUP1Conference Paper

Coronary artery bypass grafting on the beating heart: surgical revascularization for the next decade?MURPHY, Gavin J; ASCIONE, Raimondo; ANGELINI, Gianni D et al.European heart journal. 2004, Vol 25, Num 23, pp 2077-2085, issn 0195-668X, 9 p.Article

Improving nutrient removal of the AAO process by an influent bypass flow by denitrifying phosphorus removalYONG MA; YONGZHEN PENG; XIAOLIAN WANG et al.Desalination (Amsterdam). 2009, Vol 246, Num 1-3, pp 534-544, issn 0011-9164, 11 p.Conference Paper

Laparoscopic gastric bypass performed with the Da Vinci Intuitive Robotic System : preliminary experiencePARINI, U; FABOZZI, M; CONTUL, R. Brachet et al.Surgical endoscopy. 2006, Vol 20, Num 12, pp 1851-1857, issn 0930-2794, 7 p.Article

Novel technique to improve vessel mismatch when using saphenous vein bypass grafts for intracranial revascularization procedures: Technical noteMARHOLD, Franz; ROSEN, Charles L.Journal of neurosurgery. 2010, Vol 112, Num 6, pp 1227-1231, issn 0022-3085, 5 p.Article

Predictors of patency of excimer laser-assisted nonocclusive extracranial-to-intracranial bypasses : Clinical articleBREMMER, Jochem P; VERWEIJ, Bon H; KLIJN, Catharina J. M et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2009, Vol 110, Num 5, pp 887-895, issn 0022-3085, 9 p.Article

A comparison of bleeding and transfusion in patients who undergo coronary artery bypass grafting via sternotomy with and without cardiopulmonary bypassNUTTALL, Gregory A; ERCHUL, Daniel T; HAIGHT, Tamara J et al.Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia. 2003, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 447-451, issn 1053-0770, 5 p.Article

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